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Community Answers

  1. Rio I believe, but it wasn't sold until 2020 according to the paperwork . Not everything has to be Omega though. This was for Barcelona 1992 and these for Atlanta 1996
  2. Like all big companies C24 have marketing departments that do occasionally overload on buzz words, but as @Daveyboyz says they don't set the prices. Well, they never used to but now they are starting to stock watches themselves which changes their market position - do they have programs spotting if a watch is listed under value and they buy it before the listing is offered to anyone else?
  3. Thanks. Omega don't mention an Enamel dial in their blurb, so I don't think so. Certainly has the look though
  4. It will be an Olympics like no other 'And the gold medal for the best chrono seconds hand counterweight goes to Switzerland'
  5. I can only wear this in the morning for about 20 minutes until it gets too tight. spare link coming I love the quirkiness of this design
  6. Loving the pogueness of this dial From 1979
  7. Have you seen what a steel auto blue dial royal oak is fetching now?
  8. Yep - and it was Los Angeles in the brochure for the steel bezels so this much have been an early one. That Y500,000 price was for an 18k version, and only one Grand Seiko cost more in 1991 (which had an 18k bracelet - the leather strap version was Y425,000 for the three hander GS
  9. In case anyone wants to see what these look like then here is a quick and dirty pic Spot the mistake Seiko made?
  10. Deals on Grand Seiko's are not easy to get - I bought a new one as it was only a few hundred more than a three year old one. The Type XX I understand the not getting thing, but that changed for me once I got one. The Moser reservation may come to nothing - I have people agree to buy a watch via C24 only to then send a message saying they will offer x price. Until I say no the watch is reserved for them. Very annoying all round, especially if the offer is 50% of the price. a leftfield choice, and one I know nothing about, is Blancpain fifty fathoms? Or how about a Panerai?
  11. Superstar! in seven minutes this has to be one of the fastest and best answers to a question ever put on this forum! I know what you mean with the 7T32 though - very similar
  12. You do seem to have all bases covered with everything Swiss, except that Breguet is missing? And possibly a Zenith el Primero How about a pocket watch? @Karrusel showed me a beautiful railway pocket watch at the weekend, and it was not many sheckles (hindsight tells me I should have bought it). Then the next choice is German - Lange you mentioned and Moser, but what about Glashutte Original? Maybe a level down from ultimate horology but very, very nice indeed. And the elephant in the room is Grand Seiko
  13. I've scoured the net and can not find an English version of the instruction book for this model. It is an eight hand world timer with alarm so not particularly easy to understand. I can't find any relevant video either. Would anyone have a copy or a photo/scan of a copy handy?
  14. Pictures would help It isn't normal to have a stainless steel back and a gold case. The steel is harder than the gold, and wears it out. It is more likely that the mark between the lugs might say something like 20m Plaque, for gold plating. There are exceptions, and the case back might have been replaced at some point with a steel one. I have an Omega with a yellow.gold case and a white gold caseback, which is very unusual but correct for the model.
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