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  1. I thought about converting this to sit on a 20mm NATO but lost my bottle and ended up putting it on a 16mm instead.
  2. That's a really stunning pw.
  3. Just finished my CV19 bike ride wearing this.
  4. I would leave the bezel as is. Looks good on the NATO.
  5. Sorry if you think I was being sarcastic, I was not. I have the very same watch and just thought it was different to the others that are out there.
  6. A really nice pair. What makes the Bulova a Special Edition.
  7. Good call Roy. Keep safe.
  8. I once owned an Aviator 24 hr dial, it took me a week to sus it out.
  9. I would remove it has it has no real significence to you. But that's just me.
  10. This has to be one of the best chrono's that I have ever owned.
  11. Mellor 72, what's that all about. I do like it though.
  12. I would not pay that much for a reissued Hammy, when you could probably buy an issued one for that sort of money. CWC all day long.
  13. The Military Watch Resourse ( MWR ) would be a good place to start. I see that you have 2 x Falklands War era ( ARMY ) G10's which could command a little more and also the 6B ( RAF ). The 0555 ( RM ), I thought that they were only issued for one year and that was 91 and not 94. I could be totally wrong. That is why, imo MWR is a good forum with alot of knowlegable members.
  14. jmm1

    Sekio nato?!

    Never seen that before. Very nice.
  15. Happy New Year, to one and all.
  16. Sealion today. She looks pretty good for a 54 year old.
  17. I like that. Very apt for the weather that we are having.
  18. Thats very nice. I like how all these reissue watches are emerging.
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