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  1. I picked this up a week ago,the magazine is basic and to most of us not much use,the watch looks ok but fogged up after i did the dishes lol,popped the back off too air it,its got a s.Epson 55a quartz movement with a maxwell battery,should keep good time but not wr as said,lume is dull but knid of readable :/ strap is pretty crud so would be better on a nato G20 ,still worth £3.99 but not sure ill get anymore.
  2. Dived in the 80's and 90's used a dw50001b and then a dw5600c, i still use this same style now for sea swimming and snorkeling, tough as hell and replaceable :-)
  3. I think in public you should sensible, i've carried a pocket knife or multitool since around 1982 with no issues as use it as a handy tool and don't whip the blade out in public view.
  4. It's down too the bobby on the beats interpretation of the UK knife laws,i carry a multitool when mountain biking as has come in handy so for me a good reason to carry it but might not be there's,this is the reason I mainly carry my modded leatherman kick, you could look for a knifless fuse but pretty hard too find these days, I also carry a leatherman s4 on my keys as has a very small non locking blade,
  5. Nothing wrong with G's mate i wear one of my 5600 daily, very nice one you have there enjoy,
  6. here you go the swisschamp is the top one and the lower one is my tinker,both great pocket knives
  7. No problem mate,please ask if you need any help,I do strongly recommend the Victorinox swisschamp if you just want one handy pocket knife and add a dangler,I'll find a pic of mine,I pocket carry it with a home made dangler attached to my pocket,the sog pocket. Power pliers is another nice multitool and you can change the tools and buy other tools from Heinna Haynes .
  8. Some of my Leatherman's, i've got a original wave as well, Spyderco ukpk
  9. Law states blade under 3inches and non locking,i carry a leatherman kick in my pocket with the blade changed for a leatherman file and I added scissors, i carry a spyderco ukpk, it's a non locking knife with a blade under 3 inches,i carry a leatherman surge or wave in a maxpedition organizer in my backpack, i also carry a swisschamp some days as a lovely pocket knife and covers most tasks,i've tried pretty much most multitools should so happy too help
  10. ive been wearing Gshock since 83 with the dw50001b then the dw5600c then the dw5600e and now got the g5600e solar model and the dw5600e as my beater,im also getting another dw5600c again soon as love the older screw back cases, plenty of g love here :-)
  11. I know its a long shot but have you tried a big lump of bluetac worth a go,good luck.
  12. so glad you all had a good time shawn, and well done on losing th weight mate,
  13. very nice, i had the prg-40 for about a year and as i do alot of hiking and mountain biking i found i used the barometer and compass alot but i sold it :mda: i recently got the spf-40 in a trade on here and ive worn it since getting it, although the spf (sea pathfinder) doesnt have the altitude function i find the tide and moon phase graph very handy, mine has the Ti bracelet and i find i very comfy but i might get the rubber one as well, hope yours comes in usefull as mine have wear in good health :thumbsup: mine says hi
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