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  1. I think the designers are trying to say something deeply deep about the nature of time. You lummoxes are just too caught up in the present to appreciate it.
  2. Nice watch, terrible photography, BIG breakfast!
  3. A beater to encourage me to do my chores today
  4. Mass setting of the battery watches this morning (minus a few off getting fixed) The Grand Seiko was less than a second out from when the clocks changed last year.
  5. Not sure if this is one for the watch box or the dressing-up box!
  6. When you get the watch, wear it for a few days straight away as if there are any issues it is best to discover them promptly. If a watch doesn't wear comfortably you won't use it much and will likely flip it. Be open-minded about finding a watch+strap combo for the watch that works for you. Similarly if the watch has a bracelet make an effort to get the size spot-on, or it will fall out of favour.
  7. They have a couple of these at Gatport Airwick. The small size on bracelet is super-nice, the larger size is more dinner-plate.
  8. That looks great. Are the indices orange, or is that the light? Thanks for posting!
  9. Don't mention Brexit in a watch thread...OOPS!
  10. Just getting my NYE playlist sorted- lots of dodgy tracks on there!
  11. A couple of others with vintage vibe:
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