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  1. You are better to ask Longines. Only they will possibly have access to parts, and even then I would not hold out much hope unless the watch is very modern. https://www.longines.com/en-gb/service-center/gb
  2. I'm googling 'how to get away with arson' Royal Oak, VC and polerouter for me, but I would risk some burning if I could grab one or two more
  3. To be fair Seiko have tried rebranding their upper range, with Lassale, credor and other sub brands. But having had GS watches and standard Seiko watches the difference is night and day. Maybe it is like the cool wall on old, good top gear? It is cooler to have a GS and people think it is a £100 watch than have another brand that is often bought to show off?
  4. It may need a service. Any watch can run differently in different positions, and if for example a part had worn out that particularly affects it with the crown down (walking with it on your wrist) that same worn part might not show when it is dial up (sleeping or on the bedside table). It could be a cracked jewel leading to this, but it could also be some dirt or hair in the movement too. I have seen watches with broken balance pivots tick away perfectly happily dial up, but stop once tilted
  5. New, try Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT Available in all stainless steel too. Both Christopher Ward and Sinn make excellent watches in this price bracket too
  6. I had this version Even though I prefer smaller watches I did quite enjoy this Hublot. It is the only watch a fellow dealer has bought off my wrist at a watch fair, ever (I hadn't intended to sell it there, even had to post him the box).
  7. As the OP has already ruled out the three original choices I will now pipe up. If I had to own just one watch, it would be a Rolex Datejust 36. Not sure which one, but it would be a Datejust. You can wear it with anything, sell it anytime and anywhere if needed, and it is quality (and not overhyped like some of their other products) Fingers crossed you have a DJ arriving on Monday.
  8. Continuing the bi metal trend now the postman has been
  9. being a skeleton movement shouldn't affect either of those, so it is really down to the case design. What do Zenith state the water resistance to be? 30m is basic handwashing
  10. One of Omegas more under rated designs Now the fashion for large and chunky watches only has faded these are back on the up.
  11. Junghans Max Bill? These used to be a forum favourite, but seem to have dropped off the radar a bit. Shame you want a new watch when I have this microrotor coming in at a whopping 7.6mm thin But it might be too dressy for your needs at the moment anyway.
  12. ****UPDATE**** Cousins will now be stocking the Accucell batteries for Accutron watches https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/135-volt-batteries-accucell?code=B61573 Perfect! Will be in stock in early December
  13. popped into town, came home unexpectedly with this
  14. Valuations on this forum are not allowed, but local auction houses can advise or look at eBay sold listings for a guide. Eterna-Matic made some nice watches, and are currently undervalued for their quality. I would suggest keeping it
  15. This is weird - @Bricey showed a Zodiac Sea Wolf the other day when I had just ordered one, and look what arrived yesterday Can someone else buy a really cool vintage watch today and we can see if the streak continues!
  16. Thank you to those kind enough to nominate so far, but if you have been meaning to get around to this then nominations close 16th September (tomorrow)
  17. By coincidence and before seeing this thread I was researching this brand, before taking the plunge myself this afternoon. But I did find this article with a few different strap options which might help. https://www.watchgecko.com/hands-on-with-the-zodiac-super-sea-wolf-gmt/
  18. normally sold out. Excellent watches, really well printed dials
  19. Going 18k and my birth year Might change the strap though
  20. Cousins sell the stems, part number ETA956101401L1850 according to their screens. They also sell pin vices to grip the old stem to allow you get the crown off without WD40...
  21. The chances are it is a standard ETA movement, but without a movement photo we wouldn't be able to identify what movement it is. My guess is an ETA 955.412, but it is just that - a complete guess
  22. One of the top three watches I have ever owned in terms of how much I like it, even if I didn't clean the glass before I snapped this photo
  23. Massively under appreciated movement, even by Zenith who nearly binned the El Primero but instead let Ebel and Dunhill use it (as well as allowing Rolex to modify it for the Daytona). 36.6kbph allows a genuine 1/10th second reading. And I appreciate the case size. I was told 10 years ago in Harrods that the 38mm version was the ladies version, and walked out. I like it, but not at $9,000
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