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  1. Lets see your small watches. Only watches below 36mm wide (excluding crown) please! Here's my 1943 Omega British Civil Service India watch. 30.5mm wide.
  2. 6497/6498 hand winding movements?
  3. Perhaps the wearer scratched it up on purpose just so he could get a new watch!
  4. The hand painted tritium dial is original and untouched.
  5. Nice looking watch in lovely condition. Does it have radium lume?
  6. My Smiths British military watch from 1969. Often copied, never bettered!
  7. Lovely watch,coincidently I`ve been wearing Mr Platt`s modern homage... Smiths PRS-29A, ETA2801-2 17 jewels complete with a period style strap... B) The Smiths is a beauty. I rather like my 16mm nato straps :)
  8. Here is another photo of a split stem. See how they slot together.
  9. It's probably a two part stem like this. If you pull the crown right out it will break it. The movement comes out first.
  10. I'm betting their watches are already made by a Swatch owned company so this won't be a problem
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