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  1. 1.) Pauluspaolo 2.) iceblue 3.) Davey P 4.) Marcin 5.) Bridgeman 6.) jaslfc5 7.) Graham60 8.) Wrench 9.) Richard734 10.) Teg62x 11.) futuristfan
  2. Without appearing rude, I would suggest you need to assess what it is you crave. Are you a watch lover or a just have a (General) collector characteristic. Would you be happier collecting something else? If it's watches you are drawn to what is it you like about them is it looks, history/heritage, Rarity, complications & works etc. Or are you just a magpie drawn to anything shiny I mean that in the nicest sense or a completest that feels the need to have every watch type on the planet. I say this as I had to take stock of my own watch collecting purpose recently down from 76 and have been more content with a focus on 3 major watches (a) Sport/Tool (b) Vintage classic (c) Dress watch. I do however intend to swap out the Sport/Tool watch and the dress watch at a later date to keep the variety and spice. You are free to pursue whatever you wish but if you have no goal I fear you will end up with a large collection of meh!
  3. One of the first watches I purchased off here back in 2009. It was excellent, That was in the day when I did a lot of fell walks & the price was a steal as were most G-Shocks then Sadly no pictures survive but I can attest to their durability & functionality plus surprisingly for a very large watch wore extremely comfortably on the velcro strap.
  4. it's almost as if there is an obvious pun waiting in the wings
  5. My only advice is if you are going Moonphase, Day date Calendar pointer and you are not wearing it every day go quartz Seriously there are benefits to quartz as others have said that make them a good choice. As with most here I have both and enjoy them all for different qualities.
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