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  1. Im not into modifying watches as a general rule, but I have done it, I swapped the mineral crystal of this RLT 8.1 to a acrylic one for the vintage look.
  2. Well, he pointed out the casebook isn't correct for a Connie and the worn plating isn't typical for an Omega. He didn't outright say it was a fake, your right there, but the inference is pretty clear I would have thought?
  3. Its not want you wanted to hear, but Davey is right, the watch is a fake. Im really struggling to understand what part of Daveys post you were offended by?
  4. Very very nice... I wish my door shuts looked like that!
  5. The Sinn UX oil filled watches Hydro watches are 12k Meter rated, apparently the air spaces in the movement will pop before the watch does.
  6. I always think a focus to a collection is a good thing, Im a dive watch guy, I also vividly remember a post a long long time ago where a certain Silver Hawk was moaning that he didn't have a focus..... Look at him now .... ( would love to find that post )
  7. That is stunning! Very well done. The strap suits it perfectly.
  8. Pah....... What a anticlimax..... Those aren't Monsters..... I feel robbed.
  9. I've got a lovely Oris Artellier dress watch with a fancy goolash dial. I'll try to find pics.
  10. Looks great Paul, well done, hope you get it sorted soon to enjoy whats left of the weather.
  11. Basically any abrasive paste made up of very very fine particles.
  12. Do you want another Rob? Non runner but you never know...... PM your address if so.
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