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  1. I’ve had a few now and they do seem to have nice quality movements and cases
  2. Acquired yesterday LeChiminant quartz. Just fitted new Renata battery , mineral crystal and case seal Put the case and bracelet through the ultrasonic , all seems ok so far
  3. On bbc news app today FCA bans world's largest crypto-currency exchange Binance https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57632831
  4. Sterile home built effort today running an eta 2824-2 calibre
  5. Well the first attempt was using the die type on the left which has square shoulders the second was using the type on the right with chamfered shoulders and I rubbed a little bit of watch oil around the edge of the crystal on the second attempt too I’ve bought various different presses but only use one but I think it shows that it pays to buy some of the cheaper presses just to get a variety of dies ie I’ve also got some alloy dies which are good on tight casebacks as they don’t flex
  6. Yesterday was my first attempt at replacing a domed mineral crystal as you can see the first attempt didn’t go to well, good job I ordered 2
  7. I used to be quite into air rifles many years ago but with less and less places now to shoot i sort of moved away from them , but still own a BSA sport model. As for 22 verses 177 the argument has gone on for many years about the for and against between them , but basically the 22 fans argue it delivers more of a whack due to the size and weight of the pellet where the 177 penetrates the prey due to its smaller size and faster velocity and is less prone to wind resistance .I have owned both and personally was in the 177 fan club due to the above mentioned. Spring verses gas , again I'm old school and would go for spring , purely because i know how to strip and maintain them but gas i know very little apart from they are practically silent and have no recoil . You would get a good 2nd hand spring BSA or even a Weihrach (great guns) for your budget There is a member on here that has an amazing collection of Air rifles and will be able to give you much better advice than me , hopefully he will see this thread and offer better advice than i can give. As for licence , you don't need one in England but i thin you may do in Scotland . If buying 2nd hand and its been tuned , insure the muzzle velocity isn't over the legal limit or it then becomes a firearm
  8. Mu du are a respected brand and normally sell well on their name Mine says hi
  9. Road testing an early Enicar that I’ve managed to repair for a friend. Felsa 1560 calibre
  10. Le cheminant master mariner with super compressor case on this cold wet day
  11. £250 is a fair price for a service imo Rolex would charge around £500 , I had my oyster perpetual done by an independent for £265
  12. Now that is gorgeous, great buy
  13. Interesting, my one on the right is a master mariner and states 25 jewels so must be after the prosecution trial?
  14. Two that are currently still in the collection
  15. This was probably the nicest one I’ve had come my way , love the diver you’ve got coming though it’s a cracker
  16. I like Scott have had a few le Cheminants over time and they have all had decent movements in them , usually eta , nice stainless cases too I think why a lot turn up on my patch is because they used to be retailed up the road from me. Good understated watches imo
  17. Got a friends seiko that had a badly scratched crystal as you can see. First off I rubbed down with 400 grit to remove the deep scratches then went to 800 and finally 1200 grit then put in the ultrasonic to clean the case and bracelet, then a finish off with poly watch before reassembling
  18. If cleaning watch cases or bracelets a bit of fairy liquid and water works wonders if it is watch parts then put abit of water in the bottom then watch cleaning solution in a glass jar ( I use l&r ) put parts in jar and place jar in the ultrasonic
  19. Hi @simon2 sent you a pm about a staff replacement thanks Andy
  20. I would say very good for the money i've had 3 now over a period of time and they've all been fine , the last one i got was £25 from china on eBay but it looks like they've gone up a little bit now but still around £30
  21. As @Karrusel says its an eta 2472 you can see the eta logo on the right of the calibre number , a search on the internet states 52 degree lift angle for this calibre
  22. Garrard used bought in Swiss movements quite often eta You should see the logo and callibre under the balance
  23. Thanks for that , that seems to be the general opinion. Fortunately I didn’t take the plunge, just getting regular phone calls now, will block the number when I get bored of winding them up
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