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  1. I like the story about the Timex I bet that didn't slip down comfortably. I usually avoid the 10:10 look if I'm taking a watch photo, but I will adjust the hands if they are covering some detail.
  2. Here's a few popular watches I don't really like much. This shouldn't offend anyone because there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to aesthetics. Tudor Pelagos (but I like the Black Bay) Seiko SKX007 That Citizen diver with the underpants 12 o'clock marker. Tissot Visodate re-make. Heritage watch re-makes that are supposed to look 1960s or older that have a quartz movement. Accurist, I'm looking at you. I don't mind so much if the second hand is on a sub-dial or it has no second hand at all. Most Sinn and Damasko watches that are not chronographs. Sterile dial watches. Most watches that have no complications or good-dive rating, but cost more than £500 bug me because they seem overpriced. Watches that have a dial filled with text that has no function.
  3. Needs a service and an ultrasonic clean, so only wearing this for a little while today. This is definitely the last watch I'm buying this year.
  4. What some people do (I wish I had the discipline to do this) is to buy a certain number of watches, six or seven say. The value of those watches becomes their watch fund, meaning if they want to buy another one, they have to sell one. If they want an expensive watch, they might have to sell three or four etc.
  5. I should wait for old watch Sunday to wear a watch from 1909, but I only just got this bund strap so on it goes.
  6. No servicing, but I have quite a few watches in rotation so it hasnt really been worn that much. I wore it for a whole week on holiday a couple of years ago and it was spot on, despite taking a mild wack on the wall of a Welsh castle.
  7. Any excuse for a photo. Goes nice on honey-tan leather or a brown NATO I think. Mine originally came on an olive NATO. I got mine about 10 years ago, off this very forum.
  8. The Oris seems expensive for a poor 100m water resistance and the Tudor suffers the Rolex problem of having a shopping list down the length of the dial. The early Black Bay with the curved bottom line of text looks better.
  9. Dad's old watch. Replaced the strap, cleaned it and gave it a light going over with Polywatch. I've worn this a few times over the last couple of weeks, but prior to that, no one wore it since he passed away in, I think it was 1987/88. It's keeping good time, especially considering it has stood for over 30 years! It was well used as well. The original strap was falling apart and it was very dirty. I didn't polish out all the scratches, but you can only really see them when the light catches them. I'm surprised at how well it's come up.
  10. It would take me a couple of months to get through if mine were on a daily rota. I know I would give in and break the rota after a few days
  11. Love that Timex Q pictured above! I have a few, all very different from each other.
  12. Pretty much every watch deserves a "like" in this thread. A good day for watches. Late entry from me, picked up from the post office today.
  13. I like that, very unusual. My only Tissot,
  14. Sometimes you go off a watch for a few years and then rediscover it again. There's definitely a few I should get rid of, or maybe I just haven't found the right straps for them yet....
  15. That's a nice dress watch you have there to remember him by. Odd coincidence, I collected my late dad's Pulsar this weekend and spent some time this morning cleaning it up and choosing a new strap. The original strap on his is really bad, almost falling apart. Hopefully it still works as I haven't got a battery to test it yet. He passed away in 1987 I think.
  16. This is my favourite watch at the moment.
  17. No way! I always wear it behind the bony bit, though a heavy watch can slip down.
  18. They seem a bit expensive for a Junghans homage. What about a Loreo? Only £57 on Aliexpress. I rather like the gold case with the tan strap.
  19. Seiko seem to want to move up a tier. I can't see many buyers who have only a passing interest in watches spending that sort of money on a Seiko. Most casual buyers would lump Seiko, Citizen, Accurist, Sekonda and Rotary all in the same group.
  20. It happens to most of us from time to time. Sometimes you go through all the right moves and nothing happens, that's nothing to be ashamed about. Alcohol or late night sessions flipping this and that might offer some light relief, but it won't last.
  21. I stopped wearing this one for years, but since the Black Bay Bronze has made brassy colour watches popular, I think I'll start wearing it again.
  22. It's a re-make of the Sea-Gull 1963 Chinese air force watch. I bought mine in 2010 from a user on this forum. There are a few variants out there, some possibly by different manufacturers but using Sea-Gull movements and some are bigger than others. Mine's 38mm and it does wear quite dainty compared to modern watch designs. I've certainly been happy with it over the last 9 years.
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