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  1. Nice watch , it’s a bumper automatic and dates to 1952
  2. My wife is petite and she wears a 34mm Rolex op which technically is a gents watch , although considered small in today’s climate
  3. For me the omega without a doubt.
  4. Bit of an emotional one today as my mother handed me my father’s 25yr service watch. I now have both his 21st birthday watch and 25yrs service watch. Would rather still have my dad though, he sadly passed away 3weeks ago
  5. I work on the theory, if I roughly want to know the time I check my wrist and if I really want to know the time I check my iPhone
  6. Unfortunately independents possibly won’t have access to parts should it require them. A lot of omega parts are restricted to omega authorised repairers only
  7. I own one, as a collector I feel I have to lol. But I’m not a lover of them. Mines a 1964 navitimer 806
  8. Update day alignment now sorted and case cleaned
  9. Isopropyl will dissolve shellac if left to long so pallet jewels and impulse jewels can come loose. I found out the hard way
  10. If you take it to a local watchmaker or jewellers I’m sure they will have masses of screws knocking about I’m sure they would have something suitable failing that a watchmaker would be able to turn something down to fit without doubt. As you say a screw is pretty much a screw
  11. It’s probably easiest just to get another movement for it , they’re generally not very expensive
  12. If you don’t mind cheap and cheerful then you could go for a tool box and Lidl tea box Not pretty but practical
  13. Thanks, I’ll put the case through the ultrasonic and then have a look at the calendar works regarding the day wheel while the movement is out. Thanks very much
  14. Amazing what a bit of wet and dry can make to a crystal. Starting off with 400 grit to get out the big scratches then 800 and finish off with 1200 and then polywatch. hope this is helpful to someone hagwe all
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