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  1. Thanks Simon I will be in touch as soon as he’s decided on what he wants to do regards andy
  2. Hi @simon2 I have a friends TW Steel TW75 watch that he wants me to put a strap on and fit a battery , he also wants a new crystal fitted but I don't have a decent bezel removal tool and didn't want to damage the black case/bezel The crystal is mineral and just measuring from the outside approx 38.5mm don't know thickness i'm afraid , I just wondered if you would be able to give me a price for crystal replacement please ? regards Andy
  3. Spot on @WRENCH, whilst on holiday in the Costa del sol I witnessed a woman buy a Michael Korrs bag off the looky looky guy for 30 € and then proudly announce to all around her that they are 10 times that amount in the Michael Korrs boutique in Puerto Banus . Mmm really love So yes some people are truly worrying
  4. Just had another look , the dial and bezel are dreadful too, I notice he's used the same disclaimer on the Tag which is equally as naff
  5. Absolutely awful ,display back and a cheap chinese movement apart from anything else , can't believe its actually fooling anybody never mind reaching the sort of money it's at at the moment . Frightening how gullible some people are The seller clearly knows it's fake too , going by his careful wording
  6. You can get mechanical issued CWC watches they used a manual wind ETA calibre:2750 mines an RAF issue dating to 79 the case design differs from the quartz models but around the same size
  7. Agree with the above. I do like it but not at that money I’m afraid
  8. @wilding The dial dots are quite a bit smaller/thinner part no:d0419 £5.95 for 1000 from Cousins
  9. You can get dial dots they are sticky both sides but thinner than what you are trying. Cousins sell them
  10. A happy healthy and prosperous new year to you all
  11. Excellent news Martin , glad it all worked out in the end
  12. Yes got a couple of alarms but do love the bellmatic the best
  13. Testing this Seiko Bellmatic out for a bit today
  14. You need to weigh it , as Scott says it’s not really worth much more than it’s weight in gold If you do weigh it as is don’t forget to take off a bit for the movement and crystal You can find current gold prices readily on the net
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