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  1. If the large hand is moving all of the time then the watch it is in the timer mode. Push one of the pushers and this should stop it from rotating. If the hand stops before the 12 marker then pull out the crown one click then again keep pushing one of the pushers then the timer hand will eventually return to the 12 position. I could be wrong. I just cannot be a....d to go upstairs to check how to do it with my Moon watch.
  2. Could it be Danish Silver, hence the DS. But like the aforementioned forum member has already stated some photo's would help you to help us.
  3. I knew Haydn both by telephone and from this forum. We used to chat to one another on a off at least three times a week for at lease ten or so years.. He became a bit of a father figure to me in a way. A very nice man indeed and a heart of gold. Yes we had our up's and downs but we never held a grudge. I often joked about his photography skills. telling him that he needed to buy a new pair of eye's and not another watch. He will be sorely mist, both by his family and his friends. If Haydn was here today reading all of these kind messages he would be really chuffed. Haydn passed away alone sometime between Fri 7- Sat 8 Jan. He was found by his daughter.
  4. Sorry if I have put this this in the wrong sub forum. I have just heard the very sad news that Haydn passed away at his home on Saturday 8 Jan 2022. Haydn was very passionate about his watches and had come to make a lot of friends on here over the years. I no more details at this time, but will keep you all up dated with any more new's that I get. Jon.
  5. I was looking at the full range. They make some very pieces. Whats your opinion.
  6. I have been looking at the Wolbrook collection. These seem to be very well made.
  7. Excellent choice. Happy Birthday and well done for reaching a half a century.
  8. A very hard fix. It look's like your going to buy a new movement.
  9. TBH they are really ugly looking things. But that's my opinion.
  10. Check your messages Paul.
  11. Hi Paul,

    Are my straps of any use to you mate.



    1. pauluspaolo


      Hi Jon, sorry for the delay but I've just seen this. 

      Apologies but I'm not interested in the straps. I just hadn't seen the size which you'd put in the title - me speed reading again - hence me asking the question.

      Apologies once again


  12. Well done Cameron for keeping both yourself and the watch in one piece.
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