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  1. Thanks chaps. t-t-t-t, the motherboard is an Abit KT7A.
  2. Possibly pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a watch photo, but I am on furlough with nothing better to do. I cleared out the loft last week so I just happened to have some old computer parts and packaging hanging around.
  3. This is almost a caricature. Aeroplanes, macho blokes, sexy ladies.... Yes I did watch it to the end.
  4. Thanks, a couple of mini screw drivers are needed to undo the bars. A pair came with the watch. I bought the strap separately as it came on a rubber strap that was too long for me to use. The leather NATO makes it a bit bulky to wear with long sleeves.
  5. Just had a google and the death rate of normal flu is around 0.05%. If normal flu kills 20,000 in the UK then coronavirus having a death rate of 2.3% could kill 46 times as many people if it is just as contagious as normal flue. That's 920,000! My numbers might be all wrong, they are only based off a few minutes googling.
  6. Wind and rain down in the south east of England. I've been wearing my Chronographe Suisse for over a week now, but I might have to wear a diver if I go out in this!
  7. I'm usually looking at my watch in meetings, but for a different reason! I really like that style of case, nice and chunky.
  8. My brother was given the quartz Rotary version for his 18th birthday nearly 30 years ago. It's still mint in box, never worn with the receipt from Ratners! I'll have to get a photo of it up at some point for this thread.
  9. Thanks, yes they have a lovely vintage style to them. There's a little brassing and what looks like tiny fractures in the crystal when the light catches it just right, but the dial is very good. It's almost too clean! This one has a Landeron movement of some sort.
  10. Finally got myself a Chronographe Suisse this week. I think I first saw one on this forum on one of the weekend watch threads not long after I joined up! I remember asking what it was, so it must have been an unbranded one like mine.
  11. Only at work. Someone asked if my Orient Bambino was an Omega and a couple of others on separate occasions spotted my Breitling Cockpit Chronograph and commented something along the lines of "that's a nice little Breitling". Made me feel a bit size concious. lol.
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