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  1. I've had to resort to this method once before, and it was less damaging than tools slipping when the back just will not move. I bet you put some grease on the new case back gasket for next time!
  2. Just amazing to find a PR516 with an electronic movement still on the original strap from the early 1970s! Cool AF
  3. I was talking about the original, issued watches
  4. Personally I would buy an original, issued one of either rather than the homage reproductions. In that case the Hamilton wins as it is manual wind whereas the CWC would be cheaper but quartz.
  5. welcome. give your wallet to a responsible adult before all the temptation ruins you
  6. My (latest) grail arrived yesterday. 36mm, auto, steel and gold, just what I wanted since I sold the 35mm quartz one I used to have I know this watch divides opinion but not in this house
  7. I'd never have that patience! By 30 you could be married with kids, and there is no way they will let you spend you hard saved on a watch. Trust me. You mention the Explorer, so take a look at the datejust at half the price (used I am talking). Part of the fun is the research, so do that well and enjoy the chase. PS while your father has a very nice watch it is not a collection. What he has is a watch With apologies to Father Ted
  8. Thanks @Nigelp Number one undervalued classic! Cool. It is a 1969 Elan +2 that has had the roof chopped off. There are about 70 of these Christopher Neal convertibles about, so I get a rare 4 seater soft top sports car rather than a GT. All the strength in a Lotus is in the backbone chassis, so loosing the roof doesn't massively alter the rigidity (they are not that rigid to start with!). I intend on replacing the radiator and fuel tank with alloy ones, reinstating the glovebox for those raybans, and then a possible list of upgrades to make it more 21st century whilst keeping the 60's feel (such as driveshaft CV conversion, remote central locking, and anything else I think Colin Chapman would do)
  9. My new favourite dash for a bit Although this is a replacement done by a previous owner. The dash they have fitted is home made, so I have a new factory one on order (6 months lead time!). The stereo is where the glovebox should be, the glovebox is missing and the exposed crosshead screws are horrid. Note I set the clock to ten past ten, and the screws on the steering wheel boss to align like a Royal Oak
  10. This has been playing on 6 Music constantly and it has me hooked. It is a little challenging on the first listen, but the earworm
  11. Just testing this indoors this morning, before hopefully DHL deliver a special one
  12. Drilled lugs but unmarked crown
  13. I have three watches at the moment, all from the 1950's from the first year of the model production. I might have to set up an arty instagram shot later! This is the middle one, 1955 Zenith Pilot
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