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  1. Today I bought a Gucci, a Longines, a WW2 pocket watch, three Omega's and some others but I spent time doing a gentle restoration on a pin pallet, chrome Elco because it appealed to me. I won't make any money on it, as it is worth at max a tank of petrol, but it is still an attractive watch to me. I don't like over produced watch videos, hence I never have a script (so sometimes get things wrong!) and aim for 90 seconds. If I gush a bit it is because I really like something and want to share that. I can really appreciate the work that goes into some of the ultra high end pieces, b
  2. There are several different methods of regulating a watch, and each has the potential to slip and write the hairspring off. Without a timegrapher it will take several days and a sheet of paper
  3. nope I quite like the key winding throwback - the watch has no crown
  4. More of a challenge this one, as few of us will have even heard of some of the brands never mind see them or have owned one. Maybe that helps - would the Bugalri have got more votes if it was a Zenith? Possibly.
  5. I didn't pick the category names, just pick a watch and wind your necks in
  6. money no object, which would you pick? Little harder this one
  7. The winner is De Bethune. The next category is Iconic, which does have some more 'real' watches (in this context)
  8. I've been after one of these for years, but I have had to wait to find the right one Valjoux 72
  9. I hadn't clicked this was you - glad to see you are back on the Forum
  10. if it was for the worst design then the Girard-Perregaux walks it. Not only is it really hard to tell the time, but on the wrist you would just see wrist hair!
  11. If you get the chance do see one in the flesh - so thin, light and beautifully made. I will get one, one day
  12. A win for Bulgari - and having tried one of these on I was completely sold (well, until they told me the price!) Next category coming up
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