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  1. A level clean up of the caseback and all is now tight and dandy!
  2. I've had a couple in the past. They seem to have had a standard make of movement but were branded with the "Pilot" name. Both mine were very reliable and only went when I became a digital fan back in the 70's! Now I have both quartz and mechanical (mechanicals are still my favourite!)
  3. I would guess that the case type was new and that the "patent applied for" means that an application to the patent office for the design of that type had been made (ie do not copy my design!!!).
  4. I remember taking a plate off a gearbox and bits flew everywhere over the workshop. That watch reminds me of it!
  5. I only have one Seiko now (7A38-7240) but that looks the dogs doodahs! Note to self -must start thinning the collection or the children won't understand or know what to do with it!
  6. Update:- I've found a flat one advertised, in the size that should fit, at .40mm thick, so hopefully, it should be a snap fit and seal out moisture on the wrist! Will update when it arrives!
  7. I have a 1950's/60's Omega in a Dennison case marked with both the Dennison name and the Omega logo. There are 2 numbers, 13332 (above the Dennison name) and 2565 (below the Denisteel logo). there has never been a gasket on the caseback and the watch can "steam up" when worn in summer (Ihave left the back off to clear it!). Did these have a gasket? I have tried to use a thin, circular rubber O ring gasket but they have not worked (pops the case back off). Any suggestions folks? Mike
  8. More than likely a clean and service. The oils and greases dry up eventually and can cause sticking. The Traveller is a simple watch and so shouldn't take long to strip, clean,oil and reassemble. Most of them will be getting on for 100 years old, so there may be a worn pivot or two. A mainspring with little or no lube may stick as it lets down causing the problem you describe.
  9. After last weeks storms:-
  10. Finally got my image to upload from Imgur!
  11. My pic is not working at the mo'
  12. I have several watches which are "too nice" to wear! I built one for myself from brand new swiss parts, 7750 movement, sapphire crystals front and rear, surgical steel case and very solid stainless bracelet. I wear it most days and love it. It has day,date and chrono so does everything I could ask for. It gains a couple of seconds a day, so after a few days I just pull the crown and push it when time catches me up! I doubt that I could adjust it so finely to eliminate the gain! It's your money and your choice I'm afraid!
  13. A friend of mine had a Colt Auto. It started losing accuracy, so he sent it for a service at an AD. It came back looking super but lost a few minutes a day. It went back again and seemed fine but started losing time again a short while after. He swapped it for an Omega! After spending so much money, I was amazed that he just let it go but he was just fed up with it! My old Breitling Top Time ran perfectly for the ten years that I had it and the new owner was also very pleased with it. You win some, you lose some!
  14. Had one of Roy's finest on today. My grandson loves to listen to the ticking:-
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