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  1. Simply "Japan" just relates to the movement inside. Some Japanese quartz derivative.
  2. Good to hear @Roy Thanks for the update.
  3. Concur. Missing for me also. Across Windows PC & Android Phone?
  4. Whole heatedly agree choose wisely & buy second hand and you can't go wrong. Stunning build quality. Although I am biased and you can't find better than this for looks in the Pantheon in my humble opinion
  5. Will join @Jet Jetski today with a Pantheon.
  6. Yes new it was a Polish owned brand they have some great looking watches in their stable.. Really excellent build quality. I believe it's 44mm.
  7. New incoming courtesy of our very own Scott. @scottswatches A new brand to me but quite impressive in the price range.
  8. I am a fan. Very good value for money if you cash in on one of their many sales / promotions. Their warranty is great. My only niggle as I have previously gone on record is personally I am not a fan of that logo style. Here is my faux vintage which I love.
  9. Morning watch obsessives Pedants enthusiasts X-33 Today.
  10. I have had a couple of originals. I like that they are very true to the original form but love the rubber strap version think they are excellent. I believe the concept was to make them easy for drivers to check their wrist whilst holding the steering wheel.
  11. Lol he wasn't blind. Otherwise he would not be driving all night surely.
  12. Excellent choice. A fantastic watch that does not get the recognition it deserves in my humble opinion.
  13. Longines Hydro Conquest( New) and take a chunk of change home. Oris (Second Hand) more scope for a decent model at a grand. Great watches for the money.
  14. I am becoming quite fond of this relatively inexpensive and perfectly satisfactory
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