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  1. No idea on your colour choice but just by looking at the way your boots are lased up I am guessing that you are ex military.
  2. Just love the dial on this,. Very nice.
  3. I thought about converting this to sit on a 20mm NATO but lost my bottle and ended up putting it on a 16mm instead.
  4. That's a really stunning pw.
  5. Just finished my CV19 bike ride wearing this.
  6. I would leave the bezel as is. Looks good on the NATO.
  7. Sorry if you think I was being sarcastic, I was not. I have the very same watch and just thought it was different to the others that are out there.
  8. A really nice pair. What makes the Bulova a Special Edition.
  9. Good call Roy. Keep safe.
  10. I once owned an Aviator 24 hr dial, it took me a week to sus it out.
  11. I would remove it has it has no real significence to you. But that's just me.
  12. This has to be one of the best chrono's that I have ever owned.
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