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  1. Small but perfectly formed 120 auto today.
  2. I do own the watch so don't really need to see your link but thanks. You don't have to justify anything. I was merely pointing out you were incorrect on sizing on this particular version. No biggie. There are a few versions of the Jump hour this is the Harrison. A little bit of light reading here. https://www.christopherward.co.uk/media/manuals/c9jhmk2_manual.pdf. If you like the MAALS knock yourself out for me it's a bit pre school.
  3. Ah it's actually 43mm but as you say horses for courses. Nice to see you have done your homework nothing like an informed choice
  4. Nothing bland about this IMO of course.
  5. You may already have a "Grail" for LV collectors obviously this will depend on what serial and variant you have.
  6. Can you get the Baltic back I think the Vapaus though a nice watch looks a little odd with the white DW and quarter markers but that is just my take I also know it is bad form to critique another's choice but you did ask. The Baltic for me has an almost perfect appearance I would prefer the handset to be a duller shade to match the chapter ring and then I would be calling you a fool
  7. Do you like it? These Invicta's can make great everyday wearers at an affordable price. Seiko NH35A movement & the case and bracelet are ok TBH. If it is a private seller there may be some negotiation room on the price but £45 seems reasonable but be realistic in expectation it may be great & it may fall to pieces in a month Invicta are notably inconsistent in QC.
  8. 1963 ish Seamaster Deville unsure of the Calibre until its service I am not brave enough yet to venture into the unishell opening world
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