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  1. Not sure if the rules let me mention the jewellers, but the Hamilton is available new for £693 online. Now I look again I'm not sure about that textured bumpy looking dial, so I think if I was making the decision I'd rather wait for the Mellor-72 posted above. I'm a little disappointed in CWC putting an apostrophe in "70s" in their video....
  2. Hamilton for me if you take cost out of the equation, but I think they both seem quite expensive. I like the look of the aged lume and the elegant retro logo. The CWC looks a bit cluttered. You have more strap options with the Hamilton as it uses spring bars.
  3. Hi Yanto, It's a TW2R45. They are made specially for the Japanese market and are a remake of the WW1 Ingersoll Midget watch issued to US soldiers. Shame it isn't mechanical, but I find the quartz tick not too noticeable on the little subdial. There is also a cream dialled version. I bought mine on eBay and there was a small import fee and charge (about £12 - £20 I think) as it came from Japan.
  4. Three very different watches posted so far! I've had this one on all week, which surprises me as I didn't think it would be a regular.
  5. They are rather nice. I like the look of their khaki green coloured diver which is on sale at the moment, but it's hand wound and I would prefer automatic.
  6. Had my Bambino on for a week now.
  7. They both look great, but I can't get my head around a £1000+ "dive" watch only having a water resistance of 100m. All show and no go compared to what you can get from the likes of Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Christopher Ward or Steinhart. It makes me feel that rather than offering a well made and well designed watch, Rado and Oris are charging for their name and heritage.
  8. This is coming off shortly as I'll be attempting to change the bath taps on my day off.
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