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  1. Well done Roy , makes perfect sense
  2. Not all mechanical watches have a hacking movement, on quartz watches the second hands stops when crown is pulled but not all mechanicals
  3. Blast from the past today , early trench watch with cylinder escapement
  4. Just put a new battery in it so may as well wear it today. RAF issued cwc from 1989 on a leather NATO
  5. They have shut down all plants a couple of days ago I believe https://www.theday.com/business/20200322/rolex-shuts-all-plants-and-prepares-for-its-worst-year
  6. A Rolex can be traded anywhere in the world for loo paper or hand sanitizer or food for that matter so no need to eat them , making them more valuable than ever this is tongue in cheek humour on my part of course
  7. andyclient


    Mine is one I made whilst playing with photoshop, it was a photo of a Poljot of mine done in a sort of andy Warhol type style Original pics below
  8. Did a repair on a friend’s early Tudor royal so giving it a little road test today
  9. Business as usual today even the dates correct
  10. Dug this old thing out for a change today , new picture but didn't do the day/date I'm afraid
  11. After reading and enjoying the classic "To kill a mockingbird" found out only the other day on a quiz show that there was a follow up book "Go set a watchman" so now about to start that after picking it up on eBay for a couple of quid , hopefully it will be as enjoyable as the first
  12. Starting off the day with latest arrival now on a new strap and had a light crystal polish
  13. Omega Seamaster chrono from 1972 , old pic I’m afraid
  14. @scottswatches Must of sent it to the same dial refinisher as this one of mine
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