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  1. I have seen a very nice Raymond Weil watch on their website (please don't rush over and buy it!). They are pushing a £500 membership that proposes: 24 Months Warranty Health check within warranty period Refurbishment within warranty period Free Battery Replacements for life £150 Voucher Exclusive Discounts 5% Discounted Commission Fees 10% Discounted Servicing Concierge Service Price Matching As this will be my first quality watch I'm not sure whether that deal is worth having - does anyone have any thoughts please ?
  2. I bought a Cartier Santos (for my husband) from Blowers' website. They give you the chance to inspect the watch and then return for a full refund if you wish. He decided that he wanted a new version so we sent it back and got the refund, no problems and everyone was very helpful. I get email alerts from them for the watch I am looking for and I really hope it turns up there as I have no concerns about dealing with them again.
  3. Ever since my husband asked for a Cartier Santos I have been more and more interested in collecting watches. Every time I go to London I seem to end up staring into the windows in Bond Street or the Burlington Arcade. I fixed on a steel Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso Duetto - sadly not the current model - and I've been on a quest to find one ever since, at a price point of $5-6000. I noticed that others start their collections at a modest price point so that might be the way forward. Any suggestions for a ladies' watch on a budget of £500 to start off with? I also like the look of the Cartier Tank Francaise but the new ones all seem to have a quartz mechanism and I think that detracts from their long term value. I can't wear anything too heavy - a case size of 38mm x 23mm (like the Duetto) is about right for me. Any ideas greatly appreciated as I'm spending far too much time searching for that high end Jaeger
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