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  1. I'm looking at a cheap watch now, and the second hand alignment depends on which way up you hold it. Some sort of backlash I guess. If the dial was off centre you'd expect the same alignment when the hand is round 180 degrees. I mean if the dial was offset to the right, you'd expect alignment to be OK at 3 and 9 o'clock, and worst at 6 and 12.
  2. Thanks guys, and thanks for whoever moved the topic. To Simon, I got it second hand in 2011, I've looked at the box it came in but there's nothing with an explicit date.
  3. Thanks, I'll get it sorted one way or another. But I got distracted looking at watches instead. I still have a hankering for a classic looking automatic.
  4. OK thanks, I'll work my way down the list and see if any of them do this sort of job. I'm not sure what the qualifying comment "do their own research before committing to a repair." implies, presumably there may be good or bad repairers on the list, however if there are no recommendations I guess I have to take my chances. To be honest I was hoping someone would have made some sort of suggestion, given that this sort of job is not necessarily right for an outfit that does Rolex or Omega restoration.
  5. I am, sorry if I was unclear. I'm looking for someone I can send the watch to, someone who deals with this sort of work as a matter of routine. There were a few names that I had noted but they don't seem to be around any more, so I was wondering who's doing this sort of work at the moment. Would rather not send it to Tissot as I had a bad experience in the past, but I suppose that option is still available.
  6. Thanks, I thought the repair section looked more about actual repairs, rather than an end user type question. Anyway I'll leave it here for the moment and if there's no suggestions I'll post there. I know it's considered bad form to post the same question in several places. Also I get the impression looking at some of the watch repairer web sites, that battery replacement is a bit mundane for some, compared to say servicing an Omega automatic.
  7. Hi, Just wondering who's still on the go in the way of recommended repairers. It's my Tissot PR50 (quartz) which needs a battery, and I'd like it sealed or tested or whatever they do to confirm the water resistance is preserved. I'll be dealing by post so it doesn't really matter where in the country. But I'd like to be confident the work will be done efficiently. Thanks, Tony S
  8. I don't know if it makes me a freak, but I think any sort of timepiece should be as accurate as the technology allows. In the case of quartz, that would mean very accurate. And it bugs me that manufacturers don't seem to care or try in this respect. For example guaranteed timekeeping for an Omega quartz is around 20 seconds a month. Yet some cheap watches keep to within a couple of seconds, for example I have a £14.95 Lorus that was like that. My personal goal would be accurate enough not have to reset in between BST/GMT changes, so say less than a minute in six months. Tony S
  9. I had a watch with a Miyota movement that did this, from memory it was to do with backlash in the movement somewhere, the movement doesn't actually pause and it doesn't affect timekeeping. I think it would be worth checking if this is the case. Have a look at this for example ... http://members.iinet.net.au/~fotoplot/invicta/invicta.html
  10. Hi, There used to be quite a few automatic RLTs, and I quite fancied the RLT45 for example. However I didn't buy one at the time, and now I see everything's hand wind. What are the chances of automatics being made again? Tony S
  11. Hi, I've just been shown a new Accurist watch with a ceramic bracelet. The instructions say it needs to be sent to Accurist if links need to be removed from the bracelet. Is there anything special about doing this with a ceramic bracelet? I would normally consider removing links to be routine, so not sure why they're advising that. On the other hand I don't want to break a brand new bracelet. Thanks, Tony S
  12. It can't be the whole story, though. I mean if the normal size 10 years ago was 35mm, people haven't got 20% bigger in that time!
  13. I really like the size, but I wonder if that's why the whole PR50 range has been discontinued?
  14. Two weeks since I set the time, and it looks like its gained maybe one or two seconds. Looking good so far!
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