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  1. andyclient's post in Worstcase servicing costs for a Rolex 1803 movement was marked as the answer   
    £250 is a fair price for a service imo Rolex would charge around £500 , I had my oyster perpetual done by an independent for £265
  2. andyclient's post in What fluid to use in an ultrasonic cleaner was marked as the answer   
    If cleaning watch cases or bracelets a bit of fairy liquid and water works wonders if it is watch parts then put abit  of water in the bottom then watch cleaning solution in a glass jar ( I use l&r ) put parts in jar and place jar in the ultrasonic 
  3. andyclient's post in Finding the Lift Angle for a Garrard automatic watch was marked as the answer   
    As @Karrusel says its an eta 2472 you can see the eta logo on the right of the calibre number , a search on the internet states 52 degree lift angle for this calibre 
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