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  1. Sorry the images on these are from my mobile and don't do them justice. Firstly arrived today. Omega F300 Seamaster. Many Thanks to Gary. Second a lovely new beater from Brunoff for under £50 all in. Happy Days..:D
  2. The above comments are my point entirely all though as a recent watch collector and by no means an expert some of the work that go into these things is astounding. At the end of the day a fake / replica call it what you may even a high price tag one is exactly that so you may fool other people but you can't fool yourself.
  3. Welcome a newborn son and money to spend. Unheard of :D
  4. Trawling Car boots etc I have come across so many fake sorry replicas, some are decidely bad, but some have been quite convincing up to a point. I was just wondering if you guys have seen any that you thought were cleverly done?
  5. Agree Engi They don't seem to market outside of Switzerland their current campaign is Swiss business people that own Roamers???
  6. Wow don't know anything about this watch specifically but if genuine Audemars Piguet it will be valuable and the connection to Dr. Gubelin who was a renowned Gemmologist would probably add value to the right collector. It is a lovely piece and as such should be treasured.
  7. Seems incredibly cheap . Best advice contact seller and try to get some history :D
  8. Hi I am hoping someone will be able to point me in the direction as to where I could get an original Roamer leather strap with gold buckle needs to be about 18mm. Have tried the bay. Thanks Dean
  9. Well they say they have plants in China, Hong Kong & Switzerland so not sure as to whether the Roamer brand are Swiss made still. Their blurb hints that they are. Notice Swatch didn't step in to try and keep them Swiss.
  10. Postie arrived this morning with the lastest addition to my Roamer family
  11. Happy Days. Postie just arrived with the latest addition to my Roamer family:D
  12. Sorry for miss quoting you JoT :wallbash: JUST THINK strange to have hippocampus case back but this face and caliber.
  13. Hi Agree with JoT seamaster should be written above the Geneve. Correct me if I am wrong anyone but I think even in 1968 on models for example with Cal. 613 seamaster & Geneve where both present on the face. Nice looker though.:D
  14. Some nice Roamers Mark cheers for pictures. YHPM.
  15. Mach that JT is just a sight to behold just fantastic. Grant brilliant you have made my day just nice to see the old blacksmiths timepiece is still reliable and justifies my faith in the craftsmanship of this company. As I say in previous post Bought a Competence without knowing anything about Roamer just purely on looks really. Astounded by how well crafted it is and very very reliable. I think this could become obssesional for me
  16. Not sure really I am no expert I know that some Bulova watches of this type used a rechargable/ capacitor battery like the leclanche 4106. What batteries did the shop put in where they AG. or LR type?
  17. Three beauties there John I am very jealous, never find anything that nice at boot sales.. The searock is cracking. Thanks for taking the time (forgive pun) to post pictures Cheers Dean
  18. For my 10th birthday in the seventies I was given a LIP Mach 2000 LED by a rather well to do Great Aunt the thing was to large for my wrist and just kept slipping off probably not the right gift for a 10 year old but then again she must have been about 180 years old or at least thats what I thought then. Just the coolest watch for a snotty nosed urchin. Have a feeling that your post means me parting with more cash to try and find one. THANKS for the jogging of the grey cells.:D
  19. Hi David Genuine sincere comments you are very welcome.
  20. Hi Zac Welcome have to agree the Flightmaster is getting me drooling:clap:
  21. Yes I agree the price of gold watches have escalated recently obviously the C.C. saw a tigers eye De Ville at a local fair, trader wanted £850.00 not really my type of watch rather leave for Tom Jones but even so thought was a bit steep.
  22. Thats a cracking Roamer desmondus what a nice start to my day thanks.:D
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