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  1. @Jet Jetski I need to buy some Cape Cod polishing cloths if you want to sell any? Just PM me if you do
  2. A gold watch to wear on the big day and any dress up occasion in future. The budget would get a good example on the used market from a good brand.
  3. Sadly it is dinged at the bottom and that photo shows it at the worst
  4. My first Hublot, and my first tantalum case First impressions? The rubber strap is very comfortable and for a 44mm watch this wears well. 33-39 mm is my norm, so even a 42mm Speedy feels vast but this sits well. Quality is good, and the styling of this one really appealed (though some of the later Big Bang designs do make a bit of sick come into my mouth). It also has a feel to it that you know you are wearing something a bit different or exclusive. That is subjective of course, and you can get the same feeling wearing a £200 gold watch too if you haven't had a gold watch before. But I like this sleath design
  5. Or fill a balloon before drinking and let it out to pass the breath test? It's hardly rocket surgery to beat the system there. I wouldn't drink and drive but the no brains that do could work that out
  6. I am currently rocking this Eberhard Manual wind, triple calendar and moonphase. Plus chronograph and 24 hour indicator. Made to celebrate a previous model supplied to the Italian Navy, they chose the unfortunate model name Replica. No way I am using that name on my website as it brings up all the wrong search engine results! Applaud the engineer, sack the marketing team!
  7. I did once try and repair a watch while drinking whiskey and listening to boxing on the radio. One surprise knockout and a subsequent tool slip and the watch is fecked and now in a spares box. I stopped tinkering and drinking then. How about a watch selector app? Your current collection is uploaded, and you spin the roulette wheel each morning and it tells you what to wear that day?
  8. Yes. These watches are not ever going to be worth a fortune, as they are chrome plated, but let's be fair how often will you get to enjoy something from your grandfather? Who cares if you are £50 down after restoration.
  9. Just got this - Cal 505A inside, definitely one for @Silver Hawk Auction house described it as having a quartz movement inside
  10. Zeno Watch Basel The second one is a Tennis watch - each pusher moves the subdial nearest to show your score. Zelos Ziegler
  11. It is interesting but too large and too top heavy, something these lugless cases can suffer from. If it were 39mm it would be easier to wear.
  12. I had this Xeric And i have a pile of watches that need fiXing
  13. Omega models with the 565 caliber are worth more than the later 1000 series movements. Loads of watches that didn't sell too well when new are now highly sought after. My Zenith Mango for one - back in 1999 Zenith struggled to sell a few hundred. Now a few thousand collectors all want the rare mango dial. And have you seen the price for the Zeon James Bond digital watches are fetching? So few survived the playground, but many people my age want them
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