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  1. 13 minutes ago, ZenArcade said:


    Cant do it myself.  Would rather just wait, its just a watch after all.

    Agreed most of them are just watches but life is about experiences and experience has taught me that striking while the iron is hot works for me for now. The moment presented itself it was me or the other guy and you know there is always another guy.

    The talk is the bubble will burst eventually personally I don't agree I think the UK market will be one of the last to be furnished whilst other economies continue to grow. As a knock on vintage sports will rise even the Milgauss 116400 & concentric dials are growing in value although both were not well received initially. The OQ and entry level perpetuals are starting to rise and people are paying, Possibly a better return than your average ISA. :yes:  

  2. 38 minutes ago, Mrs Wiggles said:


    Because you don't like Parnis watches (which I respect), 

    Where did I say that?  I have had several Parnis and Alpha watches in the past 

    I was merely pointing out that you could have purchased an excellent watch that would give you years of VFM during holidays without fear of damage.

    Why so defensive? Have the courage of your convictions. 


  3. My only advice based on my own experience would be to ensure you know what you want prior to culling and stick to it. I had one specific watch in mind when I did my cull and could not find a suitable one at the time it being vintage and me being a completest did not help.

    So there I was sat on a pile of money with no direction you can imagine what happened? I ended up with a collection of watches of mid value again. oh and a small amount of sellers remorse :biggrin:

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Craftycockney said:

    'Alleged'. Read his post and admits he sold the watch and found out it was a fake then refunded less £300 and apologised not really sure what the big deal is. 

    He mentions he brought on assumption it was real and it wasn't lesson learnt. Unless there are a goods few cases against this guy just seems like an honest mistake....

    It's a long drawn out saga that would be pages to quote. An honest mistake once perhaps? Below from 2011.

    BEWARE BEWARE, Ebay seller scam heads up!

    This guy is now working on ebay as handsofgold1.

    He has also sold a fake planet ocean on WUS

    His name on WUS is watchesandme

    His real name is: xxxxxx Sayub (z.sayubxxxx.com) He said his nick name was Mike.

    here is a link to the WUS thread.

    http://forums.watchuseek.com/f441/one-r ... 803-3.html

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 600wt_1141

    Hes got form for selling fakes, but the latest one is encouraging a bank transfer (and he sounds very reasonable on the phone) and then not sending the watch. He does refund but it will be short.

    I go my money back after finding all his personal details from the WUS site and ringing his home number that he had not given me at 11:00 pm and telling him i wanted it back. In the most diplomatic terms of course.

    This thread is to help us here, but i'm also totally aware this will show on google for any other poor sod looking for info on him.

    If your reading this Mike, (as if you have taken my advice you will) I think its time for your retirement rom scamming because lets face it, your crap at it! ;-)

  5. Worth posting here in case you guys are not aware. A known alleged scammer on TZ has resurfaced with a supposedly legit watch selling outfit.

    http://www.zedwatches.co.uk/ I hope @Roy that posting this link is OK but the membership here needs to be aware that this chap has previous for passing off fakes as the real deal.

    Below is a quote from the TZ thread from the chap in question. zsayub116610

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to make it crystal clear, that I have made mistakes in the past and I am definitely not proud of them. I want to apologise for these mistakes and I have really regretted every moment. I always knew it would come and bite me back in the ass - and it has. 

    I have been buying and selling real watches for a while now, and only recently I have formed a company to make everything legitimate and separate from my Pharmacy accounts. The address is based in London for privacy reasons, because I dont have a shop or an office, and I dont want people to know where I live holding ‘x’ amount of stock. Plus you get that London based address free for one year if you sign up with 1st formations. 

    Just want to emphasise that all my watches are genuine and I am happy for them to be verified anywhere you want. 

    Only a couple of days ago I thought id join the Rolex group on FB to see what client base I can find on there, as predominantly its been on eBay. 

    In regards to XXX, either you’re fibbing, or you’re friends with a person called XXX (he’s a trader apparently). I sold him by accident a 116610LN super fake, as I myself was duped into buying one from a private individual. It had papers, the box, the tag and I didn’t realise until it was too late. XXX messaged me mid-april. Even though I sold the watch to him in early January. Regardless, once I verified it was the watch I sold to him, because I couldn’t believe I bought a fake, I refunded him £7k out of £7.3k he paid me, as to cover my bank charges. So I refunded him 95% of the money he paid. My number has always been the same and I run a legit business, and I refunded him straight away, if your friend was sold one please get in touch. 

    Yes I have 3 hulks at the minute, a daytonaC and a black date sub. I can get them verified anywhere you want, preferably at Rolex St James, as ADs won’t ‘verify’ any watch per se. 

    I am really sorry for my past, and I can’t change that now, and it always will bite me in the ass being on the internet. But I wanted to say I am running completely legit, and if you want me to verify the watches with a member of the forum at Rolex St James I am more than happy to do so. I have dealt with a lot of companies, and a lot of private individuals and im sure they can vouch for me and the watches I sold.

    Please see pics of the super fake I bought without knowing, and the rectification I made. I am £7k out of pocket but I now know how to spot super fakes very easily and I guess its a hard lesson learnt.


    Again I am sorry,

    Best Regards


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  6. 1 hour ago, Jet Jetski said:

    Looks good, my Gucci bracelet is engineered in - I think the strap versions may have a different case.  But I did add an extra link, and although it now slips to the end of my wrist, it's so much more comfortable.  It's good fun trying different bracelets / straps to get the look and feel of a watch right.

    I would just check that? My pantheon bracelet detaches. Although not easily if I recall.


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  7. I like the Certina  Powermatic DS PH200M has a nod to retro styling granted but still a versatile watch. As for the powermatic service I really would not sweat it. The majority of brands carrying this movement have a couple of years warranty plus a  base 2824 should be fairly easy to service by a good independent as for the Synthetic materials tissot have been at it for years. :biggrin:

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  8. The new Superocean does not do it for me, In my opinion the market is saturated with Subalikes as it is with better to be had at a fraction of the cost for example the Hydro conquest. 

    I am happy to have in my collection a Superocean 2007 and Aerospace 2013 with the exception of a Navitimer 806 I think I am content on the Breitling front for now.

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  9. Not a post I would usually make is I am quite driven in making watch purchases but on this occasion I am at a crossroads.

    I am in the nice position of having a credit with a local watch retailer. I have narrowed it down to 2 potential purchases both used and both watches I have seriously hankered for although massively different.

    Omega Seamaster Proprof  2011 Full Set. Very large marmite watch but unusual and less common comes in bang on credit amount. 

    Rolex Milgauss 2009 Watch only. Will need to add some cash.


    Bearing in mind there is a chance I may wish to trade these later the lack of Box and papers for the Milgauss niggles me slightly but should I sweat it bearing in mind there are routes to get authentication provenance? 

    The proprof will I look a prat with a massive dive watch that probably wont see depths above the hotel pool plus how do they perform in the used market? my thoughts are the Milgauss will hold it's value better?

    So what would be your choice thoughts on this quandary? I know ultimately it is down to personal choice but on this occasion I just can't think straight in making a decision and I don't unfortunately have the option of getting both :laugh:  


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