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  1. Excellent post. Heartening to see that you have given that watch the TLC it deserves.
  2. Both nice looking watches but also favour the Orient.
  3. Strangely I like it but fear the Human interface element will become enslaved by their service department .
  4. Beautiful in its simplicity. Is it a Lemania 5100?
  5. Sportsmatic Deluxe. Old pic but you get the gist
  6. Great result. Reminds me a lot of an old Benrus I had sadly due to PB fiasco I no long have any images to show as a comparison but they look incredibly similar.
  7. Superocean today. A watch I have had for many years but still surprises me every time I wear it in a pleasant way of course. Breitling do have their detractors but in this instance I just think they got it spot on.
  8. Thank you it's a 100% 70's beast
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