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  1. Welcome ,our resident watch repairer @simon2 does servicing at resonable prices ive tagged him in this comment so he should pick it up and be able to advise you
  2. They are reasonably universal some just have holes some are threaded but I've found the threaded hole ones fit the normal unthreaded studs , you could always drill the holes out if to small . Alloy ones are better for casebacks as they don't flex but nylon are a bit gentler on crystals Omega ones are good as they are hard plastic but worth the premium over the others , I would say not personally The above are just my opinions based on what i have found personally hope that helps
  3. Cousins do a selection of curved crystals in various sizes as well as some you can cut down/trim yourself
  4. I do love the look of the negative display, but unfortunately I moved mine on as I couldn’t see the time in natural daylight Really cool though
  5. Oh right I see Really callipers are the answer then you can measure from the base of the movement to the top of the hour shaft then measure the thickness of just the movement then subtract one from the other to get the shaft height You will have to keep an eye out in Lidl as that’s where I got my callipers from, pretty cheap and very accurate Just an afterthought if it hasn’t got a centre seconds and you do get the wrong one you could swop the hour and minutes wheel over as the movement would be the same
  6. I’m not sure I understand, you said the movement heights were .75 , 1.10 and 1.70 so can you not measure the original movement with digital callipers and see what height it is ? Don’t understand what you mean about.4 mill I’m afraid. I assume the height is from the base to the top of the centre seconds shaft ? If you can’t measure it , I’d pick the middle as if it’s to short you won’t get the hands on too high the hands could touch the crystal
  7. Can’t you measure the one you have to ensure correct replacement
  8. Fake I’d say from the pitting of the base metal case , a tag case would be stainless steel. The bezel is awful too
  9. I think that generally all Rolex models not only hold their value but do increase in value especially if you buy 2nd hand where the initial hit on the first year or twos value has already happened . The thing is every year Rolex increase their prices , typically around 10% so the value of the 2nd hand ones increase , so the greater the rrp the bigger the increase obviously . The same can be said for a lot of the higher end watches , not just Rolex
  10. Everything bar the movement and part I need , have a similar problem with crystals got lots but never the one I need Thank heavens for cousins
  11. They do I’m afraid, and some nasty cobbled together pieces from India that are especially dodgy
  12. Oris big crown pointer date today running a 2824-2 eta movement
  13. Can't grumble at £35 well done , nice catch
  14. Another home made creation today , dug out from the back of beyond running a valjoux 7750. Considered selling it a few years back for spares or repair as the chrono function is a bit temperamental but was talked out of it by @martinzx Might have a look at it one day but it’s probably still a bit above my pay grade It’s a bit of a chunk especially with the solid bracelet
  15. Spot on , that’s why I pretty much stopped selling watches on eBay, I did put one on a few months back just to test the water after a long absence but sold it as spares or repair even though it was actually working, I can’t really be doing with the fools and chancers of which there are many Like you say it really is geared up for the buyer not the seller which is a little disappointing as it’s the seller that pays their wages so to speak To the op regarding tips , good pictures and accurate description , listing any defects as mentioned above , but beware the fools and chancers
  16. Same again today but balance wheel stop now been fitted and put on a bracelet
  17. Thanks for that , interesting read. So according to the article blue was just a colour choice and not dr specific then. I get the bit about a sweep centre seconds making it a doctors watch and have watches with centre seconds marked with a pulsation scale , which is still used on a lot of nurses fobs today
  18. I never realised a blue 12 was considered a doctor’s watch , do you have anymore information as to why? Interested as my daughter is a doctor , would love to know the reasoning behind it
  19. Cousins do them part no gr4111 £13.15 plus vat & p&p
  20. Still testing the sterile home built, running well so far have ordered a stop lever from cousins today as this was missing, so when fitted it stops the balance in the hand setting position to enable accurate setting, hopefully be here and fitted tomorrow
  21. I acquired this on years ago but I did just put a search for 2824-2 case into eBay and it comes up with 240 results
  22. Thanks for the offer but I don’t really want it to look too sub like , I have actually got a set myself. As for parts there is a great selection on eBay of cases dials and hands Its best if you can come across a donor movement as they can be quite expensive. Just a note on the keyless works, it was a bit of an experiment with generic parts from China The whole set including winding pinion castle wheel setting lever , spring even the screw and stem were £7 Wouldn’t even get a stem for that , and they all fitted a treat , so was well pleased at such a ridiculous price
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