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  1. I am a fan. Very good value for money if you cash in on one of their many sales / promotions. Their warranty is great. My only niggle as I have previously gone on record is personally I am not a fan of that logo style. Here is my faux vintage which I love.
  2. Morning watch obsessives Pedants enthusiasts X-33 Today.
  3. I have had a couple of originals. I like that they are very true to the original form but love the rubber strap version think they are excellent. I believe the concept was to make them easy for drivers to check their wrist whilst holding the steering wheel.
  4. Lol he wasn't blind. Otherwise he would not be driving all night surely.
  5. Excellent choice. A fantastic watch that does not get the recognition it deserves in my humble opinion.
  6. Longines Hydro Conquest( New) and take a chunk of change home. Oris (Second Hand) more scope for a decent model at a grand. Great watches for the money.
  7. I am becoming quite fond of this relatively inexpensive and perfectly satisfactory
  8. Cal.134 "El Primero" circa 1990
  9. A recent Speedie thread made me think this today.
  10. Some excellent vintage models Voyager. Purple Horse Golden Castle The Captain Cook etc. Of course as @relaxer7 says can be a minefield. Always found them decent quality if you steer away from the bling although there are some dodgy vintage bracelets out there with dubious heritage also. The newer Swatch models look fairly good build quality in the price range from the ones I have handled although some of the quartz are a little pricey IMO. Sadly hold there value like a Cadillac driving off the forecourt
  11. Light & Spacey today... The watch that is
  12. Steinhart ostensibly are homage watches nothing wrong with them I have owned a couple in the past and the quality is apparent to see, but you need to ask yourself do you like Steinhart because it resembles the other watch? Then as others have said can you afford the other watch if so why settle for second best and then be racked with the what if scenario and find yourself a good deal out of pocket should you decide you made the wrong decision. Both have a strong following on the forums but it is worth considering that the Tudor has a certain prestige & history with bricks and mortar traders should you wish to PX down the line. There are certain brands that you know you love but also know they are going to lose money as soon as you purchase them TBH Tudor is one unless it becomes a future classic like the Sub but who can foretell that So ultimately it's heart or Head with that one. The Steinhart will always do well in forum circles for trades etc and you would probably take a lesser financial hit but it's a limited market. For me had I the money without to much worry I would go Tudor everytime.
  13. Lovely example. I like the Crosshair dial & the B.O.R on these and to get the full set is an excellent bonus. Enjoy.
  14. Another that is not overly struck by the Moonwatch, I have tried a couple. My preference is more vintage the Racing MKII is lovely but I had always hankered for a 125 and managed to get one a while back and must say I am not disappointed. A Also quite keen on the Broadarrow
  15. Four Seasons in one day here. Have a good weekend all.
  16. I have had an itch for one of these for a couple of years so have been keeping an eye out for second hand. The newer version is nice as is the Skyquest but to be honest although the Sellita SW330 is a competent movement I do like the gen 1 as it has an Eterna Calibre 39 on board. Looking to get an owners perspective if possible? For anyone interested there is a nice right up here. https://www.ablogtowatch.com/monta-oceanking-dive-watch-review/
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