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  1. “ Yet “ being the important word above.
  2. Same here but welcome anyway.
  3. Going out for lunch to day so was going to wear the 2264............but the Capeland S xxl has won me over again. Wear it while I have it.
  4. Back again with an old favourite. Capeland S xxl
  5. I have no idea what you mean. M Mmmmmm Salma.
  6. ^^^^ Now that sounds interesting as PB is more obstructive than useful these days.
  7. Travelled extensively in the Navy. Been lucky enough to holiday all over. Done lots of daft things like parachuting, rallying etc but would die happy with a short time in a lift with my avatar. Salma -Wow!!
  8. Go for it Bond. I had 2 done 40+ years ago at age 16 when pissed out my mind in Singapore. Two anchors with banners which I had to get removed a few years later due to what was written on the banners. But have decided to get another for New Year as I'm getting more rebellious or desperate as I've got older. Getting designed as we speak by a Japanese calligrapher so no dodgy translations. Hopefully.
  9. Another record collector here but restricted to soul from 60's and 70's especially Al Green. Even have all 5 editions of his first album. Folk maybe know already but discogs website is great for looking for specific vinyl.
  10. As with Mach going to be a 2 watch day today. Will wind the Caribbean Junior Chrono 60/70's to wear for lunch then the Caribbean Hi-Swing 1500 early 70's will be taken off the winder for use in the evening. Just got to decide what straps now.
  11. Well after wearing the wifes midsize Omega yesterday, thankfully back to my own today so I can at least read the time.
  12. Now that is beautiful. Simple, elegant and in this case class talks.
  13. Had to put a new battery in this Omega mid-size, as it's the wifes daily wearer and she was not happy when it stopped. How dare it!!!. So wearing it today just to make sure it keeps time ok before returning it.
  14. With all my documented battery problems it has to be the approx 45+ year old manual wind on the right today.
  15. Just checked this morning and its going fine so far. A spooky coincedence though, the 710 has just told me her mid size Omega has stopped completely. Probably just battery run out as it's been a while - I hope.
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