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  1. As always a joy to see your collection Martin. A keen eye for some interesting pieces
  2. Not a post I would usually make is I am quite driven in making watch purchases but on this occasion I am at a crossroads. I am in the nice position of having a credit with a local watch retailer. I have narrowed it down to 2 potential purchases both used and both watches I have seriously hankered for although massively different. Omega Seamaster Proprof 2011 Full Set. Very large marmite watch but unusual and less common comes in bang on credit amount. Rolex Milgauss 2009 Watch only. Will need to add some cash. Bearing in mind there is a chance I may wish to trade these later the lack of Box and papers for the Milgauss niggles me slightly but should I sweat it bearing in mind there are routes to get authentication provenance? The proprof will I look a prat with a massive dive watch that probably wont see depths above the hotel pool plus how do they perform in the used market? my thoughts are the Milgauss will hold it's value better? So what would be your choice thoughts on this quandary? I know ultimately it is down to personal choice but on this occasion I just can't think straight in making a decision and I don't unfortunately have the option of getting both
  3. Nothing in he diary for today probably will grab this for out and about.
  4. Calibre De Cartier today In house 1904 - PS MC movement.
  5. Tudor trying to prevent resellers of LE watches. There has been a spate of profiteers buying Limited Edition watches and selling on to the likes of WF etc which in my opinion artificially inflates the watches value and can limit genuine enthusiasts access to said watches. It unfortunately will be the wave of the future in certain brands. It is frustrating if like me you are a completist but in the grand scheme of things a small niggle. It is a beautiful watch the stickers & hang tag are an aside. Ask if they form part of the purchase price as there will be some cost if so you could argue a discount but then they may just move down the list to the next buyer alternatively you could ask if they can retain them and you will collect in a year?
  6. Quick grab and go this morning.
  7. Simply "Japan" just relates to the movement inside. Some Japanese quartz derivative.
  8. Good to hear @Roy Thanks for the update.
  9. Concur. Missing for me also. Across Windows PC & Android Phone?
  10. Whole heatedly agree choose wisely & buy second hand and you can't go wrong. Stunning build quality. Although I am biased and you can't find better than this for looks in the Pantheon in my humble opinion
  11. Will join @Jet Jetski today with a Pantheon.
  12. Yes new it was a Polish owned brand they have some great looking watches in their stable.. Really excellent build quality. I believe it's 44mm.
  13. New incoming courtesy of our very own Scott. @scottswatches A new brand to me but quite impressive in the price range.
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