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  1. looks good i would be interested to hear how it wears as well
  2. Very nice very tempting :thumbsup:
  3. For a pin pallet watch thought it looked interesting
  4. Looks interesting anyone got one? still like the MP51 though
  5. 11 Years!! :eek: and i thought Arsenal were bad. Mind you i hear a season ticket these days is a good 10 year+ wait now
  6. Got the tag 11 years ago in Dubai was a very good price.The Seiko 13 years ago again in Dubai and a very good price. I got the Omega 4 years ago in the UK looked all over the place, and a very nice man in a shop in the UK took over £250 of it for me, must have been a slow day. I did tell him i had seen them in Dubai (again) but didnt want to get stung by customs. It is a beast! heavy!! and i love it.
  7. 6-2 Arsenal win today, and i couldnt go today :wallbash: Happy with the win :clap:
  8. "Manu u fans in Sussex" Yep i see a lot of them. followed Arsenal since 1970 when i was a sprog forces brat.
  9. As expected some very diverse and B) musical tastes on here :yes:
  10. Metallica in the 02 london was B) Before that was AC/DC also funnily enough at the O2. You can see where my tastes lie though i do enjoy different types of music as well.
  11. Any season tickets holders out there? I am an avid Gooner and season ticket holder for the Arsenal :yes:
  12. Shocking but unfortunately all to common place these days
  13. Tag Classic- Omega diver Chrono- Seiko Kinetic They get a bit of wrist time though i havent used the SM and Seiko for a while
  14. Not sure about that one. But they started out in there own right in 1986, after having been involved with other companies, so maybe thats where the 1970 model comes into it.
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