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  1. How badly has the watch bug bitten me? I made my first post on any watch forum in Dec of 2008, because I'd bought a Timex Acqua and was so utterly bored with it, I thought there had to be something more interesting out there. Fast forward to 2016, after having never travelled really anywhere before 2011, four trips to China and this...www.AMCHPR.com Changed my life.
  2. Here's my GongNong...from the date code, I'd presume March 1967.
  3. Hi Alex: Can you provide other photos, like movement photos and so on. The history of this watch makes a collector like me very curious and photos would help. I have acquaintances and friends with close ties to Shanghai Watch Factory, and may be able to obtain more information for you.
  4. Yeah the working conditions are horrible at Sea-Gull... (visited the Factory twice, now..., been all through the place). Go see for yourself. More...
  5. That's an impressive idea, beautifully realized. Good job.
  6. I know I'd be happy with any of these in my collection. Wonderful stuff, and proof that there's still plenty of opportunity to collect very interesting VCMs.
  7. Tianjin Sea-Gull and Tsinlien Sea-Gull of Hong Kong are connected but not the same. The better-known 1963 re-issues regardless of zuan number stated on the dial are all made by Tsinlien Sea-Gull of Hong Kong or Tsinlien contractors, but not made by or at the Tianjin factory. (There is, however, a higher grade and cosmetically different version available from Tianjin and US Sea-Gull, the D304 model) Most version have acrylic crystals, some have sapphire, depending on the seller.. There may be versions with mineral crystal but they are not common. To my understanding acrylic models are still very much made and available, and are still the most common, with sapphire being second in availability. For example, I believe the currently available models from WatchUnique have acrylic on the dial side. What you have shown is the first I have seen on that model, but I have many, many (over 100) watches with acrylic crystals and I have seen it happen once or twice on others. It can happen as a result of a knock or bump that breaks the glue's seal. It's my opinion that sometimes heat or cold or lack of humidity can make it more likely, but that's anecdotal and only based on my experience. It can be fairly easily fixed with some careful slot cleaning and crystal cement, easily available on Ebay or other places for about $6 USD...and you need very, very little cement. It's handy to have a crystal press but not absolutely necessary if you're very careful and can figure a way to apply even weight while gluing and setting. A watchmaker can do a professional job and it won't be an unknown job to anyone with a few years experience with old school watches. As a side note, I've never considered the piece as water-resistant and I always assumed (at best) that it might meet the normal day-to-day standard for Chinese watches which is called the "living water" standard. This means: not meant for showeringm, swimming, washing dishes etc...and certainly not swimming or diving. The official "living water" standard for a non-ISO rated watch means that it should handle an accidental no more than one minute submersion in no more than 1 meter of water.
  8. It could be as new as last month ;-) For one example, an Ebay seller by the name of edmohor has them and the caseback notes a Japanese movement. For a novelty watch I think it looks kinda cool and the Chinese numerals are accurate.
  9. That's a very elegant, sophisticated design, and although an unusual design for Sea-Gull, it's still very much within Sea-Gull's very European-inspired aesthetic. Sea-Gull did a lot of things very right with that piece. Great catch. ((I should get myself a Chinese watch some time :D )) ((like 'em so much, I'll use two )) :blink:
  10. Yup. That one grabbed me. Very "New York Gothic". Immediately reminded me of this building in Tianjin...
  11. That strap work well, the texture seems to emphasizes the dial & hand colours, is it denim? Cheers Martin :) Thanks! It's more a duck green cotton canvas material but the seller doesn't seem to have any more :-(
  12. The D304 is more money but there are a few worthwhile considerations: 1) the common version 1963 is a child of Tsinlien Sea-Gull of Hong Kong, not Tianjin Sea-Gull Watch Group. Although the two companies have a close relationship, the common version 1963 was produced as an independent Tsinlien OEM product that kind of "took off" in the market in a few versions depending on order date, ordering company and so on. Don't get me wrong; there is no evidence that Tianjin Sea-Gull was in any way against the production, but it was just not a Tianjin product; it was a Hong Kong product. There was even a Tsinlien sourced OEM Spanish version (a few versions actually) sold by Colamer & Sons. Here are photos of the Colamer variants from their website (although not there now), including one version labelled Colamer & Sons (There is a black dialed version as well on the website today. Looking at Colamer's website, it's very apparent that they have a close relationship with Sea-Gull HK, if not Tianjin as well.) 2) Although a wonderful watch (and I love mine and proudly wear it) it is the usual view of the most authoritative Chinese mainland collectors that the popular western market 1963 version is "incorrect", "not authentic" or similar...and it is also felt by these collectors that it doesn't meet what most collectors expect as far as quality and quality control from Tianjin. 3) The D304, however, has a much better reputatation in mainland China. For starters, the D304 _is_ a product of Tianjin Sea-Gull, is fully mainland built, and by all reports meets the considered-to-be-higher Tianjin QC standards. Those who own or who have held both attest to this. Second, the D304 is closer visually in many respects to the original versions of the PLA airforce chronograph. I have heard mention that only protoypes were produced in 1963 and that the more general issue occured in 1965, but I don't know which version below is which. This photo of one original variant is borrowed from Joel Chan at his wonderful Micmicmor Vintage Watch site This second photo of another original PLA variant is borrowed from a post by collector "Gigfy" at WUS.
  13. I did put my '63 on another strap, and I really like the result. It's not all that different but I like teh texture better:
  14. If you want to see a number of (especially vintage) Chinese watches, you might check here (my Chinese watch website) or go direct to my collection photos. It's a place to start, anyways.
  15. Big congratulations! The '63 is a classic, now. Mine is from Ivo at WatchUnique and it's been a really nice performer. These watches have an interesting history and the look and feel of a classic vintage European chrono with a dash of Asian spice ;-) Mine:
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