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  1. Hope it's all being sorted, seems so. Just be aware that paying with a credit card via Paypal doesn't give you any credit card protection, as there's a middle man (paypal) in the loop. Well that's how I understand it anyway. Stand to be corrected.
  2. Yes, in the details, easy to read, but that requires going into each in turn. On the overview page, in FireFox at least, almost impossible to read. Black text would be FAR better
  3. Not sure if i's my browser settings, or the site, but prices in the classified section are white on a very pale blue background, making them almost impossible to read.
  4. Happy for the post to be moved, and I would have created it there in the first place if my navigation skills had allowed. Was all I could do to get a post in any forum, let alone the right one. I see it's moved :), didn't realise as I just clicked on a "show latest reply"notification without going through menu
  5. Glad to see it's not just me, which I had guessed as all other sites are loaded no problem
  6. TWF site appears as a set of menus for me, even if I change browser - totally unusable. Anybody else seeing the same or is it just me for some reason?
  7. Sell the oven - which at the end of the day cooks food, and wasn't designed to tell the time, unlike a watch
  8. Don't usually post links, but since you ask https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-vintage-Rolex-1016-Explorer-booklet-brochure-1963/222818112815?_trkparms=pageci%3Ac5c79043-110c-11e8-9a20-74dbd1807af9|parentrq%3A9145b07c1610aadc35a49141fff7b085|iid%3A1&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236
  9. Now I know that anything Rolex related is over-priced expensive, but surely £800 for a single piece of folded card, AKA a Rolex brochure, (albeit from 1963) is just going one step too far, or have a totally missed the point of the Rolex phenomenon?
  10. I use https://transferwise.com/ For international bank payments - MUCH cheaper than via my bank. They basically take loads of transactions from one currency to another, and vice-versa, and then trade them all off against each other to avoid changing currencies, just move it locally to the right location. All adds up to a massive saving in fees. Takes a couple of days, but still not slow.
  11. Friend of mine asked if I could help. Suspect I'm going to need for info, but anyway He has a mantle clock, with Westminster chimes and one of the springs has gone (not sure if it's the main spring for the winding or chiming mechanism). He's been quoted £500. a) Is that a reasonable cost b) Who would you recommend for clock repairs (preferably near Suffolk, as postage will be difficult and costly for a clock as opposed to a watch) What other info do I need to ask him for? Any help would be great
  12. text is grey rather than black - looks 'washed out'
  13. You must have taken the pic 'mid tick' then, as it's not hitting the markers from what I can see! Nice watch though.
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