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  1. Definitely worth restoring for its sentimental value alone , as Scott says it won't be worth a fortune ,they are fitted with a pin pallet movement so not the best, but a nice thing to have and they are quite popular , so if it was mine i'd definitely spend a few bob on it
  2. Mine has a 1021 Calibre in it. I guess yours is pretty much the same but date only can’t remember if that was a 1020 or 1022 but something like that
  3. Pretty much, I use fairy liquid and a bit of Flash , the highest setting on mine is 480 seconds which is usually ample sometimes do it for another 480 seconds on really cheesy bracelets/cases so not long really . Invaluable piece of kit imho As above , sorry Rog typing at the same time
  4. Yes it’s fine , my gold capped ones the same , you’re right though most models have omega at the top
  5. Those little lugs on the battery retainer should be under the baseplate Phil , if you do put it right be careful it doesn't fly into the abyss as it will put spring tension into the retainer
  6. Not bad for a Connie from a retailer imho would guess its c1970s
  7. So glad it all worked out well for you , happy birthday
  8. I do like the balance of the two line non date subs , very nice
  9. Did have one the titanium model bought it off the forum and used it when i went fishing , but sold it a while back now, Taffyman bought it if I remember correctly
  10. My friend has a Mondaine quartz and the movement failed after a couple of years It uses a £18 Ronda movement. So I would say tissot is better value imho
  11. Very nice , I had a Ball gmt hydrocarbon for a while, nice well made good quality watches , well done
  12. G is for Girard Perregaux G is for Geneve G is for Grewako
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