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  1. For me the omega without a doubt.
  2. Bit of an emotional one today as my mother handed me my father’s 25yr service watch. I now have both his 21st birthday watch and 25yrs service watch. Would rather still have my dad though, he sadly passed away 3weeks ago
  3. I work on the theory, if I roughly want to know the time I check my wrist and if I really want to know the time I check my iPhone
  4. Unfortunately independents possibly won’t have access to parts should it require them. A lot of omega parts are restricted to omega authorised repairers only
  5. I own one, as a collector I feel I have to lol. But I’m not a lover of them. Mines a 1964 navitimer 806
  6. Update day alignment now sorted and case cleaned
  7. Isopropyl will dissolve shellac if left to long so pallet jewels and impulse jewels can come loose. I found out the hard way
  8. If you take it to a local watchmaker or jewellers I’m sure they will have masses of screws knocking about I’m sure they would have something suitable failing that a watchmaker would be able to turn something down to fit without doubt. As you say a screw is pretty much a screw
  9. It’s probably easiest just to get another movement for it , they’re generally not very expensive
  10. If you don’t mind cheap and cheerful then you could go for a tool box and Lidl tea box Not pretty but practical
  11. Thanks, I’ll put the case through the ultrasonic and then have a look at the calendar works regarding the day wheel while the movement is out. Thanks very much
  12. Amazing what a bit of wet and dry can make to a crystal. Starting off with 400 grit to get out the big scratches then 800 and finish off with 1200 and then polywatch. hope this is helpful to someone hagwe all
  13. I did make one from bits Not an rlt though unfortunately but 7750 movement and very similar I got the movement from someone on the forum but can’t remember about the case it may of been from here but they do or did have them on eBay
  14. Had a couple but only got the bottom one now
  15. The strap and clasp came from cousins very nice quality and very reasonable for the thickness of the leather. If you can’t find it on their site let me know and I’ll find the part number for you when I’m on my pc
  16. I have a few Seikos and think they’re great workhorses but they are all quite early models so don’t know what the current quality is like , don’t like the kinetics though worked on a few but find them a pain in the you know what
  17. That’s very reasonable for an auto especially done by the manufacturer imo. Most independents want around £200 these days for an auto and I’m assuming seiko would of done the seals too making it good for many years to come. Nice one
  18. I love the square cased Bell and Ross models but I can’t get my head around their cost for the movement inside I’m afraid. That’s just me , they do look lovely though. Maybe 2nd hand they represent better value for money?
  19. Did you change the date at some point when it was in the process of changing naturally ie somewhere around 9pm to11.59pm ? If so this could explain why it was ok but now isn’t as changing the date around these times can cause damage, especially on some watches with plastic gear wheels in the calendar mechanism , but not only them.
  20. Cousins have them no: as340401 £5.96 each plus vat etc got 12 in stock
  21. A bit of vintage seiko for a change
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