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  1. Well generally I would have just gone with a good birching, but, I've spent the last two weeks clock watching (I fell off a swivel chair and broke bits) and I think my tolerance levels might be a little strained.
  2. No, just no! OK, I can accept someone wearing a watch as a fashion accessory, but a broken watch just because it looks good, no! These people need red hot pokers inserted in an orifice at the complete opposite end of their bodies to their mouths.
  3. I was given the exact same watch as an engagement present the first time I got engaged (one and only time I ever received an engagement present (don't ask why I said first time I appear in my youth to have been a serial engager! Expensive game I can tell you)). I worked at Hamleys at the time so it must have been around 1990. Anyway for some unknown reason I took it off and put it in my locker on the one day there was a spate of thefts and my locker was one that was targeted and bye bye Polaris! I've always fancied getting another one and the amount of times I've looked at the on ebay but I've never been able to pull the trigger.
  4. I find them to be helpful because you don't end up pulling the crown out and stopping your watch when you've been rummaging around in the pocket of your jeans and catch the crown on the seam. The only detractor I would say for a screw down crown is when the crown is either to small or smooth or the crown protector gets in the way. Frank
  5. How about, Up the wooden hill, when its the kids bedtime. Mind you that term I always used to use on the boys is a bit moot now as the house we have here in Youghal is upside down.
  6. Merry Christmas to all from a very wet and dreary Youghal. Frank
  7. I'd give my mates left but to get hold of one. Mind you, you can't walk ten feet in this house without tripping over a light saber or stepping on Star Wars Lego, or figures.....
  8. Ah no! And that's all there is to say on it.
  9. I used the force..... It was an awful plastic thing with flashing lights and laser sounds. And using a couple of bottletops, some sticky back plastic and a shower fitting we ended up with I know its not great but the small one absolutely loves it. Bash up a quick holster using a4 envelopes and more sticky back plastic and he's ready to smggle teddy bears. Frank
  10. I don't like the fad for showing more than one date. There is just no point to it. I mean if today's date is the 17th I know pretty much yesterday was the 16th and tomorrow will be the 18th. And it all goes squidgy on February the 28th, not to mention the 30 day months. Frank
  11. So last Sunday number two son and I went for a walk around town before I went into Super Valu (Irish franchised supermarket chain) for Wagon Wheels (Tesco don't have them). And as anyone with short people know they like drifting into pound shops. Actually I kind of get drawn into them too, it's amazing the things you see in them. Which brings me to this. Often when trawling the web or in one of these shops you'll see items that are a generic item made to look like a famous brand and named a bit different (Aldi/Lidl trick) or just an item where the translation from Chinese to English might be a bit askew. I think however I have found something to top it all. Dragged down the toy isle I found this It has to be the best description/translation for anything I've ever seen! Oh I also found a toy Mauser in there, which after an hour of tinkering was turned a DL-44 blaster for number two. Frank
  12. Erm, Is it me, or is the Santa on the forum header rather sinister. More Satan than Santa. Frank Actually, looking at it again it reminds me of that old song Turning Japanese.... So sinister and a sexual deviant....
  13. I think I may have to, really need to, I will acquire one! My Astronaut needs a friend
  14. Cheers and it's all down to you....... I owe you a packet of Jammy Dodgers.
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