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  1. Seiko 5 models or the Seagull 1963 chronograph for new watches Vintage? Try Certina. Worth a lot more in Europe than in the UK, where their marketing seems to have failed.
  2. Wasn't Kered a company attributed to someone called Derek, in the same was Trebor was to Robert?
  3. Cyprus is one of the few European countries I haven't visited yet, but the suggestion is noted
  4. Retirement? you don't look old enough! Nice choice. Well put together watches for the price point these Meistersinger's. And if you want any help with the travel writing I can pretty much map Europe by Indian restaurants. Happy to help
  5. This bracelet is signed JLC on the clasp and NSA on the rear, so it must have been an official tie up. First class only...
  6. 1968 JLC Memovox GT No pub for me. We're only 7 miles from the diseased in Leicester, so we don't want the lestah lepers in our parish
  7. The US clearance site Drop regularly have Glycine models, but the invicta involvement has put me off up to now. I'd be interested to hear what your experiences are JoT
  8. several companies bought bulk buys, seemingly years in advance of handing them out. It saves any bickering if one gets a rolex and the next gets a smiths. British Rail Tudors, and ICI Garrard's, pop up all the time. Same model usually, so maybe swan hunter struck a deal too
  9. does it look like this one Simon? https://www.birthyearwatches.com/product/c1964-roamer-rotodate-44-jewels/ (my watch is sold, but could be a useful reference)
  10. I'd say it was a 1960s model of middling quality. The lug may say 375, which indicates 9k gold. As does the caseback engraving - if it were plated the engraving would show stainless through it. British Rail gave hundreds of these away. They are not rare but still collectable. If you are not comfortable taking the back off then don't try- you could damage the case, dial, movement or all of them
  11. The links on most Seiko bracelets of this period have 'keys' that slide out in the direction of the arrow stamped on the link. First thing i always do though is clean the bracelet in an ultrasonic bath, as there is so much gunk captured by these folded bracelets that the keys often will not slide out.
  12. I totally agree that this sort of a premium is ridiculous. This watch was the best of the best, stored by COMEX and never issued so basically NOS with everything with it you would hope for. If it made bottom estimate of $150k it would still be a daft price. I didn't spot any bargains in the entire sale. The mid size Royal Oak bi metal auto made nearly £12k, a Ulysse Nardin made 35% more than I paid for one last week. And they sold a Steel Sub' for over $100k https://catalog.antiquorum.swiss/en/auctions/329/top_lots
  13. Luddite! A good quartz, like your Oysterquartz, is a brilliant solution. Some are rubbish of course, and that include the majority of high street stuff*, but high end quartz are more accurate, more convenient and to the majority of people just better to live with. Horses for courses. I wouldn't have a manual Mercedes, and I wouldn't have an automatic Lotus. This has nothing at all to do with the early Omega quartz watches I have just bought, nor the Grand Seiko Twin Quartz either! I am seeing a genuine interest in early quartz watches, and as supply gets harder prices are rising. *Notable exceptions include the 262Khz Bulova movements
  14. I was not the winning bidder - I could barely afford the catalogue! Don't forget to add 20% fees, and VAT or import duty
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