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  1. This Services has been a popular clunker over the years, the questionable colouring and pube only add to the overall effect
  2. You need to be very careful with the Salvation Army you may be surprised at their attitude when it comes to "gifts" in wills UK and worldwide.
  3. Passed away yesterday after a battle with colon cancer. Sure, some may be asking who? but he was very influential, a great songwriter and member of some iconic bands including Family, Asia, one of Roxy Music's "guest" bass players but for me most importantly a member of probably the best loved line up of King Crimson - the "Red" era band. R.I.P. John
  4. Thanks Mel, I think I'd have preferred it if he'd made it up tho'
  5. Our (parents) first colour TV was rented from Cyril Dootson in the village they lived in and no matter what went wrong Cyril (who could not pronounce words with "R" in them) would always stand in our living room and say "I think your twipler has gone" still have no Idea If there really was such a thing as a tripler. Regarding valves, we used,as kids to pinch the largest we could find from the scrap heap behind the TV shop and pretend they were Ray guns; that was put to a stop when one of my mates was caught staggering around the local park with a 21 inch CRT pretending it was a "Ray rifl
  6. I worked at Phillips service in Cheetham Hill in 1978 and clearly remember huge numbers of the N1500 series being returned for checking/refurb. Not sure why but I think they had been part-exed against newer models and were going to be resold into less developed markets. Contrary to that article I am fairly sure they were almost exclusively sold into the business/educational world. The reasons given for the failure of Phillips V2000 are documented on that site but I had the Grundig version and it was streets ahead of VHS and Beta, when I was forced to replace it with VHS recorder i
  7. Why not have a dedicated moderator(s) purely for the sales forum? Make it easier to keep tabs on the pi$$_takers.
  8. There have been several in Manchester. All you have to do is choose a venue and issue the invitation.
  9. George Daniels is the guy out of Shalamar -he did the "Moonwalk" before Michael Jackson woohooo I know more than an expert! don't know who the Harwood fella is though
  10. If I was given £300 to buy a watch I'd get this. You could put it on a nice bracelet within budget. Also if someone asks what watch to buy we have to say Seiko on the first page... don't ask, Bond made that rule up
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