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  1. I'll keep dropping in on this thread for updates. Plugging the car in overnight rather than setting off ten minutes earlier to refuel is already appealing.
  2. Sorry no I didn't reveal - it is a Lexus UX300e. As I mentioned before it is cheaper per month on contract hire than a Kia, and it was in stock. The car was fully charged this morning, and I have had a busy day. I did 92 miles, with heater, heated seats, heated steering wheel, lights etc all on pretty much the entire time. I started with 190 miles range and ended with 28 miles left, so a total range in a mix of driving of just 120 miles. As I said, I rarely do more than 15 miles a day so I can live with this but it is a definite compromise. On the plus side the constant power is addictive - on a hill, overtaking, wherever, you have 100% of the power instantly and you never need to wait for the sweet spot. And it is beautifully screwed together, as you would expect.
  3. On some older pocket watches you push the crown towards the watch and turn it to adjust the time. Even older and you may need to use a key, but by 1909 you shouldn't need that. To open the case back there will be a small slit for a strong thumbnail or more likely a tool to lever the back open. As with anything, be careful and not brave
  4. If you can confidently open it up there should be a serial number on the movement, and that is how you date Omega watches. But don't ask me how to open that up!
  5. Well it arrived, slightly delayed but very much a first world problem. After WeBuyAnyCar knocked £700 off their offer for two scuffed wheels on our Mini we sold it via their rival, Twizzle, who collected the car, paid £340 more and the money was in our bank within 20 minutes. At first it is a bit novel, very quiet and smooth, and it certainly has some beans if you put your foot down (very easy to wheelspin though, as a lot of electric cars are, because all the torque is available immediately.) The charger was installed last week, so it is being topped up now and should be good for a week of running around. Too early to report any real issues or things to get used to other than new car tech, such as a heads up display. And it has a Sat Nav that I wasn't expecting! The cable is quite bulky, and the storage for it is under the boot floor (so no good if you have things in the boot then). We'll see how this electric experiment works out
  6. I was struck recently when I took off a vintage chronograph and put on a modern 3 hand Tudor, which was 40% thicker. No technical need at all, but the thickness suited the Tudor
  7. Hamiltons and Walthams are easier to work on that 'made in Great Britain ' Ingersoll and Smiths watches in my humble. Better built to start with, easier to fix now
  8. 1 for the looks, 2 for the size I'm not helping, am I?
  9. No - unless the dial can be turned 90 degrees, but a full hunter like the one you missed out on should have the crown at twelve. Open faced watches tend to have the winder at three, but it was a slow design evolution and I am sure there will be exceptions to this rule. Generally it is far better to get the watch you want rather than mess around with swapping cases, turning dials etc. Not only does it keep the watch original, but it also works out cheaper.
  10. All depends what 'silly money' means. You can get a very good IWC mechaquartz pilots watch way cheaper than their current offerings
  11. Vintage Piaget? Excellent quality, exclusive and thin so suits a smaller wrist. Plus by going used you will be able to get an 18k gold case.
  12. Raymond Weil make nice watches, but any collaboration when artists don't have a say in the design is a very personal choice. They also do David Bowie and ACDC watches, but I'm personally not sold on adding the artists name to a good watch. I'd rather have a good Raymond Weil without the band association. In the same way I wouldn't buy shoes because they were branded with Omega logo's.
  13. Would you leave a car running in the garage? Watch winders just put unneeded wear on movements. If you are not using it let it unwind
  14. I work quite a way in advance, so it won't appear for a few weeks yet. I bought it with the view that I may never get another chance to own a MG again, rather than with someone in mind. God I love my job!
  15. Eterna do some nice dress watches and, if bought carefully, can be had in budget
  16. looking in my crystal ball I know that one acronym for ADEC is for the Abu Dhabi Educational Council
  17. I would suggest going old, and brands like Waltham, JW Benson and the others you mention. Just ensure you buy a running watch - these older watches won't have shock protection so if dropped the balance can break, and repairs can be costly. Or if on a budget there are a range of seventies and eighties Sekonda pocket watches with reasonable movements for little money. Plus they say made in the USSR, so show some history
  18. it is a finger in the air guesstimate with these sort of things. A standard watch would be 7-10k plus fees, but it is easy to see two fans paying x3, x4, x5 the actual value to have this watch (especially if the auction house find a couple of pictures of him wearing it) Looks like he did wear this watch in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels https://www.watchonista.com/articles/history/unlikely-watch-collector-michael-caine
  19. It's coming up at Bonhams, with a guide of 8-12k. I predict it will fetch a lot more than that
  20. I don't have Covid - ignore the background
  21. If I kept one, I would keep 60. I have to be strict, but I always know that I have other nice watches on the way at any time which does help ease the pain.
  22. but sadly I can't wear mine, as it is NOS so it will have remain unworn for the next owner. That takes all the fun out of it
  23. As well as the Pogue the Fortis Cosmonaut watches are automatic. I have worked with film set designers and one of the reasons they tend to stick to more modern watches is availability. They commonly have 4 or 5 watches in different locations, in case the actor forgot their watch and ruined the continuity. Not so easy if the watch is a vintage one. But I still remember the opening credits to Beverly Hills Cop as they cut between a Ferrari 308 and 328 and didn't expect we would notice.
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