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  1. You're welcome , glad it all worked out , you did the right thing with going .2mm larger as it will ensure a nice tight waterproof fit . Unfortunately Cousins are not very helpful , thats me being polite
  2. Totally agree with @Speedy112 on this , the fact that he has stated he's not certain whether it's gen or not is his disclaimer , and says to me he knows damn well its a fake
  3. Room for another 5 in there @wrenny1969
  4. There you go https://www.chrono24.co.uk/sector/movement-complete-harley-ronda-cal-726-hybrid-chronograph-elettromeccanico--id11175293.htm#gref
  5. Ive answered your question in the vintage watch section
  6. The seiko part no is : 330PO3HN02 so to answer your question its 33.0 diameter cousins have them in stock £23.45 plus vat etc you're welcome
  7. I've a few but this is quite nice as it is dated on the back
  8. Really you are going to need the calibre no , this is usually under the balance , a picture of the movement would be a great help too
  9. You need a claw type tool for that crystal not a press , the claw tool squeezes it in all the way round so you can then fit it into the watch bezel , you should be able to find the crystal required from cousins
  10. Haven’t worn this for ages so thought it about time I did , old picture though sorry
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