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  1. This is sadly likely to be the last fathers day I will be celebrating with my father, as he is not well at all. Make the most of your dad's while you can
  2. The arctic. I have been lucky enough to see 25% of the countries in the world, but to experience -30 degrees would be interesting. I prefer big places with few human signs, like New Zealand, most of Africa, Norway or Iceland. Tokyo would be my nightmare!
  3. Black dial, or silver dial? Decisions, decisions
  4. My favourite was from a few years ago. SteveO from Jackass (the one who would normally do the more stupid, painful pranks) bought a gold Rolex to show off to his Dad who had the same watch. SteveO "Look Dad, I got the same watch as you - but mine has Diamonds on the dial." Father looked, thought for a minute and said "Gems on a guy always brings out my homophobia" Owned!
  5. Hmmm - Seiko isn't the hardest to work on at all. Run. Run away fast
  6. Glad it is sorted. STS generally have a very good reputation so I am pleased they fixed the issue.
  7. Have these all disappeared now? I might have missed the boat
  8. Good screwdrivers are a must, but i also use this third hand from Horotec https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/screw-holding-bases The Horotec stuff is just as good, if not better, than Bergeon IMHO. My screwdrivers and tweezers are mainly Horotec
  9. Looks good. I have the Bergeon 7230, which at under a tenner from Cousins is good value and I have been impressed with it. It has the advantage of being able to buy replacement pin pushers if I ever need to, but they are the same cost as one of these eBay ones!
  10. it depends what you paid for. Would you expect someone to clean an expanding bracelet as well? (they are usually the worst - I now don't bother and put a leather strap on watches instead!) Normally the first thing I will do is clean the case before removing the back, as I don't want any debris falling in. But that is me
  11. Quite possibly, but I am also going to throw a huge warning in here too. The case back marking are easy to fake, and they were faked too from a long time ago as they increased the value of the watch. People with more knowledge than me may be able to advise more, but whenever I see a military watch I double and then triple check everything I can. Then I think about it. Nothing on your watch sets off alarm bells for me, but just be aware that more research isn't a bad idea.
  12. Hammered for £4,000, plus 25% fees. Without the name on there I would think it would be worth £2k as an interesting watch and movement, but I am not anything close to a pocket watch expert Caveat emptor everybody!
  13. I was perusing the Sotheby's website when I saw this watch https://www.sothebys.com/buy/b3efba1a-0063-49a9-bd5a-006d14685a0b/lots/abdda7da-b492-4964-8c3a-62a70cd347ca A Breguet minute repeater pocket watch with 18k case, with a very tempting price. I am not too knowledgeable on pocket watches, so I did my research and found this Any 19th-century pocket watch bearing the signature “Breguet à Paris” is fake. This clear statement is on Breguet's own website no less. https://www.breguet.com/en/services/antique-timepieces# On informing Sothebys they are aware that this watch wasn't right, I got this response just now "We are aware that this watch is not a genuine Breguet, this is why we catalogued it as BREGUET À PARIS. Therefore the estimate is £1000-1500 and not higher." I would have expected better from Sothebys. If Breguet describe the watch as fake, then should they be able to sell it? What next? Seiko a Mumbai?
  14. These SARB's are great watches. Very versatile and well built. I commend your choice!
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