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  1. Oh ok he was last online in Sept 2018 there was no post leading up to that stating he was unwell. Either way I hope he is ok and returns Hale and Hearty. As an addendum if you want to get personally insulting take it to PM.
  2. And your point my learned friend, Have you clocked the current date?
  3. Agree I did enquire about Mel a little while ago but no one had heard from him. I know he liked to flee the UK in the winter months, I do hope all is well @mel
  4. Having a picnic are they not whilst debating 1st world problems and GS vs Rolex
  5. Agreed most of them are just watches but life is about experiences and experience has taught me that striking while the iron is hot works for me for now. The moment presented itself it was me or the other guy and you know there is always another guy. The talk is the bubble will burst eventually personally I don't agree I think the UK market will be one of the last to be furnished whilst other economies continue to grow. As a knock on vintage sports will rise even the Milgauss 116400 & concentric dials are growing in value although both were not well received initially. The OQ and entry level perpetuals are starting to rise and people are paying, Possibly a better return than your average ISA.
  6. Paid well over RRP for my 114060 ND but then again could be dead in 5 years, would be just my luck top of the list fall off the perch . Life is to short for long pockets.
  7. Sorry Can't edit original was miss representing it's a 114060 pesky extra 0's
  8. Was never a cyclops fan so have been searching for a nice ND sub very happy to report the search has ended. Newly acquired 1104060. Picture taken on arrival yesterday.
  9. Where did I say that? I have had several Parnis and Alpha watches in the past I was merely pointing out that you could have purchased an excellent watch that would give you years of VFM during holidays without fear of damage. Why so defensive? Have the courage of your convictions.
  10. The outlay on that would have bought you a DW-5600 original design, Great water resistance, longevity like the Centennial Light and a pretty cool watch on a budget too.
  11. Like the tides my time here and watch interest ebb and flow. Hope you are well Martin and no doubt we will see you back rejuvenated in the future.
  12. Highly likely to be this today.
  13. My only advice based on my own experience would be to ensure you know what you want prior to culling and stick to it. I had one specific watch in mind when I did my cull and could not find a suitable one at the time it being vintage and me being a completest did not help. So there I was sat on a pile of money with no direction you can imagine what happened? I ended up with a collection of watches of mid value again. oh and a small amount of sellers remorse
  14. Always nice to read a post like this. I still have a feeling of great satisfaction when completing little projects. Although it has to be said magnification and abstaining from caffeine for several hours before are a must for me now . Thanks for posing Alan and nicely done..
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