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  1. physics will always win, but skill and 4wd will be able to tow you out of the hedge should you need it
  2. You can - I have placed my order for a 42,000 mile two owner x type 2.5v6 auto estate, with 4 wheel drive, which also is old enough to pay less RFL on. Interesting choice, but saloon and 120k on the clock as well as being diesel I trained as a BMW technician, where we had driving lessons from all sorts of people up to and including professional racing drivers. Four things gripping and an experienced driver beats two things gripping and an experienced driver every time. Jackie Stuart taught me that when he was aquaplaning down the hanger straight with me as a passenger, and he knew a few Scottish winters himself... (Sorry about the name drop, I couldn't resist. Michael Schumacher told me not name drop when he was ragging an E36 M3 round the same track with me in the back )
  3. Nice trio. Welcome. I can vouch for both Eberhard and Ulysse Nardin- excellent left field choices.
  4. 20mpg. I'm saving the planet already by reusing what already exists.
  5. I've had to admit defeat. I can't share a car (2018 Mini Cooper) with the current wife, as we need it the same time. We have tried, and not argued too much for 10 months, but my idea of having a classic for the 'odd time' we both needed transport hasn't worked. The Lotus is enjoying another couple of weeks on a ramp again, and it is not safe in dark/rain as the heater and wipers were rubbish in 1968, and time has not improved them. I wanted bigger and more comfortable for longer journeys. No diesel (DPF's blocking on the short journeys), and auto box. As the boot in the Mini is tiny an estate would be ideal, and winter in the countryside means 4x4 would be even better. Budget is £5k, nothing French and preferably under 60k miles. Doesn't have to be performance lead - I want comfort and still have the Lotus when it's sunny - but I prefer performance over economy every time. What would the car buffs recommend?
  6. Can't help specifically, but watching a few episodes of Fake or Fortune on BBC4 with the lovely Fiona Bruce may prove useful.
  7. If you look for articles on Dirty Dozen watches you will learn more about your watch. Not where and to whom it was issued mind. 12 different manufacturers won contracts to supply the MOD with watches to their specifications, hence dirty dozen
  8. I can't see any restrictions on your account and you more than meet all the criteria. Maybe @Roycan help?
  9. His training watch was up for sale a while ago https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5991051/Bruce-Lees-personal-training-gear-sale-auction-65-000.html A $10 Timex and they wanted $10k. It didn't sell
  10. No idea on specific apps, but always remember if it is free then it is you they are selling to their advertisers.
  11. You'll need to use a photo hosting service like Flickr to upload photos. The 62MAS needs to go to an auction house for the best price IMHO. Somewhere like Fellows that have the customer base. I got more for an old seiko divers watch from them than I had been asking retail!
  12. The owner of Zeno Watch Basel told me he owned it - maybe he bought the brand later? He has bought several different brands in the past as well
  13. Broadcast satellite dish. I quite like that jacket, but I can pull off anything...
  14. Olma were a sub brand of Zeno watch Basel, around in the 60's mainly. Not bad watches, but usually chromed cases which holds them back (if it says stainless steel back, it is a chromed case)
  15. eBay contacted me last week asking if I would like to sell with them now they had introduced this authentication program. It does provide some back up to sellers - if the watch worked for example when they inspected it then the buyer cannot claim it doesn't work after removing parts. But it adds time, and what happens if the watch is damaged between eBay and the seller? The buyer can still return the watch under the distance selling rules if bought from a dealer, even if do inspect it. And how far does the inspection go? Full timegrapher results? bracelet links counted? Sounded like a host of potential problems to me. My biggest issue with eBay has always been the higher than average percentage of scammers. It's not as bad as say Facebook marketplace, but I wouldn't buy from there either.
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