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  1. Without appearing rude, I would suggest you need to assess what it is you crave. Are you a watch lover or a just have a (General) collector characteristic. Would you be happier collecting something else?

    If it's watches you are drawn to what is it you like about them is it looks, history/heritage, Rarity, complications & works etc. Or are you just a magpie drawn to anything shiny I mean that in the nicest sense or a completest that feels the need to have every watch type on the planet.

    I say this as I had to take stock of my own watch collecting purpose recently down from 76 and have been more content with a focus on 3 major watches (a) Sport/Tool (b) Vintage classic (c) Dress watch. 

    I do however intend to swap out the Sport/Tool watch and the dress watch at a later date to keep the variety and spice.

    You are free to pursue whatever you wish but if you have no goal I fear you will end up with a large collection of meh!


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  2. One of the first watches I purchased off here back in 2009. It was excellent,

    That was in the day when I did a lot of fell walks & the price was a steal as were most G-Shocks then :laugh: Sadly no pictures survive but I can attest to their durability & functionality plus surprisingly for a very large watch wore extremely comfortably on the velcro strap.  

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  3. My only advice is if you are going Moonphase, Day date Calendar pointer and you are not wearing it every day go quartz :laugh:


    Seriously there are benefits to quartz as others have said that make them a good choice. As with most here I have both and enjoy them all for different qualities. 

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  4. In 2010 I had the opportunity to purchase a watch I had coveted belonging a friend of mine. It was a Monaco Sixty Nine that he purchased early 2005 and to me it was the most wonderful thing I had clapped eyes on.

    Fast forward 4 years and I had joined the fold here and was starting my education on all things wristwatch. This was to be my downfall I believe as a little knowledge talked me out of it as I started to class it as gimmicky, could I get a replacement module if it failed, what would be the service costs, yadda yadda yadda so I passed and he sold it to a local jewellers. 

    Big mistake and huge regret.


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  5. 11 minutes ago, Nigelp said:

    yeh and hes not been on since :(

    point being he isnt well? 

    you fool 

    Oh ok he was last online in Sept 2018 there was no post leading up to that stating he was unwell. Either way I hope he is ok and returns Hale and Hearty. As an addendum if you want to get personally insulting take it to PM.


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