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  1. Im not into modifying watches as a general rule, but I have done it, I swapped the mineral crystal of this RLT 8.1 to a acrylic one for the vintage look.
  2. Well, he pointed out the casebook isn't correct for a Connie and the worn plating isn't typical for an Omega. He didn't outright say it was a fake, your right there, but the inference is pretty clear I would have thought?
  3. Its not want you wanted to hear, but Davey is right, the watch is a fake. Im really struggling to understand what part of Daveys post you were offended by?
  4. Very very nice... I wish my door shuts looked like that!
  5. The Sinn UX oil filled watches Hydro watches are 12k Meter rated, apparently the air spaces in the movement will pop before the watch does.
  6. I always think a focus to a collection is a good thing, Im a dive watch guy, I also vividly remember a post a long long time ago where a certain Silver Hawk was moaning that he didn't have a focus..... Look at him now .... ( would love to find that post )
  7. That is stunning! Very well done. The strap suits it perfectly.
  8. Pah....... What a anticlimax..... Those aren't Monsters..... I feel robbed.
  9. I've got a lovely Oris Artellier dress watch with a fancy goolash dial. I'll try to find pics.
  10. Looks great Paul, well done, hope you get it sorted soon to enjoy whats left of the weather.
  11. Basically any abrasive paste made up of very very fine particles.
  12. Do you want another Rob? Non runner but you never know...... PM your address if so.
  13. Wasn't there a pretty decent vintage 2 reg manual wind MG chrono knocking around a while ago?
  14. They reissued the 1000m a few years ago. Looks pretty good but the vintage is nicer.
  15. I saw this on eBay over the weekend, like Bond said, old trick, the seller is being very careful with the text and replies. I can't believe there are people falling for it.
  16. Nice early quartz that, its worth getting a service to see if that will get it moving, a watchmaker can test the coil too, if thats goosed then a donor movement may be your only hope, you could probably get a newer quartz module to drop in if you get the hand sizes right but it would be a shame.
  17. Maybe Rob, although it would be hard to replicate the size of the thing...I think the crystal is 10mm thick on its own. I think a few mods try harder to emulate the vintage Doxa divers of the same period. The sword hands are pretty classic for the time too..
  18. Hi and welcome to the forum, vintage Certina are great watches, I feel that your in quite a narrow sub section limiting to the DS2, I myself have the DS2 1000m they are a great vintage series.
  19. I like a nice pen but don't have any proper posh ones, I used a Parker 25 biro at school that had my name engraved on it, my parents gave it to me when I was around 13 and I remember going to town to get it done, I so wish I still had it, I have another of course but its not the same. My favourite pen is a corporate giveaway one I got at my last company, no idea who makes it but it writes soon nicely, like silk, everyone who borrows it comments on it but its going nowhere!
  20. I tend not to on watch forums, for a few reasons, I like to think that people price things fairly, also if its a watch I really like and want then I don't want to lose out for the sake of a few quid, if its a pseudo dealer then I might though, I also get uncomfortable seeing sales posts bumped with big reductions, it shows that the original price was maybe artificially inflated? Doesn't happen often and sometimes its someone who just wants its sold, but generally speaking if its a mainstream watch and priced at the going rate in the first place it shouldn't need big reductions. Conversely I don't mind people asking for a bit off if I sell either, I understand why they might, I generally throw in postage included but it depends on the value I guess, what I don't get are people who refuse to buy unless they have got a reduction of any kind, its like a matter of principle for them. Maybe thats where Im going wrong, add 10% then take it off again but I just don't see the point.
  21. I may be wrong but it looks later than WW2 to me.
  22. When Seiko sort this out in later runs ( which they seem to have done with the newer 6309 reissue apparently) these early ones with issues will be more collectable - maybe ( I know you don't really want to open a new watch, but it shouldn't take much to line it up I would think, drop Duncan a line? )
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