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  1. Tazmo61 left Positive feedback   

    Always a pleasure , thank you very much .

    scottswatches was The Seller

  2. Damo516 left Positive feedback   

    Fast payment, very easy transaction, Scott is a real credit to the forum.

    scottswatches was The Buyer

  3. Roger the Dodger left Positive feedback   

    Great chap to deal with, money was sent promptly, great communications. Wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Thanks, Scott.

    scottswatches was The Buyer

  4. Iceblue left Positive feedback   

    Sent Scott a few bits and projects and the transaction was as smooth as butter cheers Scott

    scottswatches was The Buyer

  5. greasemonk left Positive feedback   

    nice smooth deal with Scott.

    scottswatches was The Buyer

  6. AVO left Positive feedback   

    Thank you Scott. A very smooth transaction, very quick payment, great communication and an appreciative response.

    scottswatches was The Buyer

  7. Iceblue left Positive feedback   

    Once again done a deal with Scott great member with great comunication

    scottswatches was The Buyer

  8. Technium left Positive feedback   

    Great communication, quick easy payment and a real pleasure to deal with. Top Bloke.

    scottswatches was The Buyer

  9. Montybaber left Positive feedback   

    Quick payment and great communication and very straightforward deal thankyou very much

    scottswatches was The Buyer

  10. JudgeBaxter left Positive feedback   

    Excellent deal with Scott - everything just as described - many thanks sir. Rgds, David.

    scottswatches was The Seller

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