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  1. If I had never owned a Rolex or an Omega then the GS wouldn't get a look in. I am currently shopping for a GS! (37mm, bracelet, black dial, automatic - Mmmm)
  2. I have the OmegaMania auction book too, but mine was produced post sale and has the sold prices. That watch fetched CHF 21,240 including fees, but that sale made exceptional prices. It was considered only the best Omega would qualify, and every watch came with a two year Omega warranty. A Dynamic De Ville made CHF 2,500, whereas retail would have been half this or less back then. A Journey through Time, the Omega commissioned bible for this brand (and the most expensive book I have ever bought) does feature this model too, but a prototype so it is not fair to use that for comparison.
  3. The watch isn't of any value, but it could be sentimental. If it is he likely reported it to the police, so I would start there.
  4. Not discounted nearly enough for me. But on the flipside they are so big and heavy some of them might scrap for the same price
  5. I have a pretty rare watch coming in. It is expensive, too small for most men at 32mm and quartz. It is also 18k gold, including the bracelet, and the dial and case are diamond set. If it had roman numerals and a cyclops lense it would just about tick everyone's no list But only 650 were ever made, and it is by one of the Big Three, so quality is assured. I have not seen this model in the flesh before so I am looking forward to it
  6. Great choice as a grab and go quartz, and the price is excellent. When Victorinox did their torture tests on this watch they only did it on the quartz versions
  7. A waffle maker from Lidl. Rubbish timekeeper but delicious breakfasts
  8. any data that only exists on one place doesn't really exist. I use flickr to back up my photos, and an external hard drive for periodic back ups. That way if two fail I still have the images
  9. You can get heated Gilletts from amazon. Why heat the entire house when you can keep yourself warm! (I have one I use either when the kids are playing football, or if I am being a soft lad with the roof down in my car in the cold ) Otherwise I definitely agree with do it once, right, than fiddle around the edges
  10. Do your own research, and once you have do it again. Some houses are better than others. I have only had to seek redress once (and I must have bought hundreds at auction), when a watch has the case back missing and hadn't mentioned it. The dust cover was held in place by a cunning nato strap, so you couldn't see it on the photos, and during lockdown it was was impossible to pre inspect in person (which I strongly recommend!). The auction house was embarassed by this and refunded my money. But this was exceptional. I'm more surprised currently at the prices being paid - fre
  11. We don't do valuations on here, but a local auction house can help with that, or ebay sold listings. If you post some pictures we might be able to help with the age of the piece.
  12. the power reserve looks low, but that is two days. It takes a while to wind the full 8 day reserve, but look at the spring (or at least the cover!)
  13. If the back is stainless then the watch will be gold plated
  14. If it has a gold case back then it is probably 9k gold. Decent watches and becoming more and more collectable
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