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  1. Stunning collection Andy. I really like the Omega.
  2. Waiting for the heavans to open up AGAIN.
  3. STILL wearing this since Tuesday.
  4. Very first outing. Modern with a touch of vintage.
  5. A very nice looking watch. That would look far better in my collection if you get bored of it.
  6. Tom Cruise wearing a Casio DW -290
  7. My new playing out watch.
  8. Thats a nice little ticka, ticka....
  9. I just love hearing stories like this. Makes me proad to be British. What these aircrew had to endure during WW2 was remarkable to say the least. A very nice collection indeed. Something to treasure.
  10. All of my other watches are away with my watch guy, so it's this one today.
  11. The Tissot, all day long.
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