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  1. the more I look at these ones the more I am favouring the Zeppelins.... but who knows what I'll prefer tomorrow. No more surfing watch shops for me at lunchtime tho', just clouds my brain....
  2. I would like to see then first to make up my mind, but not really possible. I was on one website that offered 30 day trials and send it bsck if you aren't satisfied - problem is I've looked at that many recently I can't remember which one it is.
  3. I found these while having a wee surf at work, wish I hadn't cos I'd made up my mind to buy the Zeppelin with the dual time zone. Now I can't decide between it and these two..... Any opinions ????
  4. cheers Matt, not sure of the quality but hand made and as you say German so expoct it should be good. As for the avatar, I couldn't find one of the real me, Wullie's mate Fat Boab.....lol
  5. that's the one I'm leaning toward. Never had a black faced watch before and good value (IMO) for £159. Waiting for a price from a UK seller and then hopefully on my wrist very soon.
  6. Here you go, narrowed down to these 3 Zeppelins, although the dial colours can be different, I've tried to show the three colours available.
  7. Can't decide on my next purchase, looking to spend up to £200, and I've narrowed it down to either a Wenger or a Graf Zeppelin. Anyone advise if there's any reason why I should or shouldn't buy one of these watches? cheers Ecosse
  8. Hi, just joined the forum after surfing the site for while. I've not got a big or expensive watch collection, (waits for the tight Scotsman jokes) :rolleyes: but I've just always bought what I liked the look of. Will try and take some pics and post them up, I'm currently looking to buy another watch, but I'll post that separately to get some advice from all the vast knowldege that's on this forum. cheers Alan
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