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  1. Last question - where are the de Ville models in the hierachy of models in the 60's ? Thanks for all your replies, not selling, as I love it !! mike
  2. Thanks Andy - not popular, I guess? mike
  3. I have owned this 18 karat gold watch for a number of years. It starts instantly when lifted from the (Lidl) luxury watch box and keeps excellent time. From time to time, I do a scan of the Squinternet to find another one, but failed. Was this TV shape unpopular? Too expensive? de Ville model not available through rarity? I think it is early 1960s, but little beyond that. I have taken a series of piccies to help and sleuths help me. The de Ville automatic The face. Slight rubbing on perifery perhaps due to movement moving within case. Hands not too good. Ignore the white top left, poor lighting. Movement Gold case back The case I would be grateful for any information about this watch. It was serviced about five/six years ago. mike
  4. So - what do you do with the empty box? Store it or throw it? mike
  5. We learn something new every day - as my grandmother used to say. Interesting article and some nice designs. Thanks mike
  6. dobra


    Thanks for your replies Thanks for you replies. I have taken the SD card and memory stick downstairs and switched on my HP Probook. Tried to save the image as JPEG and no problem. Seems as thought the desktop has a problem. Could I try Check Disk to see if W7/64 has a problem lurking ? Test image
  7. dobra


    All images from my digi cameras are saved in JPEG. Now, the images from my SD 16GB card can't be saved, an Error message box appears. However, I can still save the image if I use TIFF. I have checked the SD card with Privzer and no faults. So, I took the same photographs with another Olympus using a CF card, but still the same. Can't use TIFF files with this site, so any suggestions please? Thanks
  8. Here they are, but I do feel as though they ought to me to be keepers for looks rather than quality or age...... mike
  9. Have two manual wind watches which cost much less than a hundred from the Forum a few years ago. I think they were NOS at the time, and are still mint. However, both have ceased running after a few hours, probably coz the lubricants have ceased lubricating. The conundrum is - the watches were so cheap, servicing would cost much more than their value! Dump, offer for parts or watch box? mike PS - thrown off Ryde Pier would be a local option......
  10. Thanks Wrench for the link and HW for a wealth of information. mike
  11. While flicking the channels (as we do), came across these watches. Are they Tissot joined up with Mathey or something else ? mike
  12. Got a Biggles Day on. Pilot watch today mike
  13. Ask RWP to show you his watch storage warehouse down the road from Exeter. Guided tours available. mike
  14. Spend the day in Argos or TKMAXX ? mike
  15. My 1760 Henry Body longcase clock, made in Battle, Sussex is a single-hander. The dial is marked in 15 minutes. Keeps withing two minutes a day, so nothing new. Only disadvantage is it is too big for my wrist........ mike
  16. Try Postimage, which is free. mike
  17. Keep the watch and type out its history as a record for the next generation. Postimage s free, love to see it. mike
  18. Courtesy of the Chinese - Kenneth Cole
  19. I have only one Skagen and it is an odd ball, neither being slim or simple. bought off a jeweller friend new, but sans instructions. - obviously with a discount. Their customer service was non existent. Anyone own a Skagen ? mike
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