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  1. It sounds like a military issued watch, but I couldn't tell you more without seeing pictures of the watch
  2. It would help if we knew what watch it was. Is it new or vintage? is it quartz or mechanical? If it is a mechanical watch then +10/-10 seconds a day should be okay. A chronometer rating (COSC) allows between +6/-4 seconds a day
  3. In my humble, one of the best looking chronograph watches of recent years The Farer Eldridge dial is a colour called chocolate silk, but the added blue and the strong hands really help. If you haven't seen a Farer watch up close then i do recommend trying to. I was very impressed with a three hander I had, and delighted with this one
  4. A one watch collection is a Rolex Datejust, which really does everything rather well. But as my favourite watch is the next one just having one will not work for me. Today I have worn a Tissot Atollo modern quartz diver, a 1951 bulova tank, a 1970 gold Longines and now a 90s rotary, all collected yesterday. Can't wait to see what arrives tomorrow.
  5. I have been lucky to have complications including Tourbillon, GMT, Moonphase, triple calendars etc but it all depends on the watch style. I personally think complex calendar watches with moonphase are best matched with a quartz movement - I rarely wore the Zenith Chronomaster I had as it was not set correctly, and don't yearn for another. I still have some to tick off the 'never owned but want to' list. One is a year indicator, like the IWC perpetual da vinci - I know what I would be wearing on NYE! Another is a the split chronograph, although I have no need to ever use it. I have nev
  6. none of the photos work for me. But the movement should not be moving like that, so off to the watch mechanics with it. The 565 is a lovely thing and they will enjoy working on it
  7. I was not the winning bidder. Even the modern lightly associated watches made nutty money https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/events/2020-auctions/the-nec-classic-live-online-auction/the-nec-classic-live-online-auction/the-sir-stirling-moss-obe-collection-saturday
  8. Nothing too definite, but the logo on the case back was introduced in 1960 and ran to 1979, and the movement was made circa 1965
  9. Looks good! So many threads start 'I've just got an Oris of eBay' and turn out to be a bag of bits, but yours looks nice. I have a book on Oris I will have a look in for you tomorrow
  10. Took this snap this morning, no filters it just happens to be monochrome.
  11. Is it the crown alone, or does it have the stem on the bottom too? A photo would help. There is usually one screw holding the stem in place, and with the crown and stem in position that screw might just want nipping up
  12. I would pass Alan. It has arrived and I have looked at a few pages, including images of bad redials and descriptions that are as vague as 'mechanical movement'. Every watch description for ten pages starts with either rare, or very rare, and these are things like datejusts that are desirable but hardly rare. Not even the Rolex model designation is given but the companies stock number is. What use is that to anyone ?
  13. once you have the measurements, length and width, let me know and I can post you some. You will need vernier calipers to measure the width to 0.1mm Or if you need a load then Cousins will sell them
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