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  1. My only concern with the modern Tudor range is they are all so thick. I know I am used to thin vintage watches, but they all seem to be 14mm and there is no need really.
  2. Hello Tony, That watch is in high demand right now. Personally I would list it with an auction house that specialise in watches like Fellows. ebay is full of sharks and this type of watch just attracts them, but it is also full of fakes and buyers are suspicious. Selling via a good auction house guarantees the authenticity for the buyer, so they may bid more, and you have no comeback if the watch develops a fault later.
  3. Pocket watch collectors generally fall into two camps. One person wants it for a wedding, and an ingersoll will be fine. The others are serious collectors who want old, gold and as complex as possible. The middle ground for decent but plentiful watches is swamped, with more sellers than buyers, which keeps prices down. I've started buying a few pocket watches and stop watches, purely as they interest me. But there is masses of choices every week. The ones to look for in my humble are military or railway pocket watches
  4. As a Leicester fan, who would have lost a game last week if VAR hadn't ruled out a goal for Watford, then I like it! So it is like buying a watch that 'just needs a battery', and winding it up to see it run beautifully.
  5. 50 years at the same firm, including both world wars. Very impressive and worthy of a gold Rolex I've gone for this and inside is a rather cool calibre 1121 'jet' ring rotor
  6. Very clearly. I had saved up for an Omega Seamaster, like James Bond wore, for a long time. I gave my first decent watch ( Tag Heuer 4000) to my brother as the Omega would be my only watch. I noticed some customers wearing the same watch too. And Prince William. And Jeremy Clarkson. And my exclusive watch lost some shine to me, being about as common as belly buttons. The end came when I popped into the local chippy and the owner praised the Omega, and said he was about to go and buy one. I sold him mine, and bought an IWC 3706, and then the collecting madness got out of hand. That was 18 years ago, and nearly 2,000 watches ago too!
  7. It will be a 18k gold case and was made in 1970. Electric watches were high quality pioneers of better timekeeping, before the cheaper quartz movements took over (think Betamax to VHS if you are old enough to understand these terms!) http://electric-watches.co.uk/makers/accutron/
  8. I'm sorry to say that the chances are that you have bought either a complete fake, or a frankenwatch, or something that has had the dial painted by someone who may not have had the best training. Hope I am wrong. But I do not buy from India
  9. it just didn't feel £3k to me, more christopher ward than Omega. Its very subjective and it'll be interesting to see residual values. Used examples might be more value for money
  10. I saw those Prim watches in Prague last year, and couldn't advise spending £3k on them. (but the vintage looks nice and at 10% of the price) G. Gerlach are worth a look, as are many of German companies and of course Kickstarter. Then there are independent Swiss firms like Ebel and Franck Muller
  11. yes - and if anyone has been to Bicester Shopping hell then they will see the number of tourists there stocking up with branded items.
  12. did Jamie Oliver own that if it has the original recipes Autocorrect clams another victim (sic) Seeing the prices steel Rolex are fetching in auction houses then I would be tempted to contact someone like Fellows
  13. ebay sold listings are your best bet. The description is too vague for anyone to give a value on here, and we don't give values anyway.
  14. Love the Royal Oak, but like Gerald Genta I hate the offshore. Too big and the one you have chosen doesn't have the bracelet, which is at least half a RO to me. And do you need three Daytonas? Why not get the technically superior Zenith el Primero? (retreats to bunker!)
  15. Yep. Their website is better than going to their jumble sale stores too. I have a Bulova on the way to me, and a pair of Loake boots. Each had an rrp of £229 and each cost me £80. I have bought Porsche Design watches from them before. Just don't expect any knowledge or coffee and biscuits
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