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  1. Heimdallr/Sharkey. Surprising how versatile a yellow dial is. I wear it with everything at the moment.
  2. Not sure any amount of mental preparation could prepare me for a lunch of sardines and dry Ryvita! I'd probably go for one of my Vostoks. Maybe a Seiko 5 if I thought I'd need better lume.
  3. A bit of sunshine today. Heimdallr Sharkey SKX.
  4. There's nothing really clever about a high specification watch that is very expensive. I'm more impressed by a high specification watch that is very cheap. That's a much harder thing for a watch company to do!
  5. It would be ok, but I think it would look really nice and a bit smarter on a dark grey sailcloth strap.
  6. Old photo, I have this on a grey perlon now which makes it a bit more versatile.
  7. 1973/1974 Seiko QR. The faceted crystal is looking a bit worse for wear, but not too bad otherwise.
  8. How did you find out the original price of your Seiko? I have an early 70s quartz Seiko, a 3862-8000. It would be interesting to know what the original price was. EDIT - Whoops, not to worry, I found it when I just googled 3862 rather than the full number.
  9. Looks really good, much better in you photos than it looks in seller photos I've seen. The green is nice, but I wouldn't mind one in blue.
  10. RLT-17 is the best looking of all the RLT watches I reckon. I'm working from home today, so haven't worn a watch all day, but as I've just acquired another watch with a faceted crystal that is awaiting a battery, I thought I'd pull this funny looking thing from the back of the watch box to get me used to the look.
  11. I just watched it on iplayer and they said between £10K and £15K. Maybe they changed it. I only really looked to get the right pronunciation of AP
  12. Thanks, sometimes brute force really is the only answer! I'll give it a go later. My Avatar is a Tomy Dingbot that I've had since the 80s. Not sure why I chose it for an avatar as it was a very disappointing toy. The blurb in the Argos catalogue made it sound really good.
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