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  1. I would amend your advert to emphasise the fact it’s 9ct gold ( maybe add it in the heading) , I know us that know know but for those that don’t it will attract more interest and probably a better price. Nice watch btw , good luck with the sale
  2. When you say twisted , do you mean the square section , if so that was normal on some eta stems , can’t remember the technical name for it , but if it is that bit it’s ok
  3. Something a bit different for today
  4. Great advice as always, just adding to the above, don’t be tempted to buy the cheap Chinese equivalent, there’s a vast difference in cost but unfortunately also in quality, the Chinese ones bend under the slightest strain and are therefore useless
  5. This should help you https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/1214-dressing-tweezers/
  6. There probably is a bit of truth in that During the Covid pandemic i've had items from the post office , Hermes and Dpd all that were meant to have signatures but due to covid they didn't ask for one or want one (As i was home on each occasion ). I believe most of the delivery companies have said as much on their websites . I would imagine fed ex have done the same ,so i doubt a signature was required
  7. Very difficult to source these days as everything is just about obsolete now , you can find aftermarket parts on eBay but even they are pretty thin on the ground . The crown gear is pretty expensive if you can find one , pushers and seals are available (aftermarket) and Sternkreuz do a replacement crystal but the shoulders are more rounded and not chamfered as they are on the original. Some don't seem to notice , but for me it stands out a mile . I ended up buying donor watch But eBay is your best starting place imo
  8. I find the optivisor works well for me you can wear your reading glasses under it too , might be worth a try before splashing out on an expensive microscope I have got a microscope but very rarely use it
  9. Cousins do a good selection for all budgets , most on the forum here use the Bergeon 6767 tool with the fine ends .Cousins do those too
  10. Welcome ,our resident watch repairer @simon2 does servicing at resonable prices ive tagged him in this comment so he should pick it up and be able to advise you
  11. They are reasonably universal some just have holes some are threaded but I've found the threaded hole ones fit the normal unthreaded studs , you could always drill the holes out if to small . Alloy ones are better for casebacks as they don't flex but nylon are a bit gentler on crystals Omega ones are good as they are hard plastic but worth the premium over the others , I would say not personally The above are just my opinions based on what i have found personally hope that helps
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