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  1. Just looking through the completed listings on flea-bay tonight, and I see one sold used for over £270 a few months ago, so I now appreciate mine probably was a bargain for £209.99 Brand New. Haven't really had time to research the watch properly until tonight. I impulse bought it yesterday because the 20% voucher expired at midnight, and I liked the idea of screwing 50 quid out of flea-bay, so I tried to find the most expensive thing I could, lol. It's at least helped to reinvigorate my interest. Haven't bought, or even really looked at watches for over 7 years what with one thing and another, so I'm looking forward to getting my timepiece mojo back, lol. I just hope it's all OK for the price, fingers crossed. I've always been a huge Seiko fan (username is a bit of a giveaway, lol). I've always gravitated towards Japanese stuff in general, and in the last 10 years or so, Russian stuff as well, mainly on the advice of some guys on this forum, and I'm pleased to say my blue Scuba Dude is still going strong 8/9 years after I joined this forum. Love the reliability of the Japanese, and the Russian stuff. The Swiss stuff of course, just cries out to be mollycoddled, and unfortunately for the few Swiss watches I have, I'm a bit of a brute, which is likely why I'm such a fan of Seiko. Still waiting for the day I acquire my first Grand Seiko, then I can die happy, lol.
  2. Ah, so many watches, yet so little time, lol. No I'm not the Yoko fella mate. I think he stole my name and messed about with it trying to be clever, lol.
  3. OK, so after time away from buying watches, I finally got back into the swing of things and bought a Seiko SARB065. TBH I'd lost touch with what watches were out there, and stumbled across the "Cocktail Time" on flea-bay. It was either this, or a nice Swiss Bulova Auto for a similar price, but I just couldn't resist the Seiko on looks alone. I haven't received it yet, but it cost £259.99 posted, plus I had a 20% off voucher, which brought the total to £209.99. I think that's a decent price, going by what little research I did. Hopefully it's not a fake, lol, but the seller did have decent feedback on all the watches he's sold, so fingers crossed. When it arrives I'll post the some pics, and you can all tell me whether or not it's a phony, lol. In the meantime I'd love to here what you fella's think of these watches, especially from the guys here that own one.
  4. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  5. Thanks for your replies mateys. I'm still deciding what to do with them yet, it's unlikely i'll be spending any money on them as they're not really my thing. I may stick em' on fleabay, as three of the watches need work of some kind doing to them and it seems a bit of a waste just to shove em' in the draw. Although the one gold watch appears to be working fine, the gold bracelet is broken on it, and i can't see how it could be repaired really, without making it only suitable for a very, very small wrist. Anyway, cheers mateys.
  6. Here's a picture of the cimier. It works ok, but it's a bit of a dog, lol.
  7. The Denisson and the second watch are both 9ct gold as far as i could determine from the hallmarks. I'll be honest i'm not particularly interested in ladies watches (probably because they're not really of use to me) so i probably won't be spending any money on them, even though the two gold watches are pretty nice quality. I'm not really sure what to do with them yet tbh.
  8. If you click on them, they will enlarge mate. :)
  9. Hi fellas'. I've just been given these old ladies watches, they all appear to be swiss from what i can see. I don't know much about them at all, i have no idea of there value or whether or not they're just scrap. I've googled the limited information i do have and i can't seem to find out anything out about them. I just thought you fellas' might be interested to see them and perhaps shed some light on them. I've just found my camera and taken some photographs, sorry they're not up to scratch. Here's the first one: The crown is missing unfortunately, but the movement looks tidy enough. Second one: It's a bit stiff to wind, but it does appear to be working ok. Here's the thrd one: It's a ring watch. It has "Buler" written on the dial, and it appears to be working ok. Sorry about the photograph, it was difficult with it being so small, i couldn't get a decent photograph of the movement either because it was a so small. I do have another one here aswell, "cimier" is what it says on the dial, it doesn't look as good a quality as the others though. I may take some photographs of it later if i get chance. Thanks mateys, and any info will be very welcome.
  10. Well, i've got the fingers and the dial off the watch and as far as i can see the dial has two legs which just rest loosely in two holes in the movement. When you shake the watch the dial just rattles about in the casing. If anyone with one of these watches can tell me whether their dial is loose in the casing would be a great help, or if they know any info about it, that would be a great help. Cheers mateys.
  11. Well the watch has arrived, and for the money, it seems ok. It looks just like it does in the picture. The casing seems fairly good quality and nothing appears to be out of place to my inexperienced eye. I forgot to mention previously that this isn't actually a chronograph, it's a perpetual calendar watch. The only thing i don't care for much is the strap, it's immitation croc and it's a bit cheap looking to me. At first glance the fingers don't really stand out from the background, but i would imagine that is a side effect of a lot of watches with a busy or skeletonised face. On the plus side though, it is quite nice to be able to see the movement working from the front aswell as the back. I was going to take some pictures but i can't find my camera since having a major sort out. I still can't find out what movement's in this from anywhere though. Looking at the movement means nothing to me to be honest, and i can't seem to see any writing on it anywhere, no doubt there is somewhere, it's just can't find it.
  12. Your right, their ads don't actually mention what movement is in the mechanicals. Unyet this quote from their about us page gives the impression that they only deal with swiss movements: "MARKUS RUBY are dedicated to creating exceptional timepieces made using only the finest materials and highest caliber Swiss movements, combining meticulous quality and craftsmanship with precision and inspiration." I am pretty certain that the movement in this particular watch won't be swiss myself though. It would be interesting to know what movement is actually in it though.
  13. I've just bought a cheap Markus Ruby watch off fleabay. It was £29 posted, and for the money it doesn't seem too bad from looking at the pictures. I'm no expert on watches, but i do question a few of the claims on the company website though, one of which says there movements are swiss made ? I'll be able to draw a better conclusion once it arrives, but for under 30 quid, i'm willing to take a chance on it. Here's a couple of pictures from the advert on ebay: I'll post back on here after i recieve it, in the meantime though, if anyone knows anything about these then i'd be glad to hear about it. As i say, i'm not expecting much for the money, i was just curious about it more than anything.
  14. I have an old Sekonda De Luxe here. It's my Grandad's old watch. It works ok, but if you shake it a little, the face rattles in the casing and the minute finger moves a little if you tap the watch. Also sometimes the second finger locks onto the minute finger and pulls it round with it aswell. I'm no expert with watches or repairing them, so i stand to be corrected, but it doesn't seem a major problem, i was wondering if anyone has any experience in taking these apart and/or knows how to fix the problem. I'd send it in to the jewellers, only fwiw i'd sooner have a crack at it myself, if the problem repair is within my means. I think the crystal snaps off the watch as the case appears to be in two halves, although most of you probably already know that anyway. I could have pulled it all to bits, but i'd like to have some pointers about what i'm dealing with before i go diving in. Anyway, cheers mateys, and any advice is most welcome.
  15. I have an accurist chronograph watch with a snap on type back, it has no notch or ridge that i can see, so it has me baffled how to open it up so i can replace the battery, it's a fairly nice watch so i haven't been too heavy handed with it............. yet. I'm stumped with it really. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me. Cheers mateys.
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