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  1. :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: Want! Hands off my pizza you!!! :lol:
  2. Pizza is in the oven, Skyfall is in the dvd player, and this is on my wrist. Just managed to fix the keyless works and get it running again :yahoo:
  3. Off to spend the morning photographing tins of oil in a proper studio this time and not a makeshift one in a toilet! I think the gentle tick of a pin pallet movement will make the perfect companion.
  4. I needed somewhere that I could make totally dark, so that I could use my technique of "painting with light", while I was on a shoot at a clients today...the only solution was the toilet!!! Despite the less than glamorous surroundings I'm pretty pleased with the results...and more importantly so was the client! These are straight out of the camera, no post production "cheating" going on here!
  5. Up late at your age Mach!!! This one at the mo, however think I'll change to something less radioactive for bed!!!
  6. Actually in all seriousness I've managed to make it wind correctly now, the stem wasn't quite in right and the retaining screw (I'm sure that's not the correct term) was loose. A quick tighten of this and the crown and stem now seem happy to stay in the watch and wind the mechanism and if required will happily move the hands to adjust the now :) This had me celebrating and starting to think about straps for the old girl when my hopes were dashed!!! It appears while the movement is happy to tick away, merrily sending the second hand skipping round the dial, it doesn't want to preform the sam
  7. I've tried one and it doesn't seem to have cured it :(
  8. Finally got round to taking some shots of my recent acquisition.....
  9. Hi there, beautiful country, my 710 and I are falling in love with it, where abouts are you from?
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