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  1. Was it an old recording maybe? I thought it’d worth more but assumed it was recorded a few years ago?
  2. Plus one for the above, and I’d advise sooner rather than later, as the moisture will turn to corrosion. Get it sent off and new seals fitted before it becomes an expensive repair
  3. A touch of colour to help brighten up the day I’ve even set the date lol
  4. Eco drive, perpetual calendar for a change today
  5. Plus 1 for watchfinder , not the cheapest but 12 months warranty and peace of mind come at a cost unfortunately
  6. It’s never bothered me if it has an inscription, but unfortunately dealers will use it as a stick to beat you with if you ever did want to sell it
  7. Yes it will press back in , I’d of gone for the genuine omega one personally but that’s just me , probably a bit more just to get an omega logo in the centre of the crystal but it’s a nice finishing touch imo
  8. I'm a bit late to the party ,but if you haven't already done it just a bit of advice , on Eta 2824-2 movements its best to remove stem when its it the hand setting position and use a screwdriver in the slot to push the setting lever pin down , this stops you from pushing the pin too far as keyless works can be a real pain on the 2824 movement
  9. I've always used Royalmail International signed for and never had a problem sending watches all around the world , having said that they have never been expensive pieces so the level of insurance didn't really come into it , but never had anything go missing. Cost is just under a tenner but check the level of cover
  10. Cousins do the crystals gold tension ring px5106 steel tension ring pz 5106 both in stock £26.96 plus vat and p&p
  11. Not seeing the images in 3 out of the 5 posts ?
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