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  1. That is something I didn't know, Just googled it. https://www.swatch.com/en_gb/services/free-battery-change
  2. Isn't that the chrome plated plastic case? You would wonder how they do that, Anyone know if a stainless steel casio exists? Thanks
  3. Thanks Will and Paul for showing those. Another question, if you lift or tilt the work does it loose focus?
  4. William, is it viable to work under that set up? ....How much free space would you have between the watch and the optics? ..thanks
  5. Norm, does this one have a steel case or a plastic case with metal coating? thanks
  6. That video is gone now. Anyone know where it is?
  7. When I see the 60 on the coil I think it is for a 60Hz 100 v supply. It could be tricky enough the get a power adapter for that. Let us know how it works out.
  8. There is usually a biker lurking somewhere, I wonder if I could get a bit of help with this one. The bike is a Honda inova 125i Fuel injected. 2 1/2 years old. It starts great and ticks over like a Seiko but will not rev up very well and has absolutely no power. It went from good to bad over 50 miles. Has new petrol Clean fuel filter fuel pump works healthy spark So i think there is a bad sensor If you know way to diagnose I'd like to hear Is there an RLT equivilant motor bike forum that knows the answer? Is there an online parts supermarket for things like sensors? Thanks for any help.
  9. Looking good and I find myself wanting one of those. But I have trouble setting a central heating timer.... maybe this is too much for me. There are the instructions. http://www.timefactors.com/navihawk.htm
  10. Pavel, What kind of leather would be used for straps like this? ...and do you recommend somewhere to buy this leather. thanks
  11. Have a google for Aqualung and Apeks too as there is a bit of re badging going on...... :)
  12. If you are going to make small parts then you will need to measure them. This device is made from a standard dial indicator. Pictures will do the talking. So get yourself on to ebay and buy some junk and get it going :D .
  13. After numerous attempts we have something that looks like a staff but not like the one I need. Now on to the lathe I am using a bigger lathe as a driver for the Lorch collet lathe. This is because I am a bit pushed for space in the workshop. So this negates the need for a bench and drive motor set up. Everything can go away into a shoebox when finished with. Drive pulley And the collet lathe mounted ready for work. Action shots ..and between centers.
  14. I got the time today to take some pictures of my Lorch Schmidt lathe. More detailed pictures may be found here http://www.lathes.co...midt/page2.html First off let me make it clear that I am not a watchmaker or even have any idea what i am doing. this is just another passing interest that only has to be better than watching TV on winter nights. this was last winters project and I havn't progresses furthur than these few test pieces. My goal it to repair the staff in the table movement and then i can claim to be an expert. :D My lathe is an ebay special and runs true but the 8mm collets are missing. these cost a fortune so I have devised two alternative methods of work holding. 1. drive dog and centers 2. wax chuck or in my case the loctite chuck. Some pics The heardened steel prepared with centered ends and installed to a drive dog. Driving center and draw bolt. These are home made parts. The Loctite chuck. Again homemade. So the steel blank is glued in with loctite and the staff would be cut without a tail center. Some 3mm HSS cutting tools. The patient. Spot the broken staff. ...will post and add more....
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