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  1. I should really get a Smiths sometime. I have Smiths dials in my TR7, all working I should add (though the car isn't)!
  2. Not so bonkers when you have a biggish collection. I have several quartz/electric watches that haven't been worn for ages because the batteries have run out, but I can wind and set any of my mechanical watches in 20 seconds.
  3. The sun's come out so I took the opportunity for a glorious technicolor photo.
  4. I really want that brown NATO with the orange and yellow threads running through it.
  5. From that photo I was struggling to work out if it was a dog, ferret, baby bear or gremlin!
  6. Something cheerful and water resistant as I'm about to venture out into the wind and rain.
  7. I've learnt to study photos very carefully from ebay sellers. I've had a couple of refurbished watches from India that very quickly broke even though they looked good. And a couple of very cheap new watches from China that didn't last either. I like the styling of that Claude Valentine, I'd wear that.
  8. 10 years and 3 months for me, but I tend to dip in and out as my interest in watches ebbs and flows. It's always lovely to revisit this forum as it's so friendly and has so many regular posters. Like putting on an old pair of slippers.
  9. I would expect one to last over a year without looking tatty. Maybe you wear yours quite tight or get them wet? You can easily change it if it looks tatty. Takes 3 minutes. £10 per year isn't so bad and you don't have to restrict yourself to bracelets then. Changing to a strap of a different style or colour can make a watch feel like new again.
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