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  1. Still cruising down the Thames on a hired boat
  2. Messing about on the river today Inappropriate watch
  3. I know this isn't going to affect most people but I avoid buying lizard shark etc as CITES regulations are a pain when sending them to the US. I stick to leather.
  4. 10.10 is just a smiley face, 20 past eight is depressing I've read that book too. Not a bad read
  5. I dislike Seiko Hardlex crystal, which seems to be designed to be easy to scratch, and that black gunk Omega and others used to use to seal their watches in the early seventies.
  6. 30.5mm, used by men fighting in the second world war. I can wear this comfortably, even though my 11 year old daughter has a 34mm watch
  7. This whopper today 31mm case, ATP issued watch. Grana on the dial but the Timor movement and case - when these things got serviced they would bolt anything together that fitted, as originality wasn't key during the war
  8. So he is a man of the people then. Or am I just being cynical again... I bet Rees-Mog has a key wound pocket watch. It would have to be inherited of course, as he has never done a days work in his life. Jeremy Corben probably disagrees with the idea that we should each have a watch. Nigel Farage must have a Rolex. Nicola Sturgeon would have a Dundee made Timex. Diane Abbott would suit a Franck Muller crazy hours, as numbers in order are not her thing. Feel free to add more
  9. Should be interesting. I recall something about this was used to demonstrate that arguing with big money bosses can be futile. IIRC a proportion of the workers were told they would be made redundant, the union refused to accept it and called a strike. After ages Timex decided they didn't need any of them, and closed the factory. The working men stood together, but forgot that they were also proving that Timex didn't need any of them, so a major employer in the town closed. Watch me be proved wrong when the programme airs!
  10. I had a big sale when I had 65 watches, sold about 30. Within a year I was back at 60+ Now it is more like 600+ I can quit anytime I want, I promise ya
  11. Tapatalk has passed me by. What does it do that I can't do for free?
  12. I've just had 15 watches arrive from Switzerland. It took 4 weeks, as the HMRC wanted their share and were not in a rush. It wasn't via the global shipping program, but between two people who regularly export and import so just don't except any rush for any import or export.
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