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  1. Sounds like it , if its not winding tight and just keeps winding
  2. i would say if its auto yes if its manual then no
  3. Doesn't seem right to me i'm no military expert but all the military watches i've come across before (Theres been a few ) have had half decent quality jewelled movements fitted , even 1st WW models . The one shown has a really basic pin pallet movement fitted and no jewels that I can see so where the 15 jewels mentioned are i'm not sure and there are no military marks on it either . Hopefully someone with a greater knowledge of military pieces will be along soon , but I would think its iffy personally
  4. Yes light is fine , it's just they charge quicker the brighter the light , and its just where i keep mine , but ordinary daylight is fine to keep it topped up and running
  5. I think that is the key to longevity Roger ,I have a perpetual calendar and although I don't really wear it particularly, it has sat on the window cill for a few years now and is still working fine. Ive done a few capacitors in eco drives for friends who's watches are newer than mine but have been kept in their box or in a drawer , It seems when they are kept in the dark they seem to die and can't be revived , had one just last week and it just wouldn't come back to life
  6. £274 that's just mental , best I stick my boxed 9k gold one one there then The watch world has gone crazy
  7. Asking and getting are two different things i'm afraid , I would imagine the one on eBay is gold if the back is engraved too ? That might explain the ambitious asking price a little more ? You can polish out even quite deep scratches in the crystal using 600 grit wet and dry then 1200 and finish off with polywatch , as long as it is not cracked or has stress fractures it will come up like new
  8. What’s the worst that could happen ? its only a watch
  9. They look legit , the best place is probably eBay where they will find their own price and you will obtain the best price with a worldwide audience imo
  10. The case is 9k gold hallmarked Birmingham either 1920 or 1945 the marks are both very similar , the movement if it is 21****** puts it at 1917 but if it's 31****** that puts it at 1942 both of which tie up , it's just the serial no of the watch in the pic looked a bit like a 3 to me that's why I mention it. It is completely normal to have an earlier movement to the case as the cases were made and fitted later. As for the repair Simon2 on the forum will be able to sort that for you Hope that helps a little
  11. To me that would suggest a lack of confidence in their product , probably why I don't own one
  12. Me too , if I really want the precise time I look at my iPhone
  13. Sorry 50% not 25 , my bad , I’ll get me coat
  14. It's quite common on vintage watches , and mathematically it only represents 25% of the work also some automatics hand wind as well so yours quite possibly does ,it shouldn't wind tight though as autos have a mainspring that is designed to slip to prevent it breaking from overwinding
  15. https://www.seiko.in/support/ib/pdf/SEIKO_7T62.pdf here is a link to the manual pdf section 3 is the bit that says about resetting the hands , hope that helps
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