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  1. This was the collection in 2006, the last time I made a 'whole enchilada' photo. It's at least doubled in size since. That's the RLT box on the upper left :yes:
  2. Thanks Paul - took some time off from the hobby after a bad experience (more to follow), but after several recent positive experiences I'm trying to get back to the forums where I started this madness :lol: Plus, the rugby has been taking up a lot of time that previously was spent on the interwebs. Hope to be around more over the hols, we'll see what 2013 holds!
  3. Looks great Jase, glad it got fixed up and went to someone who appreciates it. I've been in love with these since Paul first posted a pic of one years ago - never saw Roy's. Agree that the handset is superb. And although the X-Pand-O bracelet is a bit cheesy, I think you'll agree that it works on the watch. In other news, I found another one sorta hidden in a box of 'to-be-sorted' watches. So there are three here and I plan on having Paul work all of them into a useable condition soon.
  4. Absolutely! While some watches should be quartz (e.g. oil-filled, ultra-deep watches), I find myself bypassing my quartz watches almost all the time - and wishing at least some of them were autos.
  5. That's lovely Andy, best example I've ever seen. Looks like it came straight from the QM!
  6. Here are a couple of pics of a RA-issue Roamer for comparison. I agree that the posted watch seems sort of a mixed bag and the radial brushed case has definitely been polished.
  7. Can't believe I missed this post! That's a great story and watch JoT, nice spot. I have all the Saints/C Sqn/Selous Scouts books and have perused the photos for watch content. I don't recall having seen a Sub, but since I didn't know about the Explorer I admit I may have missed a silver bezel. Will have to have another look!
  8. *Nervously awaiting another post from Stan*
  9. Here's my well-used (presumably issued) CWC RN diver: It has the more HTF acrylic bezel which doesn't wear as well as the metal inserts. I like it a great deal, but somewhat prefer the Precistas of the era.
  10. The THSP, no doubt about it. The best dive watch Heuer have ever made: monobloc case, 2892, low profile, high legibility, etc.
  11. As I've said elsewhere, wish I could have been there! One of these days: Twickenham, Millenium, Murrayfield and - of course - Lansdowne Road!
  12. Here's my steed which took me through thick and thin (including a mortar attack!) for about eight years, until the USPS decided to bend the frame and fracture the wheels during its trip back from Baghdad in 2009 :furious: I've replaced it with a Santa Cruz Superlight, photos pending.
  13. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  14. Nicely done Rob, welcome to the club! Highly recommend a trip abroad. Even if the water isn't warmer, you can see some bigger creatures :eek: (Gaansbai, SA)
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