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  1. I've been to that museum - the lighting makes the floor look wobbly!
  2. I have a used Robur press, but the nylon dies have very shallow depths so I bought the deeper aluminium ones too. As ever with watch tools, you can't have enough!
  3. In my humble, it is too large. If you like divers then look for smaller watches, often vintage is easier here. If you like Rolex, then either explorer or datejust at 36mm would look great. A potential bargain is a 35mm Yacht-Master, a smaller Rolex divers watch.
  4. I had to return an oceanographer recently after a new watch arrived with hands out by five minutes. By chance I was later offered another in PX, so hopefully that is better. I'll be able to confirm tomorrow hopefully
  5. I hope they all come on separate days. When they arrive in clumps you already have to pick favourites to wear that day. One a day is lovely though
  6. A very steady hand I prefer to use the fork end of a spring bar tool to make adjustments. Lots of watchmakers use tweezers though. And adjust the beat rate error first before the timing, but you will need a timegrapher for that.
  7. My little lathe project yesterday Arrived with a missing bezel, which was unobtainable. So I made one from 316L stainless. Not polished yet, and this model should have a rotating bezel that is beyond my skill set. But this works and as long as I declare it when I sell the watch then another watch saved.
  8. A good looking design, but possibly without a unique selling point. The divers watch market is saturated (get it!) and I don't see a lot in this that would stop me from buying a CW, Yema, Oris etc that are all similar. What sort of price point are you considering? Bravo on the 39mm BTW - that is good. I would prefer a blue date wheel with a blue dial if you can - as I write this I am designing in my head a blue date wheel with superluminova, high contrast date numbers. Easy to read and there is your USP!
  9. this was the only model with an external bezel, in the 1972/73 catalogue (your sweet spot for watches!)
  10. Better just test this a bit more after buying it yesterday The name Stingray is just sooo cool! (And I will set the date correctly too)
  11. After a disappointing trawl around Newark Antiques fair I did find this Longines. Wears big! (Of course this is a dealer promotion clock, but I bet @Davey P could get away wearing it! @Roy would be able to read it too!)
  12. If you did go down this route you will find plenty of work. Many watchmakers are at retirement age, and too few trained during the quartz years to keep up with demand now many people want mechanical watches. I have done courses at the BHI and would recommend them. They also do distance learning courses. As well as the cost of the course do factor in coming away with a list of tools you will want to buy that will run into several hundred pounds. Many things can be bought used, such as staking sets, which will save you hundreds of pounds. But you can easily burn £200 on just screwdrivers and tweezers. And oils cost a small fortune!
  13. Do they sell watches before buying them? Naughty! Chrono24 now make dealers confirm the watch is in physical stock before you list the add. I have had middle men sell a watch of mine, then try and negotiate a better price to buy it. Fat chance!
  14. You will struggle to find a bezel, but buying a dead watch on eBay is probably the only way to find one. I have a Tudor that is missing the bezel and I ordered some 316L stainless (906L wasn't available) and I am going to try and turn my own design. www.electric-watches.co.uk is probably the best place in the world to look after the service.
  15. This is a big can of worms, as watchmakers all have slightly different ideas, but this is what I use 8000 on the pallet jewels D5 on pivots (and pin pallets) 8300 (grease) on springs and levers. Some movements will specify different oils and greases for different applications
  16. I can recommend these courses - I have done basic watch, quartz and auto and calendar. Never more than six students per class on those
  17. My postman wants one too, but I advised him against a used one as the tritium tubes will lose their glow, and that is their USP so you want them as bright as possible
  18. I have learnt to overcome my prejudices. I have owned a Hublot Big Bang, and it was quite good. Too large for me, but a fellow dealer spotted it and wanted it. Swaped for a Rolex Explorer II. A lot of people have a hang up with Franck Muller. But having owned a few they are one of my favourites now. Ebel are another brand that people tend to avoid. But I will buy them, as I have been impressed. Same with Raymond Weil and even brands like Gucci and Maurice Lacroix. Old Ellesse watches are incredible value when compared to similar TAG Heuers with the same spec/movement. The ones I tend to avoid are marketing tie ups. Breitling for Bentley, Raymond Weil Band watches (did David Bowie even wear a watch?), Domino Pizza Rolex Datejusts, Manchester United Bulova etc. They leave me cold.
  19. And they decided to go with the design despite the obvious Covid19 related change of plan Not the date, moving to 2021, but the flags are to represent the 12 countries hosting the games. Ireland won't allow the football games to happen there, but that leaves 11 flags and there are 12 hours. I'd imagine the footballer willing to waste £5k on this watch won't notice / care
  20. I hadn't seen this version of a 2003 Oris before, but I am quite taken with it now
  21. After two independent recommendations I bought a pair of Sketchers. Although they are very comfortable they are also slightly embarassing. I have also got my first pair of Asics, and they are excellent. I also favour New Balance, but I think Asics beat them. I hate sports direct after too many bad experiences, so I recommend MandM for good prices and far better service
  22. I have one of these too. I bought it from Roy!
  23. Shame this sold yesterday Braille watch
  24. Looking forward to the Olympics coming soon
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