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  1. Hi, Nowadays I need to use reading glasses, which is a pain in the backside. What I was wondering about is how this interacts with the properties of an eyeglass magnifier. If I remember rightly, a standard microscope eyepiece is made so that the eye focuses at infinity, considered to be the most relaxed state. Accordingly, that would mean that one would use the microscope without reading glasses. Is that also the case with standard eyeglasses, that they work with the eye at infinity? Cheers, Tony S
  2. Most actual sailors seem to wear Casio, Suunto or Optimum if they actually have a special sailing watch. Personally I don't find a wrist watch very easy to use under waterproofs so I keep it tucked away behind the cuffs. Either the GPS or the VHF will normally be switched on and showing the time in any case.
  3. My last quartz watch the second hand lined up with the markers for part of its travel, changing to almost 1/2 way between at the opposite side of the dial. Clearly that's not just a misalignment of the hand on its spindle, either the dial was made inaccurately or it's not concentric. That was a Tissot so not top line, but not dirt cheap either.
  4. Strangely mine gained 30s per day over the middle part of this week, then back to +14 seconds. The only difference I can think of was a couple of train journeys. Do watches run faster on the train? Maybe because I'm moving less.
  5. I like the looks of the Tissot Carson automatic, its around £200-250 depending on model (I'd have the black face on stainless bracelet, model T95.1.483.51). Also Dreyfuss 1890 series, effectively they're a posh brand of Rotary.
  6. Its an interesting topic. It sounds like most people's preferences lie in the 38-42mm range. Going back a few years, most watches were a lot smaller. Were people thinner then, or has the fashion changed?
  7. I'm going to give it a go once a make up a suitable jig to open the back. If I can halve the error then I'll be very happy, only needing to reset the watch once a week. It is mentioned elsewhere that this movement is quite fiddly to regulate - difficult to make small enough movements of the adjuster. Incidently the different rate if the watch is or isn't worn overnight show how difficult it would be for Seiko to send the watches out perfectly regulated.
  8. Looks like a nice microscope as well. What is it? In a previous job I had the use of a Wild zoom binocular scope, with fibre optic lighting. It was brilliant for all sorts of things, like getting very small splinters out of your finger for example.
  9. Do you leave all the rest of the movement assembled, just the balance removed?
  10. Good call. I think what I might do is get the genuine Bergeon tips from Roy and make my own handle. In fact they may fit the Anchor handle.
  11. because i think that seiko's spring drive 9R86 and 9R66 are pretty good Do you count Spring Drive as mechanical? I'd count it as electronic.
  12. Seiko spec is +/-25 seconds per day. Mine happens to run about +12s if I wear it day and at night, about +25s if its left on the table overnight. Both are reasonably consistent so possibly it could be regulated a bit better.
  13. When did people start thinking that? When analogue quartz first came out, the "precision" of the stepping second hand was much admired.
  14. I don't see it in terms of wages, because I don't think my thresholds would move up much even if I won the lottery. To me its about perceived value. For example no matter what you spend, it won't keep time better than a £12 or £15 quartz. Going up to say £150 gives you sapphire glass, a comfortable bracelet and maybe 50m waterproofing all of which are tangible benefits. Above that it gets very subjective taking in things like Swiss vs other movements, brand name, or purely that its a watch that I really like for no specially rational reason.
  15. Hi, I'd like a radio controlled watch as a time-keeper and utility watch. I don't like the looks of the Casio models, and certainly couldn't live with their huge size. I noticed a very simple almost military styled watch made by this outfit "Track Time" who seem to be pitching them specifically to rail companies. The model is GWL03 and sells for £88.00 (I don't think I'm allowed to provide a link, but Google will take you to the site selling them) Anyone have one of these?
  16. I have one of those Anchor ones Ebay Item 400198582039 but find its too big. The fork is 3mm wide, its OK for a strap where you can squash the strap slightly, but not for a bracelet where you have to poke it through a small space.
  17. I'm sure you're all perfectly correct, and I didn't intend any slight against the product. It's just that for me personally I would prefer either (1) the real thing or (2) something that's openly from another brand in its own right rather than a copy. By the way don't Orient use their own movements, rather than ETA clones?
  18. Thanks. That's a shame. I think if I went for a "good" automatic then I'd want a Swiss movement. You're going to say that's illogical, but if it was all strictly logical I'd stick with my dirt cheap quartz.
  19. Hi, Thanks to Uncle Alec and the forum I now have my "5" on a metal bracelet. I couldn't resist fitting it straight away so here it is after a quick clean, adjust and a bit of metal polish. When I have the time I need to do the polishing properly and the end pieces need a little tweak as well to get them spot on ..
  20. Hi Alec, I'm still on the lookout for a bracelet, in case you want to trade.
  21. Too late, I already have a Seiko 5. Do like the pointy hands though, but I'm not a fan of the "simulated integral bracelet" case. I suppose the hands off one of his, combined with the case of mine would approach the ideal.
  22. Thanks. Although its a bit odd that an article entitled "Budget Watch Collecting/Regulating" should presume the use of a professional timing machine. I was thinking more on the lines of giving it a little tweak and seeing how it runs for a few days.
  23. I found a document from Longines on care of leather straps. Not particularly helpful but I was surprised by the short life expectations ..
  24. Hi, I suspect that my newly acquire Seiko may be running too fast for my liking, so unless it settles down to a more reasonable speed I intend to have a go at regulating it. I've read a bit on the Internet on the subject, and there are a couple of areas of concern.. Firstly it seems like its quite difficult to make very small movements of the adjuster. Are there any tips for how to make the required very small movements? I was thinking to try just very light taps to the side, using a wooden peg. From what I read if you see the thing move then its probably gone too far. Secondly one of the Seiko documents said that you must not move the regulator clockwise, as this would damage the hairspring. Can that really be correct? If so then I'm goosed because it would mean you're OK to speed the timing up, but not allowed to slow it down. I'm not going to do anything right away, firstly because I need to wear the watch for a while before I'll be certain how its behaving, but also because I need to make or buy a jig to unscrew the back. Cheers, Tony S
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