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  1. Hi Roger. It has to stay on this frame as I don't have anywhere else to put it, although in theory, I could put the top pulley in the roof of my oak framed out building to give a much longer drop. But frankly, these weights frighten the life out of me, they are heavy....the thought of the wire rope or a crimp breaking doesn't bear thinking about. To date, I've wound the weight up to the level of the movement and it will run for about 3 days, so if I wound it to the top of the frame, maybe a week. The bigger question is where to install the dial and hands. Next summer, I'll probably ha
  2. Before getting into watches in the late 1990s, I was into clocks, and generally, the bigger the better. So when my neighbour forwarded me an email back in July from the Turret Clock Group of the Antiquarian Horological Society (AHS), I took note. The email was offering AHS members the chance to buy a turret clock from the estate of deceased member's family. But there were a few "issues", firstly it was in Kent, secondly, it had to be collected quickly from a house that was about to be demolished and thirdly, the house was totally overgrown and you'd have to fight your way through brambles e
  3. Not a bird but almost as big as a bird...and this is my topic, so my rules Golden-ringed dragonfly in my garden this morning. Not sure I've ever seen this species of dragonfly before.
  4. Where to start? How about this O&W Mirage. Cannot remember who I sold it to, but wish I still had it.
  5. Bit of a to-do on our lawn the other day. Green woodpecker minding its own business eating ants and along comes cheeky jackdaw just looking for trouble. Woodpecker saw him / her off and carried on feeding.
  6. Rene Rondeau used to sell them, but he retired several years ago. Jarett at https://www.unwindintime.com/ took over the business, so he probably has them
  7. Is there any particular problem getting a vintage Certina ds2 serviced? 



  8. I know that feeling....had to sell a couple of bikes when we moved in 2015...but now re-stocked. I'm not a fan of my friend's Norton Superior, otherwise known as the Norton Inferior .
  9. The summer just past has been so good for motorcycling that my electric watches didn't get a look in and I've only recently started working on them again. This year, I've done more miles than any previous year and, having moved to Dorset in Dec 2015, I've met a great bunch of like-minded bikers. As I always take my trusty Sony RX100 III camera with me, here are a few photos on my motorcycling summer....let's see yours!
  10. The Contact page on my website says I'm temporarily closed....but people then locate my email address from forums, past correspondence etc. and try and contact me that way. But I'm afraid that if my Contact page says I'm closed, then....I'm closed. (which mean no email response either). Now....can I go back to sun bathing and vintage motorcycling? Of course, once we get back to normal UK wet summer weather, I'll re-open.
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