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  1. if its fitted with a smiths cal 512 movement cousins stock the setting lever spring going to need a picture really , see below link for attaching pictures
  2. Welcome and sorry for your loss , unfortunately the watch doesn't have a great moneytary value but its sentimental value is priceless , would guess it dates to the late 50s early 60s
  3. No need to undo screw just put a bit of peg wood/ tooth pick in the hole and slide over ,
  4. You really need to take it out and measure the aperture or the crystal but the case aperture is better
  5. I’ve got a couple of stovetop expresso pots and really like them, but unfortunately I don’t really drink that much coffee so the beans or ground coffee seems to get bitter before I even get halfway through. I got a dolce gusto machine and find it great as the pods stay fresh and are consistently good every time. I only drink expresso or ristretto coffee so never any milk
  6. I have had this happen in the past with them and just put a cheap order in for some batteries or a strap , I know it’s not ideal and it’s more postage etc but I needed the part quickly. In my case it wasn’t the wrong part the part was incomplete but their same rules seemed to apply
  7. One word of advice that I can give is make sure it’s been serviced. Cosmics are front loaders and often seem to get neglected when it comes to servicing because of this
  8. For me the dial is a bit of an acquired taste , so as others have mentioned it might be harder to sell if you needed or wanted to
  9. Cousins have the crystal in stock part no xmf310848 £3.95 plus vat p&p it’s a pattern part the seiko one is obsolete part no 310w17gn00 you will need a press
  10. You want to have a chat with the forum watch repairer @simon2 he should be able to sort you out
  11. I got a 1964 precision for the wife’s birth year but she doesn’t like manual wind so she now has a 1990 op which happens to be my eldest daughters birth year
  12. I picked up a Schatz royal mariner very reasonable from an auction house but it did need a platform escapement, which then made it not so reasonable lol
  13. A couple of my blue dials , well 3
  14. Well done Scott what a lovely gesture
  15. Out walking in the spring sunshine with the blue beastie
  16. Great tool watch the Casio , can’t go wrong.
  17. This is my rarest most unusual piece,it was my father in law’s father’s watch who was in the raf. This watch was given to him in his line of work and is unusual as in it has no name on the dial or movement and the case is definitely silver but is again unmarked. Given his line of work and the fact it’s totally sterile makes me think it was maybe a prototype model ?
  18. Sorry to read this Dave , my condolences to you and your family.
  19. Good on you Roy , no one likes a p*ss taker
  20. Start by adjusting the pendulum, if it’s losing time you need to raise the pendulum
  21. This weeks new arrival from Roy again today Hagwe all
  22. Tuna homage today from our host Roy , what a lump I love it
  23. Probably a daft question , but is the battery you're fitting the correct one ? sounds a bit like the battery is to high?
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