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  1. Hi all, Stumbled across a time checker which I think is the easiest to use, you can download an app on your phone too. I do not know if this has been posted before. It is measured by a US Navy atomic clock, you just click when the second hand reaches the 12 O clock and then check back later. https://toolwatch.io/measures/ If the link does not work you can work around it.
  2. Don't get me wrong, the Longines is a really nice watch and I do like it. The Steinhart has a better strap, feels excellent quality, there is hardly any sideways movement on the links. When off the wrist the Longines strap makes a tinkle noise like it should belong to a Chinese knock off whereas the Steinhart is more of a solid noise and feels more secure when clasped. The watch itself feels a lot heavier than the Longines (which I like), it has a ceramic bezel unlike the Longines and has much better lume (superluminova BGW9). The way the light plays tricks on the bezel and the indices really makes it pop out, it is hard to explain unless you see the watch. It is far more accurate currently at -1.5 seconds per day. It is a fraction of the price, you get a lot of watch for less than half the price. I was going to use the Longines daily but after getting the Steinhart, the Longines will be kept for going out.
  3. To say I am happy with this watch is an understatement. The quality is amazing for the price you get. It knocks the socks off the Longines Hydroconquest, everything feels quality, the bracelet to the ceramic bezel which makes the watch look gold in some light. I will not be able to get this off my wrist for a long time. Even the accuracy is better than the longines. It has a quality weight to it. More you pay does not necessarily mean the better you get in this case. BTW goes well with his bigger brother Nav B-hur but I put it in a safe place and cannot for the life of me find it!!
  4. You lucky guy, very classy, wear in good health.
  5. Hi guys, Just bought a 44mm Steinhart Diver with ceramic bezel from Ebay today and I think it is from somebody from here who has an impressive amount of Tattoo's. This watch has been on my radar for quite some time, so glad that the wife does not know (I now work from home), or I will be hung, drawn and quartered. I hope it is someone from here just to help out. Cheers
  6. Well I must admit the customer service has been excellent, they sent a prepaid bag and quite a snazzy zip hard case for the watch, it's off to the postie tomorrow. It is now currently -7 seconds a day. I think you have hit the nail on the head there, I could not understand why I chose a watch from my collection over others, it is because they have +second instead of - seconds which makes it so much easier to adjust, now I know why, thanks. I will let you all know what it is like after adjustment.
  7. Thanks all for the nice comments, it truly is going to be a keeper. On a side note I sent Longines an email if they found it acceptable with the time loss of -6 seconds per day, amazingly they have told me to send it to them and it will be examined. I was expecting a page full of dodging and it was within the parameters etc. so very impressed they have said they would examine it. So is it worth sending back to them? I don't really know much about the movement except it is (I think) a Calibre 888 which has 60 hour reserve, so would it be possible to get a more accurate reading from this type of movement I ask.
  8. Newly acquired having wrist time until work tomorrow, don't want desk diving marks on the bracelet :).
  9. Just bought a Longines Hydroconquest 44mm, it is a bit of a beast: Must I don't know why but it wears much larger than other watches that I have that have a larger diameter. I was surprised that it is running at -6 seconds per day, would have thought it would be better than that, but hey, still pleased with the purchase.
  10. I must say that the £5.00 it costs for a year to posts pics of your watches is a bit of a no brainer, it is so easy to do and worth every penny. I don't understand why others use a third party software when this cheap easy method is flawless?
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