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  1. I like the beads of rice bracelet.. Camera looks like it can produce some good shots (given favourable light conditions)
  2. This is correct. This SBS edition was organised through the watch shop in Ruislip mentioned at the bottom of the QP article. This is the same sort of arrangement that Breitling and Bremont have with their 'squadron' special editions. Watches are only available to buy by members of the particulat unit / squadron originally, sometimes at a substantial discount from the regular watch RRP, but a number do find their way out onto the open market as a decent profit can be made due to the relative rarity. If you really want one then keep an eye on the market, ebay and google searches are useful. If not it is worth a call to CS Bedford as Rob may still be in contact with some of the original buyers.
  3. and actually whilst not technically repetition, how about a tangente with a thin strip of lume?
  4. LoL. Actually the photo was just from a google search, not of mine - I don;t do wrist shots. The chronotac was about 38mm and fitted very nicely on a 6.75" wrist.
  5. I would really like one of these, but alas my wrist is not man enough for the job. The chronotac homages were nice to look at, but the quality not so hot:
  6. I'm pretty sure you are not going to see another with that strap combination!
  7. Nice to see you here Stewart, I am sure I had asked for a SOTC on TZ-UK as well... reads just like the library from OTD, except with a higher standard of photography. Unbelievable. A number there that I would like to try.. especially the 2446 Autavia and the Lemania 5100 Carrera.
  8. I've got one of these, and if you only use every alternate slot it works quite well and stops the watches knocking together. Quite impressed with the quality for the price.
  9. The reversing mechanism is what makes the watch iconic. Granted the modern interpretation of the Reverso with a chronograph, GMT dial or a display back is more useful - but the good old steel case back is still nice, particularly if you send it back to JLC for an engraving. Custom designs are expensive, but a couple of initials are surprisingly affordable and certainly personalise the watch (+ make it unsaleable obviously!) (photo from the net)
  10. Yep.. that is a standard Cal 12 movement with micro-rotor. Price is about £1000 too high though.
  11. This is as close as I have got. Sporting one of Roy's blue pinhole leather straps - very similar to the interior.
  12. Watch looks fine from those pics and agree with others that the seller sounds good with that sort of feedback.
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