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  1. Nerves are churning right now And I did take off an 18k Ebel El primero to wear this watch!
  2. I think these used KIF antishock springs. They are fiddly, and holding it in place with a clean bit of rodico can reduce the chances of it pinging off. You will find it, just after you have ordered a new one.
  3. Only really DHL or UPS will insure watches for that value, so expect a large bill for postage and insurance. I use DHL personally. The watch will attract Danish VAT when it arrives, so the receiver should expect a bill of about £600 import VAT. Brexit has ruined trade between the EU and UK for second hand items because of the VAT being applied to used items. Once borders open up and we can travel again it will actually be cheaper to fly to Copenhagen on a budget flight, hand the watch over personally and return home with an empty wrist. But that is also tax evasion (if you get cau
  4. If you want a Rolex that doesn't shout Rolex, then maybe you are looking at the wrong brand? Having a Piaget, Ulysse Nardin, or Jaeger-LeCoultre shows class, knowledge and only a few will appreciate it. If not buy a Rolex Cellini in white gold.
  5. They are quite sort after. Hard to find used. Excellent choice. Alternatively there are the watches from Zenith or Grand Seiko to tempt you. Larger watches from 1971 are available but harder to find, and the best options are probably from Omega which is already well represented. Nearly new you might find a Breguet type xx or Glashutte Original, and as a wildcard how about a Panerai?
  6. They often did. Most soviet watches had a quarter and year mark on the movement, and even TAG Heuer's running 955 quartz movements had the same. But it all costs, and if it costs them £0.04 pence per unit the retail price goes up £50. It would make my life a hell of a lot easier!
  7. I think I would prefer to spend my money with someone who could spell Valjoux (and it is a 72C, not a 72) Without the Rolex name and in better condition you can get a 72C between 3-5k without trying hard. Identical movement. I think this Wakmann is more interesting visually (not my watch)
  8. Just remember to be respectful and realistic with bids. I regularly get low ball offers on watches, which I reject and make sure they don't get any discount at all. Offers between 5 and 10% get considered. One of the last low ball offers was 50% off an 18k Vacheron Constantin 'because it is small'. Being half price won't make the case larger! He did not get a penny off.
  9. Thank you for the recommendations As well as Omega I would suggest Longines. At the time they were as good, if not better than their competitor Omega. And while Omega prices have boomed on the past few years Longines have increased, but not as much. 50's and 60's Longines are excellent
  10. I'm still waiting for my Tulips to ounce back https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulip_mania
  11. Chrono here too, that just has the initials JK on the dial Does anyone have Jamiroquai's number?
  12. The model is called Eldridge, and there were different colours available but choc brown is lovely. Long since sold of course
  13. I have had three, and would buy another. And I don't buy many modern watches! Very few deals, and used values stand up. The quality of the dial in particular is excellent, and there are little details you discover, such as the date wheels are colour matched to the dial
  14. Something old, something new The smartwatch is a Samsung galaxy fit2, purely there as a pedometer and heart monitor to make sure I move enough. I don't.
  15. That Gucci isn't a bad call. I have had a few Gucci watches and quality is good. To us the brand may put us off as a fashion watch, but overcome that and it is a good choice. Pre owned ladies TAG Heuer watches are bargains. You would want to budget for a water resistance test if that is important, but at auction last week two different Alter Ego models were under £200 plus fees.
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