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  1. .............................. and of course my RLT8 :-
  2. This is one I built for myself some time ago and it does what it says on the tin. Easy to read. Chrono is there to use if I need it along with day and dat, which was handy when I was working. Apologies for phone pic! Mike
  3. I have several chronos with busy-ish dials for obvious reasons. I'm seeing a lot of modern dials which are "busier" than ever. As the first requirement of a watch is to tell the time, I'm finding it difficult on some makes to distinguish the hands from the backgrounds. It's not my eyes as I can clearly see everything on my "old" chronos. Breitling comes to mind, with white hands on a white background. ??? https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=Breitling+white+dial
  4. Austin Princess 1700cc. When it ran it was very comfortable but it had periods of misfiring and non-starting from cold. It was returned to the dealer and they called to say it was ready. Guess what? It wouldn't start! They said that I had flooded it, so asked me to come back the following morning. I did but they couldn't start it! Eventually they got it so that it would start but then it misfired a lot. After several months of backwards and forwards, they offered a trade in of what I paid against any car on the forecourt. It was swapped for a Granada which was superb. Thirsty but superb!
  5. You can get a car with a free clock but will struggle to get a watch with a free car!
  6. I had the same watch and have regretted selling it ever since! Enjoy. Gorgeous watch. Mike
  7. I never attempt to change the date manually from 9 pm to 3 am because it can damage the auto change mechanism. If you can imagine the auto gear engaged (or starting to) and then somebody tries to manually change the date, something has got to give and it's usually the weakest point (thin plastic date wheel!). Do it early or leave until into the following day. When initially setting a date, make sure that the watch is in am or pm mode and adjust accordingly, or it will change 12 hours out of synch.
  8. Update:- Did a bit of Googling and used the winding position and all is well now. I also managed to remove, reposition and tighten the large chrono hand which was about 1/2 a second off the mark (OCD I know!) before reassembly. Not bad for a 68 year old with shakey hands and poor eyesight! Glad it was the large hand as the small hands are way past my abilities now!
  9. I bought a Citizen Eco Drive Chronograph from a friend, who had fallen off his bike and broken the bracelet, as I needed a "holiday watch". I fitted a strap extender to replace the broken links (perfect fit) and wore it for my holiday. I liked it so much that it became my daily wearer. It is so accurate that I use it to set my other watches! It seems that it is called a "Redline" WR200 due to the red line around the crown (long since worn away!). I can see the time all night (excellent lume) clearly, without my specs! Enjoy your Citizen! Mike
  10. It's been a while since I did any repairing but I believe that the watch has to be in the "winding" position to remove the stem on the Valjoux 7750. Am i remembering correctly? I need to adjust/replace the stem on the sprung screwdown crown. It always takes some jiggling when resetting. I think that the original stem was set fractionally too short.
  11. Almighty thread revival! It must have been a keeper, because I still have it! It is usually worn for the odd meal out with the family. My old, tired eyes can read the time (which it keeps, spot on). Thank you Roy for all your help. Much appreciated. Keep on RLT'ing. Mike
  12. Nothing wrong with Rovers if you look after them. 20 years old this year:-
  13. I'm afraid that I dodge most "Made in China" goods now. The variations in "quality" are far too broad. The "eMaGee" cars are typical of this. Owners reviews go from fantastic to absolute *****! One report of paint literally wiping off whilst washing the car, to expose the primer, which showed signs of rusting through it within a few days! Lots of other brand owners forums are also complaining of spares, not even lasting the warranty period (drop links, brake discs, track rod ends,etc.) Even the rubber dust covers are falling apart within months of fitting. I've had five different types of (made in China) exterior security light go faulty during the warranty period due to water ingress (faulty seals or housings). It's so sad that decades/centuries of research and development have been lost due to the buy cheap society. The old saying of buy cheap, buy twice, may need changing to buy cheap, buy several times. As I found with my lights, it's difficult to find a good quality item. Mike
  14. With extra long straps if I'm not mistaken? Mike
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