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  1. Tried to pm but no go. Message box full???

  2. That Bulova Beta21 that got melted still haunts me...... I've genuinely never seen another and such an incredible design. it obviously looks similar to the Omega Constellations that ran that same movement, but it would be interesting to know which company released theirs first and whether the Omega was a toned down copy of the Bulova, or whether Bulova used the Omega shape as inspiration for their own version - either way, the Bulova one is just stunning and whilst i love my constellation version, I'd happily trade it for one of the Bulova's.... rgds, David.
  3. Hi everyone, Just quickly, a good friend has a small collection of old Seiko mechanicals, and one of his favourites, a 6602-1990 (I think that makes it a 1972 watch? The serial no. is 6 digits starting 20 and it's running the 6602B movement), has just stopped working. Has been winding and running fine for the last year or so, but has now stopped. With a bit of vigorous shaking, it will run for a couple of seconds and then stop again. Their is tension in the winding crown. the balance wheel doesn't appear obviously sticky or dirty (as does the rest of the movement), but thats only based on a back off visual inspection. that's as much as we know and I'm no good at all with the such things. Just wondered if there were any self-taught tinkerers on here, who would be prepared to take a look, diagnose and/or service it/repair it for some beer and curry money, as he can't really justify sending it off to a proper repair shop etc. given the value of the watch. Any suggestions or recommendations gratefully received. Rgds, David.
  4. Wonderful..... I have yet to secure a vintage LED to add to my collection of early quartz/electronic wonders......it will be the final peice of that collection for me. I've looked at Time Computers, but for what they are for the money they command, they don't really do it for me....this however......is rather nice. Wish my relatives had taste like that! Rgds, David.
  5. That...is lovely......!! If/when the time comes, please let me know, especially if you'd be interested in a potential trade/cash deal with a smaller proportioned Omega from the same era.... Rgds, David.
  6. Edox seem to be a much underated brand. They've been around as long as many of the major brands and have designed some wonderful peices over the years....a very worthy additional to any collection. Well done! Rgds, David.
  7. Hi there, Is it the different colours of the Flightmaster hands that interests you or is it the different shape/style of them altogether (I have a Speedy Mk.II but not a Flightmaster)....? From my limited knowledge, the hands sets from that era are quite similar generally, but the Flighty's additional blue GMT hand (if that's what it is) is quite different and distinctive. As you say, Flighty's look to have slightly shorter/fatter 'sword' type hands versus a Speedy MkII. The main thing to find out would be if the Flighty hands are thinner than Speedy ones, as the Flighty has 4 hands mounted from the centre spindle whereas a Speedy only has three? Did Omega make the Flighty hands thinner, or given the much deeper case of the Flighty, did they just use a longer spindle to accomodate the extra hands..... It's probably the 2nd one, in which case the broader hour and minute hands from a Flighty should fit, but if not, and they are thinner than normal Speedy hands in some way, they could be "loose" when fitted?? It may only be fractions of mm in reality, but whether that is enough to cause a problem is hard to know without trying it. Maybe give Steve from Ryte Time a call - he must have had 10's if not 100's of these apart over the years, and may be able to give you an indication on compatability and/or a definitive answer? Either way, interesting little project and good luck with it, but if you just wanted different colour hands (which I don't think you do from your post, but anyway...) I would personally just carefully paint a set of correct Speedy hands to your taste and then you know you will have a first time fit .. Rgds, David.
  8. Real shame about the silver one, but that dial looks like it's had proper acid damage from a leaky battery as you say.... It could be cleaned sealed and repainted, but I'd expect the cost of that, even from one of the keen amateurs on the site, to be more than the watch itself would be worth once done......If the movements running, even intermittantly, then it should have some value as parts I'm sure. GP one looks lovely though.....well done on that! Rgds, David.
  9. That would be a keen price if it was a Megasonic, but that sort of money for an F300....it would need to be an absolutely tip-top example....and would still be a bit dear really for a generic F300 in my humble opinion. Interesting case shape nonetheless, good luck if you pursue it. Rgds, David.
  10. It doesn't get much better than that for a vintage digital.......lovely and well done!
  11. The results these guys used to produce by hand were pretty impressive, so once they have mastered this new machine it should be a great alternative to Bienne for a full monty spruce up on your vintage treasures. Gary - if your man wants any more practice samples to work on, drop me a PM via the other site (not sure I can get them via here as I'm not on 50 posts yet) - my username is the same. I was planning a trip over there next week anyway to drop a watch in for a service and to get a couple of bracelets done, but if he wants some additional bits to "have a go on" with no obligation etc., then I have a few things he could experiment with if he wants to. Rgds, Dave.
  12. It's probably got a generic asian made quartz chrono movement in it, so if a suitable replacement can be sourced (which I'm sure it could be once you know what your looking for), it should be cheap enough for someone competant to simply swap out the movements and get it going again. Sounds like your'll need to spend £20 quid at least sending it off and getting it diagnosed at least though.... As others have said - depends what it's worth to you I guess? Sounds like an excuse to get something new to me though.... Rgds, David.
  13. Would have to echo Kevkojak - Omega all the way for the that budget - Speedy MKII or a nice cal 1040 Seamaster Jedi should come in around that money, plus they are usable and serviceable as a daily watch also - you could get an early electronic JLC etc. for that money, but it would be double the cost of the Omega equivelant and the inards are pretty much the same. Nice position to be in - happy hunting!! Rgds, David
  14. I've a lovely old Breitling Sprint chrono with the 7733 movement in it...it makes the most wonderful ticking noise when held to the ear....almost musical, and keeps superb time as well. Your'll pay proper money for an example with a more upmarket/mainstream brandname on the dial, but some of the smaller or more obsure manufacturer's used this movement a lot as well. I'm sure the quality of the watch would be just as high I'm sure overall, so definitely worth hunting down a good example of this movement and you may get something unusual looking into the bargain as well...
  15. Get the one you want, it's a special birthday and hang the expense....paying 4 figures for something that tells the time when a 10 quid casio does the same job...could never really be a described as a sane or rational choice. Get the one you like the most, and enjoy the hell out of it.......life's too short to compromise on everything.....!
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