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  1. Fashion and taste are strange things. I really like those watches (shame about the price) but I might well be tempted by a second-hand one.
  2. I've been thinking that over after seeing all these very attractive watches with mechanical movements. I just think that 5-10 seconds a day is too much, and would probably mean I'd feel the need to reset it every week. Maybe I've just got used to quartz long-term accuracy that means I only need to reset at the BST<->GMT change-overs. Maybe its not rational but it feels like a backward step to give that up. I've not thought of automatic, but out of interest how long do they typically run if left alone off the wrist? I'm imagining for example if I went off sailing for a weekend wearing my waterproof Casio, would I come back to find the good watch stopped and therefore needing to be reset again? (Of course if I had a waterproof automatic then that wouldn't arise) Regarding other makes what do the panel think of these .. - Citizen (very slim, solar power so no battery changing) - Rotary (lifetime guarantee, decent water resistance even in their "dress" watches)? - Dreyfuss as recommended by one retailer A colleague strongly recommends Omega, and has the 30 year old watch in daily use to back that up. However they're part of the Swatch Group now, and while I can shrug off the eighty quid or so wasted in my Tissot experience, it would be no joke to experience the same level of service on a seriously expensive watch.
  3. I certainly can't argue with Seiko, that was my main watch until I finally lost it. The modern ones look all a bit bulky though.
  4. I have no reason to doubt that at all. The problem for me is that I've been in dispute with their service department for nearly six months without a resolution. The thought of buying something else, then finding I need to deal with the same people, is very off-putting. I expect to keep my watch(es) a long time, so it will need service at some stage. I fully understand that a dud example can come very occasionally from any supplier, but what matters is how quickly and willingly the supplier sorts things out. Tony S
  5. Regarding my preferences, I suppose I would consider a price range of up to £300, but I'd need to feel happy that I was getting value in terms of technical quality rather than just looks. Up at that price I would start to be worried that I might damage or lose something valuable, although my previous main watch cost me £51 which was quite a lot for a student in 1980 and that lasted until I lost it a few years ago. Aside from that, I like plain simple styling, clear face with easy to read hands, round face, sweep second hand, and slim enough to wear comfortably under shirt cuffs. It needs to be accurate enough that I don't have to keep resetting the time, and I guess that means quartz. This example "ticks all the boxes" except for the brand, and the fact that its not quartz. Black face is nice, but not a "must have" however I have to say the only problem with my now defunct Tissot was that it had silver hands over a silver face so sometimes it could have been clearer. It ironic that when I look at pictures, those I like best all seem to be Tissot! Thanks again, Tony S
  6. Thanks Baz. On consideration I think I should name the two brands, they were Accurist and Tissot. Hopefully a moderator will delete this post if that's out of order. I guess its unreasonable to ask for alternative recommendations, while not disclosing the two brands I want to avoid! Since it was a failure of service rather than product, I suppose the whole Swatch Group is a no-go area. Tony S
  7. Hi, I've just had two bad experiences trying to let my missus buy me a nice watch, in both cases they were what I would have thought of a pretty good brand names although only in the £100 or so price range. I'm not sure its appropriate to name names here, but I'll do so if that's OK. (1) Bought new, and started losing time within a few days. Retailer insisted on changing the battery, at which point I should clearly have smelt a rat. Problem recurred and this time they sent it back to the maker's service dept to be fixed, checked and properly sealed. When I got it back it ran OK for a while, then lost 4min over one weekend. We gave it up as a bad job, and the missus returned it for refund. (2) Bought 2nd hand off Ebay and seemed fine until the battery needed replacing. I decided to return to the manufacturer's service dept, they advised a full service was required at a cost of around 60% of new replacement cost. After the service it's not run reliably, its been back to them twice and now they claim not to be able to find fault. They refunded the service charge but we're still out of pocket for the postage charges and of course I don't have a watch. Who would like to name a reputable maker, who makes a reliable and accurate watch but more importantly has decent back-up and a helpful attitude if things go wrong? My two problems were really problems of service, rather than of product because I know things go wrong now and again, but in those two cases the makers appeared unable or unwilling to fix them Currently I'm wearing a £12.99 watch which keeps dead accurate time, but looks and feels cheap and nasty. However I'm wary of splashing out more on something that may just cause me as much grief as the two "brand names" I've just experienced. Thanks in advance, Tony S
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