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  1. I am seriously looking to buy a decent HMT watch, hoping to get one this week. will post pictures when I get it :-)
  2. Thanks Parabola, it looks really great. I was looking at a CITIZEN 660F T I T A N I U M EcoDrive, on bay for around £80 which I really liked. btw, are the "jeep" watches good? if anyone can comment.. Thanks Suresh
  3. Thanks once again for all the replies.
  4. Thanks again to all. I am after a chrono, analogue, perferably with date display. The navigator watch looks good though, might give a think :-)
  5. Thanks to all, that was very quick. Hi Chris, I quite didn't get what you meant by "you'll be needing something special for evenings and weekends..." Thanks Surcha
  6. Hi all I am new to the forum, so please bear with me. I am looking to buy a watch and came across amazon, where a diesel/fossil/dkny would suit my budjet of £60-£80. However, it was interesting to read some comments about those watches just being an expensive brand (£80 is expensive for me, I am afraid) and you can get a decent watch ( a proper one) for around the same price. Hence I am here, looking for some suggestions and advise. Feel free to sod me off but in a nice way :huh: Thanks Surcha
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