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  1. looks good i would be interested to hear how it wears as well
  2. Very nice very tempting :thumbsup:
  3. For a pin pallet watch thought it looked interesting
  4. Looks interesting anyone got one? still like the MP51 though
  5. 11 Years!! :eek: and i thought Arsenal were bad. Mind you i hear a season ticket these days is a good 10 year+ wait now
  6. Got the tag 11 years ago in Dubai was a very good price.The Seiko 13 years ago again in Dubai and a very good price. I got the Omega 4 years ago in the UK looked all over the place, and a very nice man in a shop in the UK took over £250 of it for me, must have been a slow day. I did tell him i had seen them in Dubai (again) but didnt want to get stung by customs. It is a beast! heavy!! and i love it.
  7. 6-2 Arsenal win today, and i couldnt go today :wallbash: Happy with the win :clap:
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