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  1. Well I was just about to explain/justify the pricing but then noticed I'd once more suffered 'fat finger' .... er, £550 not £750 That was factoring in the recent service by a pro and based on Roy's original price ... plus you can't get them anymore. I concur with Padders it seems. Please keep opinions coming...
  2. Greetings All - I've been away from the forum for a few years now but a friend has asked me to sell the RLT 31 I originally sourced for him. To be frank I have no real idea of what constitutes a fair price for such a piece and I would rather offer it to forum members who have provided me with much of my current collection rather than offer it via the 'bay. That said, I don't want him to lose out so rather than embark on an unofficial auction I would appreciate opinions on a price of £750 ? It was treated to a full clean & service exactly a year ago (£250) by some chap called Ric
  3. Perchance I've just been speaking with him and he may have been persuded to hold on to the 31 although he says he doesn't give it sufficient wrist time - I suppose when you have a Yacht Master and an IWC Portuguese it probably does lie within the shadows somewhat
  4. This is suddenly all becoming rather confused I tried to PM Mr. Taylor but rec'd this message: "The member cannot receive any new messages" ..hence my posting via the forum as a means of getting the message to him. I'm not worried about any of the detail contained in my message as it's pretty banal unless some wannabe footpad wishes to track me down to steal the RLT15 (the 31 is elsewhere) in which case you'd have to be pretty determined as you have to get past the dogs and a couple of Browning up 'n overs
  5. I'm not sure of the opinions of others (and you may have already considered it) but I can't help but think it would be a good idea to offer it up on the sales forum on here,should he decide to sell it.
  6. ...but that's exactly what I tried to do (via a PM) and got the message he wasn't receiving any (or words to that effect) Can you perhaps PM me with his e-mail?
  7. Sorry to ask this query via a forum message Roy but I was told I you were unable to receive PMs any more Here you go: Hi Roy, A colleague is thinking of selling his RLT 31 bought via the forum (by me, on his behalf) but he can't find the box and instructions. Do you have a spare box and an instruction manual? I'm trying to persuade him to hold on to it but if he does decide to sell (I'd offer it via the forum first of course!) what would be a fair price to ask do you think? Oh! nearly forgot - are you able to replace the crystal on my RLT 15 and what would it cost? Kind Re
  8. +1 Lloyds tsb internet banking very quick and free. Not sure I'd agree that Lloyds TSB are "quick". Poor old Gav in Belfast had to wait nearly 72 hrs for his £££ to show up in his account. Those friends who regularly tranfer funds electronically all confirmed they are probaly the slowest for transfers to other banks - suppose they have to pay for those annoying cartoon ads somehow
  9. I've just read his sarcastic e-mail response in my ebay messages - clearly a knob :lol: Shame - first watch bod I've come across who's unpleasant. I normally use free snipeware (Hammersnipe) but paid for the premium service as I wanted to see if it could really do the biz in 3 secs before the 'auction' - it can and does :eek:
  10. :thumbsdown: OK this is a going to be a bit of a rant (and it'll no doubt elicit some counter opinions) but I am mildly pissed off. Thanks to a kind soul on this forum flagging that RLT 42 for sale on fleabay (thank you kind soul :thumbsup: )I put in a decent enough bid. If I recall there were just two bidders. Didn't sell despite a high bid of c. $206 which is pretty close to it's original cost from our host so it would hardly have constituted a "cheap" deal if successful. OK methinks, perhaps this figure was just a few bucks shy of that bid and indeed the watch was back on the b
  11. As boxbrownie says, this practice is entriely legit and has actually been around for a few years now. BUT it was originally introduced as an imaginative way for the company to enhance benefits to employees (without costing the employer anything). Basically, the employer credited the benefits to the employee's pension. I have not heard of the employer saying "Do this and we'll have the benefit thanks" - cynical and one-sided. Glad to hear of an employee revolt - quite right too
  12. Guys - have to go home now so no more replies tonight. Appreciate the guidence to date :) Simon
  13. Yup - that's my fear also but you hear stories of PayPal clawing back your money via your bank account (assuming you've cleared your PayPal account) when the buyer makes up a spurious claim about the goods - non-receipt etc. Nothing seems 'safe' these days - must stop reading the Daily Mail :lol: Simon
  14. Mike - I've PM'd you a little sales pitch and a discount offer :) just in case Simon
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