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  1. That's an easy one. :) Do some research on the Elgin 725 Electronic and you'll find that the watch itself was ready to market in 1952, but a suitable "button" battery wasn't available until much later. A topic in itself, is the history of the Elgin "in house" designed battery. It was produced with Indium, and 60 years later Indium is still used in speciality batteries. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've been busy :whistle:
  2. It's been awhile since I've been here but that's another story for another time. Suffice to say I'm sending this message while tethered to a hot stick with minimum reception, because I'm working in an area that is on the fringe of cell services. After 10 days, 11 hours per day, you lot aren't exactly on my mind while I'm enjoying my 4 days at home. You can ask my wife ;0) What, you say has dragged me out of the mists? Well there is an Elgin Electronic for sale on our favourite lagoon. The item number is 250910281313. Hold on, you say what's the big deal to do about that? Well it's because I've been blocked as a bidder. What you say, how did that happen! You see the bidder is selling this item as recently serviced. However as you know from following this forum there are very few people who have enough knowledge to actually work on them. Apparently I had the nerve to ask the seller who serviced his watch. I also asked what it would cost to ship it USPS International Priority registered (requires signed receipt) and internet trackable as I didn't recognize that Canada is considered to be "over seas" from the USA. That was enough for the seller to block me. Personally, my spider senses tell me that the seller might not have been 100% truthful in saying it was serviced, or he may have serviced it himself. So, let the bidder beware. Of course I could be entirely off base (as if that's never happened before, just ask my wife) It looks like a decent enough watch, but if you're going to bid, don't ask the seller who serviced it. On the other hand there really isn't too many places to source parts if you need them, so that's why I did. Cheers
  3. Paul, The coil of the Slava looks different than that from the Hamilton. Are the wire sizes the same? Have you taken a ohms measurement of the Slave to see how compatible they are with the Hamilton? :thumbup:
  4. That's quite the find Paul! Pretty cool to know that these exist. Any chance of there being an Epperlein connection with these? :drinks:
  5. After tethering my laptop to my iPhone I am once again free to surf the internet, free of corporate censorship and spyware that slows refresh times down to a crawl, all to protect me from seeing a naked boobie by accident or otherwise . Wow! another amazing thread. :notworthy: That Russian Hamilton clone sure is interesting. Would be nice to see additional detailed pictures of this one. :cheers:
  6. It'll be another electric Sunday. This is what I'll be wearing tomorrow Hamilton Van Horn, Movement 500 Electric, circa late 50's Modeled with a bottle of a very nice triple filtered Canadian vodka, Crystal Skull (Dan Aykroyd). [ Here is a photo of the bottle before it was opened Kinda goes well with the weekend so far. Wife and I went to our local pub with some friends last night to see "Petunia and the Vipers" (minus the Vipers). Rather than me struggling to find the words to describe the band, have a listen here Don't forget to press play. After a few pints, he didn't sound too bad at all. :astro:
  7. Happy Birthday Mel! :toot: Hope you had a great day :drinks:
  8. We're just working our way out of a recent cold snap. I took this picture about a week ago when we had daytime highs of -20C, and then forgot about it until today. The title says it all "a cat in search of warmth" It's not like we spoil them or anything :to_become_senile:
  9. Can that be classed as a grail Larry? It must be because it's NOS rather than an Astro, right? :huh: Yes! Not very many NOS pieces out there in the wild.
  10. There was a 3rd Grail listed. Check out item# 290525782939. :jawdrop:
  11. Another Electric Sunday for me, so I'll start off with this one. MADE IN USA, Hamilton CLEARVIEW model, 505 movement, circa 1960's photo's courtesy of SILVERHAWK :ph34r:
  12. I saw this one on the bay, but decided to pass. Very nice Paul. :notworthy: Looks like we'll be seeing pictures of more Timex :whistle:
  13. Looks good Bill! :notworthy: It seems that I was misunderstood. I have a 1970 NOS Timex Electric and a 1969 NOS Timex Electric, so all I need now is to find a 1968 NOS Timex Electric then a 1967 NOS Timex Electric and then a 1966 NOS Timex Electric, followed by a ............. :wink2: :thumbsup:
  14. I'll be wearing this one in the morning before getting back to my bathroom reno. late 50's/early 60's Epperlein 100 Electric branded as a Paul Portinoux with rare display back :cheers:
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