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  1. Hi Tim, 


    Do you still happen to have the gorgeous Provita chrono that I bought from you and then sold back you a while back!?


    Hope you'll well



  2. You cut me deep Davey, the quest continues I will have the watch if not in this life then in the next . I hope your quest will eventually be successful, and you manage to acquire your grail - and if you're lucky you might even receive the top quality magazine it came with as well... :lol: Er, I mean, you might receive some documentation to prove the provenance from the original German navigator who it was *cough* issued to during WWII....... :whistle: Amazon are selling one just like it complete with documentation. It must be a fake version of yours though going by the price. Search for: "Military Watches Magazine Collection Issue #2 Luftwaffe Aviator Germany 1940's Watch" on Amazon. (20 odd quid - really!!??)
  3. I wouldn't worry about it either. Some years ago I lost my wedding ring (that should have been the first sign!), the insurance company wanted a photo of it to prove I actually had it (no receipt), that it was gold (at least in colour), rough size etc. I had no photos of it to speak of except my actual wedding photo. I gave them that and it was accepted. I even got more than we actually paid if memory is correct. So I think any photo will do, if it shows what it is, that it's in your possession and a date.
  4. That looks interesting - what's the complete thing look like? As to bars - pair of pliars and a vice?
  5. Majority of mine these days are quartz. My current favourite... My overall favourite... and my latest, which is on my wrist today...
  6. Looking good, nice job with it. The only thing I'd change on mine is the hands - they have been replaced and now as they're too new, I think they stick out somewhat - you don't still happen to have the old set off yours do you?
  7. Ah I knew it went to someone on here, just couldn't remember who! I hope it's still going well.
  8. Thanks for all the help. I downloaded Gimp last night so will give that a whirl for the time being. I also got Photoshop and Photoblend as free apps on the iPhone for mobile editing. Once I've assessed Gimp, I'll reassess and if my needs must, I'll look into the paid for options, but some sound advice on this thread, so thanks again.
  9. I was just looking through my Photobucket account, dating back years, when I came across a photo of a watch I had, but had completely forgotten about. What makes it interesting (to me anyway) is that it's a younger sibling of a watch I have now, that just this morning I withdrew from sale after deciding I like it too much to keep. If only I still had the other (hint - if anyone has it...) The one I have now... and the one I had...
  10. Just had a look through my old photos, as I've had a couple of Ruhlas over the years, unfortunately no case back shots.
  11. Has anyone got a link for the PC World @ £39.99, I'm on phone and can't find it :( No, I couldn't find it at 39.99 either - though I'm still researching, so not buying until I've explored all the possibilities. edit - I think Amazon is £39.99 with free postage. More if you get the download or the ultimate version.
  12. Thanks chaps - I'll take a look at that. I suppose I asked for Photoshop as that's all I had really heard of. Just a cursory Google of Paintshop has instilled more confidence in me than Photoshop did.
  13. I am after some very very basic help as a Photoshop newbie. I used to have my own (b&w) darkroom, which went a long time ago when film became increasingly rare. I have had various digital cameras over the intervening years but apart from cropping and removing red eye occasionally do no editing. I now have a half decent DSLR and am signed up for a photography course/tour in the highlands shortly,for some inspiration and tips. I would really like to start doing work in the 'digital darkroom', but have no experience whatever. So... After a basic Google search I am slightly confused even by the various iterations of Photoshop. Could someone explain to me what I should be looking for in terms of the software, where to buy or download if something can be got for free etc etc. Once I'm up and running, I can follow online tutorials and those that come in the photography magazines, but they all seem to assume prior knowledge. (If it's important - my kit comprises - Canon Eos 1200d DSLR, a Lenovo Flex 10 running windows 8 and ipad/iphone). Thanks in advance.
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