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  1. Do I like it? Can I afford it? Is it interesting? Do I already have one? If I get three out of four yes's then the likelyhood is a new watch is coming my way!
  2. If the two were in the same condition I would pick the Patek. This is at the lower end of Patek Philippe price bracket, whereas I have sold VC's for £2,500. There is something special about the Patek brand, which is not measurable until you look at reselling it. Both are superbly engineered watches, but if you can get a Calatrava then do it
  3. Leave it - it is part of the history of the watch and should be retained. Lots of people do like engravings as it tells the story of the watch a little more. And no one likes a flimsy thinner watch case back.
  4. Quartz is better at some things than mechanical. If I wanted a full calendar complication i would not buy another Zenith Chronomaster, as every time i picked it up i couldn't be bothered to set it correctly - day, date, month, moonphase - it would be more convenient if it had a battery looking after that. I'm as active as usual - ie not much. Hand wind movement is perfect even if a day date is useful at the moment.
  5. I emailed a female colleague after returning from a business trip to Abu Dhabi last November. A said that a guy from the middle east asked after her and Vanessa, his name was Alfa Kenny-Body. Did she know him? She emailed Vanessa, who just shouted out across an office of 30-40 people: 'Do you know Alfa Kenny-Body?' I wish I was there to see it, but I am glad I was at a safe distance (about 35 miles) to avoid her anger for a few days
  6. A rolex day date? I think there is four removable links on either side
  7. So many.... While someone was on the phone to a customer you would pull the phone away from their head, and when they tugged it back you let go and watched them hit themselves with the phone. Swapping the 6 and 9 keys on a calculator The workshop floor was painted, and we got a tin of blue paint with runs all down the side and put it in the middle of the floor. We then trimmed a puddle of paint that matched the runs out of aluminium, painted it blue and dried it. When matched to the paint tin it looked like a very convincing paint spill. The manager, Dick (by name and nature) went nuclear but we all denied knowledge. The best bit was seeing the cleaner getting handfuls of paper towel to mop up the paint, only to see the aluminium puddle slide across the floor. Filing the ball down in a mouse, creating a flat spot. Filling the air vents in a car full of holes - the punches holes from the bottom of a hole punch. Turn the vents towards the drivers, fan on full and watch them start their car. Brown sauce on the toilet flush handle. Tapping two spanners together when a cam belt had just been changed to scare the mechanic. The annoying 'happy birthday' tunes that birthday cards often had in them? We put one in the earpiece of a colleague desk phone. When the receptionist used the tannoy, she would always say the persons name first and then we would shout out over the top something like "I LOVE YOU" One more modern one on that them is to ask a supermarket to put an announcement out for someone to move their car. Registration number NE1 4 A BJ
  8. Repaired two watches, listed two more for sale, sent out (via DHL) another. To be honest this self isolation isn't much difference than normal life for me, except no school run and children and wife making noise and eating all my biscuits! I have found time to spend an hour a day reading, which is quite pleasant.
  9. I knew someone who got beaten up and mugged for his Rolex. Served him right - it was a fake He always said how realistic it was... Rolex are the number one target for thieves I would imagine. But would anyone get mugged for a Grand Seiko, or a Zenith El Primero? I am fortunate that I live in a rural area, with few bad guys around, and I myself am a fairly big unit (not a hard nut, but there are easier targets out there). When I have visited very poor countries I usually wear a Timex. But that is partly out of respect for the people and how crass wearing a £1,000 watch would be if they were living on a dollar a day. So it depends on where you are wearing it. Nothing wrong with having a watch to wear only in the house either. It is a watch for you to enjoy, not for others.
  10. You have more consumer rights buying online than in a store, but it would still be a nervous wait for the postie.
  11. This enforced break has given me a chance to dig up some watches from the back of the project drawer. A new glass, re align the hands and a watch I find quite nice Mmmm. Creamy lume.... Knew you would be able to find a birth year watch Mach
  12. I genuinely watched this yesterday. Scarier than any Hollywood film https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0blmn5l/the-flu-that-killed-50-million
  13. I wouldn't suggest getting the dial redone. It will never be the same again. Hands can be relumed but check they are not radium filled first - that's still dangerous for another 1,500 years
  14. FFS don't retire now! Sit it out for six months or a year or you are screwed. I expect prices of watches might be short term deflated, but for every person unemployed another person sells toilet roll, and some people could be inheriting sadly sooner rather than later. Money is like energy, it can not be created nor destroyed just transferred into something new. I do know of one major dealer who borrowed a lot of money to rapidily increase stock that have already started a fire sale, as their overheads monthly haven't changed yet no one can come into their stores. Their prices are good, but delivery is at least five weeks and maybe more. And if they declare bankruptcy in the meantime good luck getting your money back! They have not been negligent in splashing the cash BTW, just unlucky. I'm lucky. I have no business loans, and if I close the doors for 3 months I can manage. But I recognise this is luck in the current circumstances and not a brainwave from me.
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