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  1. Hi, A few more questions if you don't mind. Regarding Seiko, how far back do you need to go to get a smaller watch, rather than the oversized ones shipped nowadays? Would it be reasonable to say that anything with a display back, or a movement reference that isn't all numbers, would be too modern (for example 7009 or 6119 would be normal sized, 7S26 would be oversized)? I was looking on Ebay (maybe not the best place to buy, but gives a good idea of what's around) and its very hard to say what the actual sizes would be. I must say that when I was looking at Seiko shop window displays a month or so ago I concluded that they didn't make anything normal sized nowadays. Secondly, other makes ... not up into Omega pricing, but around the Seiko / Tissot range? My ideal would be a nice uncluttered face, indices rather than numbers, centre seconds. Thanks, Tony S
  2. The only times I tried this, Ebay took so long to reply that the listing had ended. It happened several times and I can only assume its deliberate - its not the only way that their bias towards sellers shows up.
  3. Here's the balance wheel with the watch run down. It took an age before it stopped, I though flash would freeze the motion but there was a lot of ghosting and reflection, so in the end I had to wait .. By the way, Ryte Time are up for replacing the glass for me.
  4. Let us know how you get on, I've seen some of those sellers (don't know if I'm allowed to name them), and been tempted.
  5. I just punched "Seiko 5" into Ebay, and you come up with all sorts, including one seller who says it will "lose or gain 5 or 6 minutes in 24 hours". Maybe give that one a miss! The PR50 - very nice, and that's the sort of thing I would be very happy with as my main watch. Unfortunately after my experience with their after sales, I won't buy a new Tissot. That would be as good as saying that they can mess me about as much as they like, but I'll still keep buying. A second hand Tissot is different as I can get it serviced by an independent.
  6. Yes, I was thinking second hand in any case. Rotary sounds good, someone suggested "Orient" earlier, a brand I'm completely unfamiliar with. At this stage I don't want to splash out too much as I don't know whether I'll get on with an auto. I've had a look on the RLT sales site as I'm guessing that anything he sells will be a decent watch. Unfortunately the web site is a bit confusing/dispiriting - all those separate long lists of watches all of which are marked out of stock. Its a shame there's not a filter to show only what's actually available. Tony S
  7. Cheers. When it's run down I'll take a couple of pictures of the balance wheel and other bits in more detail. I must say all the pictures of 15 jewel (or 15 rubies or even "15 rubis"!) movements look like there's some sort of bushing or bearing in the centre. As well as scratching around the screw heads, there are numbers hand scribed inside the back, but they don't show too well in the photo. (Edit - thanks for the Ryte Time suggestion)
  8. If its the one I think you mean, shame its gold coloured. Thanks for all the comments.
  9. Hi, I've never had an auto, but I have a strange desire to try one. I was thinking of seeing if I could pick one up that's not too expensive, see how I get on with it but without laying out much cash. So it would need to be a model that's readily available, and with a reasonable chance of working nicely or of being fixed if it needs a service. I was thinking of Seiko - how does that sound? Other makes to look out for at the low end? By the way I like a small watch by modern standards, with a simple design and clear face. Thanks, Tony S
  10. Rotary have a lifetime guarantee, conditional on them servicing it every three years.
  11. Bit of a knock back on repair, one guy's just got back to me saying he can't work on Rolex because they won't make parts available to third parties. I just can't imagine a current Rolex dealer being interested in helping.
  12. Is that not correct for a 15 jewel movement?
  13. Great, thanks. I must have taken the pictures with the watch running, I'll check out the balance wheel. I can let it run down now because I've timed it over a few days.
  14. Hi, I suppose I'd only though of Rolex and other top-whack brands being regularly faked. Is it now the case that many lower priced brands are being copied? I noticed a raft of "Original Tissot" watches on Ebay from China for around 1/4 the price that they should be. It wouldn't have occurred to me that it would be worth faking a £200 watch. Tony (just call me too trusting) S
  15. It was a family watch, which belonged to my Grandfather in law (if that's the right term) and passed on to us in 1979. Given his age it could have been bought originally any time from around 1900 on, so that doesn't really narrow it down because its presumably a '30s or '40s watch. I was struck that all the pictures I can find of similar models seem to have Rolex marked in more places, for example this one looks pretty similar to the back except for the Rolex brand ... ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > Although inside of the case looks exactly the same .. ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > Movement looks to me to be technically the same movement (maybe the experts can point me to the significant differences) but the markings are different including the addition of the Rolex brand as well .. Possibly a replacement movement, carried out goodness knows how long ago? Maybe we'll never know. Replacement parts wouldn't explain the absence of the Rolex brand from the back, when the markings exist on the inside. More practically, can anyone recommend someone I could send it to, to replace the glass? Our local watch repairer seems to have disappeared. Thanks, Tony S
  16. As above, especially hammering or axe or pickaxe work.
  17. I'm afraid its much more mundane, really sorry to disappoint. Anyway, here are some pictures, although the scratched glass makes the dial almost unreadable there you may just be able to make out "ROLEX OYSTER" just under the 12 and "SWISS MADE" around the bottom ... There's no other markings on the back. The crown say "OYSTER PATENT". The word "Rolex" appears only on the dial, not on the back or on the movement.
  18. Phew, that must have put your mind at rest. As I said, he is a trader but doesn't sell watches, all his current and completed items are costume jewellery or similar with a few watch straps. He could have picked this watch up cheap in order to re-sell, could be in good faith but he could be mistaken.
  19. Hi, Just wondered which of the various numbers on the watch might be the actual serial number. There's nothing between the lugs at 6 or 12 o'clock. Numbers on the back are 3121 which I understand is the "case number", and 121018 which is less clearly stamped or engraved. I'm guessing the watch is '30s or later. It's just marked Rolex Oyster on the dial, the word "Rolex" doesn't appear at all anywhere else. Thanks, Tony S
  20. I have no knowledge of that product, but in principle I'd be wary buying an expensive item from a trader who didn't specialise in that field. Even if he is in good faith, he could be mistaken.
  21. What a tease you are! Seriously its a bit frustrating seeing items sitting for sale, or in one case being withdrawn from lack of interest, while possible buyers are locked out. I understand why you do it, but all the same .... frustrating.
  22. Is it? I'm sure you're correct, but just from the photos what tell you its fake? Regarding the listing, I think I'd have listed it as "Rolex Branded" or something, but even if Ebay would have pulled that (unlikely I think) then I'm sure I could have come up with something more inviting than just "watch". At least he spelled it correctly, but it reminds me of a listing I saw for a rare and sought after button accordion which was just listed as "Italian Acordian".
  23. Hi, I can't help liking Tissot. I really like some of their styles and I suppose I see them as a "Swiss" brand but without going into silly money. The only thing is that my experience of their service organisation is poor and I don't really want to go through that again. So my question really is if I picked up a second-hand Tissot and further down the line it needed a service or repair, would it be silly to use a third party? I don't know to what extent they use non-standard parts, or whether they keep their service data restricted or whether they make parts available outside their own organisation. Thanks in advance, Tony S
  24. It was quite a good example of how not to sell on Ebay. Rotten description, nothing in the title that anyone's going to search for (how could he not put "Rolex" in the title?), bad picture, and a high starting price. The only thing missing to guarantee it won't sell, would be to have it as "pick up only".
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