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  1. Welcome , this might help you identify them , some pictures seem to be missing but hopefully yours will be there https://thewatchforum.co.uk/rltguide/rlt_guide.htm
  2. The only one I’ve had so far this year Omega cal:269 dates to 1964
  3. My sub might be my funeral plan, but they can pick something from the others. I have told the wife to get someone in to appraise them properly and not just flog them to a rip-off merchant, but she knows roughly what they are worth hopefully
  4. For me personally the movement is important, that’s what stops me from buying a bell & Ross love the design but they’ve got a pretty cheap movement for the money, just my opinion of course, which obviously counts for very little
  5. Sorry @Karruselmy mistake I’m viewing on my phone too and eyes aren’t what they used to be lol Q would be more logical. My mistake, eyes aren’t what they used to be unfortunately
  6. Birmingham 9k gold case dates to 1938 which it’s not unusual for the hallmark to predate an inscription. I’ve had one the other way around which is a bit weird
  7. Very nice trio , well worth getting serviced/repaired
  8. The trouble is all the 70s ones I’ve ever come across have had pin pallet movements in them. I’m assuming this being a Yema it has a half decent jewelled pallet movement inside. I unfortunately can’t read the time on them without reading glasses on, so all the ones I’ve ever owned I’ve always moved on
  9. I agree with @nevenbekrievbut would say it needs to go slightly clockwise
  10. Giving this a run today WW1 trench watch with silver case and pin set Quite large for its vintage at 38mm exc crown HAGWE all
  11. Yes they do break your heart , we’ve lost a few now as we’re old and generally had rescue dogs , but it never gets easier unfortunately
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