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  1. Damn. I found a pair of cords I liked and did just this. I am OLD
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Braun-Movement-Analogue-Display-BN0024WHBKG-White/dp/B004X4KVXA/ref=sr_1_21?keywords=braun+watch&qid=1561475188&s=gateway&sr=8-21 £95 new or this looks interesting https://www.amazon.co.uk/Braun-Analogue-Quartz-Leather-BN0265SLBKG/dp/B07PFLJC6D/ref=sr_1_3_sspa?keywords=braun+watch&qid=1561475321&s=gateway&sr=8-3-spons&psc=1 I have not searched around on price, so you may be able to improve on these
  3. I quite like the bump and bash, and the power boost laps add some strategy that wasn't there a year or so ago Although it can get a bit silly - watch the start of the race from Bern last week
  4. The Farer does look nice. There is also a Halios Seaforth in sales corner (nothing to do with me)
  5. I don't mind a Tag, but the lugs on that particular watch put me off. Sensible money is on the Omega every time, but being sensible is a bit boring - if you are looking at keeping the watch then buy with your heart. Tudor watches are another possibility, but have a look here for inspiration https://www.chrono24.co.uk/search/index.htm?countryIds=AT&countryIds=BE&countryIds=BG&countryIds=HR&countryIds=CY&countryIds=CZ&countryIds=DK&countryIds=EE&countryIds=FI&countryIds=FR&countryIds=DE&countryIds=GR&countryIds=HU&countryIds=IE&countryIds=IT&countryIds=LV&countryIds=LT&countryIds=LU&countryIds=MT&countryIds=PL&countryIds=PT&countryIds=RO&countryIds=SK&countryIds=SI&countryIds=ES&countryIds=SE&countryIds=NL&countryIds=UK&dosearch=true&maxAgeInDays=0&pageSize=60&priceFrom=0&priceTo=3000&redirectToSearchIndex=true&sortorder=11&usedOrNew=new
  6. Don't worry @WRENCH and @Roger the Dodger, i have two prizes You can decide who wants the almost straight spring bar, and who wants the acrylic glass with just one small crack?
  7. All the time. And when I am not stressed. I just like buying watches. Good call on the navy strap btw - I will order a few more of those, as they really make the watch
  8. Correct on both fronts. And if you have ever been to Norway then €50 is four pints, unless you go somewhere nice where it is three pints... Nice watch. I wouldn't recommend doing anything with the dial - it can only be original once.
  9. Sellita SW210 I've gone for the Phanero model, which at 35mm and under 8mm thick will suit my vintage tastes. The other models that do a green dial are 43mm and that's too large for me, especially on a watch that is all dial and little bezel Photo taken from Worn and Wound, whose review here is better than MeisterSinger's website https://wornandwound.com/review/meistersinger-phanero-review/ I was tempted with the grey dial, but I have had green dialed watches before and they are special
  10. Yes Bloody hell that's given it away. I thought that was going to be much too specific a question to ask before country of manufacture , movement, or price. Well played
  11. I rarely buy brand new watches, but I have placed an order but you can guess or work out what is coming? I will only answer yes or no, so think about your questions. Will people work out what it is before it arrives? Go, and good luck
  12. If I hadn't bought a Rolex, a Reverso, a Breitling, a Tudor, a Girard-Perregaux, a few Omega's and half a dozen or so gold watches this month I might have been asking you to stick the kettle on!
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